From Tamaki Makaurau Rau to Auckland

Author: Russell Stone
Publisher: Auckland University Press
ISBN: 1775580725
Format: PDF
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Drawing on oral histories of the indigenous Maori peoples of the area, archaeological evidence, and early missionaries’ diaries and histories, this model of local history provides a comprehensive contextual history of the city of Auckland from first settlement of the area about 800 years ago up to 1840.

From T maki makau rau to Auckland

Author: R. C. J. Stone
Publisher: Auckland University Press
ISBN: 9781869402594
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book traces the history of the region from the beginnings of settlement about 800 years ago up to 1840. Following a strong narrative line, it uses parallel and often corroborative versions drawn from Maori oral traditions and Land Court records, and from the work of archaeologists and pre-historians. It provides an epitome of the pre-history of much of Aotearoa - New Zealand, and of the impact upon traditional life that was made by the first European settlers.

The Struggle for Tamaki Makaurau

Author: Paul Moon
Publisher: David Ling Publishing
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Maori Auckland is synonymous with Ngati Whatua, or so it seems. However, there is a much longer and far more contentious history of the area which challenges this assumption, and raises the possibility of several other tribes staking a claim for dominion over Auckland.This book offers a concise survey of Auckland's history in the centuries before European involvement. From the first Polynesian arrivals, through to the growth of the isthmus, and the devastating invasion that altered its entire political make-up in the mid-I 700s, The Struggle for Tamaki Makaurau uncovers a truly fascinating history of the region, and will cause many Aucklanders to see their city, and the current Treaty claims, in an entirely new light.

Tamaki makaurau

Author: Edith Phillips-Gibson
Publisher: Raupo
ISBN: 9780790010618
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Auckland area has many wondrous landmarks, passageways, caves and pa sites. Accompanying these formations are equally wondrous tales of how they were formed, whether it be by natural forces or by the ancient Maori people who lived in the area. The myths and legends in this collection are retold here as they might have been in earlier times. There are stories of enemies sworn, of taniwha roaring, of lovers forlorn, of courageous people and of landmarks that are today explored by many visitors and residents of New Zealand's largest city.