Genetic Twists of Fate

Author: Stanley Fields
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262289008
Format: PDF
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News stories report almost daily on the remarkable progress scientists are making in unraveling the genetic basis of disease and behavior. Meanwhile, new technologies are rapidly reducing the cost of reading someone's personal DNA (all six billion letters of it). Within the next ten years, hospitals may present parents with their newborn's complete DNA code along with her footprints and APGAR score. In Genetic Twists of Fate, distinguished geneticists Stanley Fields and Mark Johnston help us make sense of the genetic revolution that is upon us. Fields and Johnston tell real life stories that hinge on the inheritance of one tiny change rather than another in an individual's DNA: a mother wrongly accused of poisoning her young son when the true killer was a genetic disorder; the screen siren who could no longer remember her lines because of Alzheimer's disease; and the president who was treated with rat poison to prevent another heart attack. In an engaging and accessible style, Fields and Johnston explain what our personal DNA code is, how a few differences in its long list of DNA letters makes each of us unique, and how that code influences our appearance, our behavior, and our risk for such common diseases as diabetes or cancer.

Making Sense of Genes

Author: Kostas Kampourakis
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107567491
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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What are genes? What do genes do? These seemingly simple questions are in fact challenging to answer accurately. As a result, there are widespread misunderstandings and over-simplistic answers, which lead to common conceptions widely portrayed in the media, such as the existence of a gene 'for' a particular characteristic or disease. In reality, the DNA we inherit interacts continuously with the environment and functions differently as we age. What our parents hand down to us is just the beginning of our life story. This comprehensive book analyses and explains the gene concept, combining philosophical, historical, psychological and educational perspectives with current research in genetics and genomics. It summarises what we currently know and do not know about genes and the potential impact of genetics on all our lives. Making Sense of Genes is an accessible but rigorous introduction to contemporary genetics concepts for non-experts, undergraduate students, teachers and healthcare professionals.

Huntington s Disease

Author: Clay Farris Naff
Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing LLC
ISBN: 0737766034
Format: PDF, ePub
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Huntington's Disease causes degeneration of brain cells, in motor control regions of the brain, as well as other areas. Symptoms get progressively worse, and include uncontrolled movements, abnormal body postures, and changes in emotion, behavior, judgment, and cognition. People with HD also develop impaired coordination, slurred speech, and difficulty feeding and swallowing. Provide your readers with essential information on HD. This book also serves as a historical survey, by providing information on the controversies surrounding its causes. Compelling first-person narratives by people coping with Huntington's Disease give readers a first-hand experience. Patients, family members, or caregivers explain the condition from their own experience. The symptoms, causes, treatments, and potential cures are explained in detail. Essential to anyone trying to learn about diseases and conditions, the alternative treatments are explored. Student researchers and readers will find this book easily accessible through its careful and conscientious editing and a thorough introduction to each essay.

Me Medicine vs We Medicine

Author: Donna Dickenson
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231159749
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Personalized healthcare -- or what the award-winning author Donna Dickenson calls "Me Medicine" -- is radically transforming our longstanding "one-size-fits-all" model. Technologies such as direct-to-consumer genetic testing, pharmacogenetically developed therapies in cancer care, private umbilical cord blood banking, and neurocognitive enhancement claim to cater to an individual's specific biological character, and, in some cases, these technologies have shown powerful potential. Yet in others they have produced negligible or even negative results. Whatever is behind the rise of Me Medicine, it isn't just science. So why is Me Medicine rapidly edging out We Medicine, and how has our commitment to our collective health suffered as a result? In her cogent, provocative analysis, Dickenson examines the economic and political factors fueling the Me Medicine phenomenon and explores how, over time, this paradigm shift in how we approach our health might damage our individual and collective well-being. Historically, the measures of "We Medicine," such as vaccination and investment in public-health infrastructure, have radically extended our life spans, and Dickenson argues we've lost sight of that truth in our enthusiasm for "Me Medicine." Dickenson explores how personalized medicine illustrates capitalism's protean capacity for creating new products and markets where none existed before -- and how this, rather than scientific plausibility, goes a long way toward explaining private umbilical cord blood banks and retail genetics. Drawing on the latest findings from leading scientists, social scientists, and political analysts, she critically examines four possible hypotheses driving our Me Medicine moment: a growing sense of threat; a wave of patient narcissism; corporate interests driving new niche markets; and the dominance of personal choice as a cultural value. She concludes with insights from political theory that emphasize a conception of the commons and the steps we can take to restore its value to modern biotechnology.

Twist of Fate

Author: Brad Hastings
Publisher: University Press of America
ISBN: 9780761839347
Format: PDF
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From Ancient Greece to contemporary times, themes of fate and destiny have served as a central worldview for many. These compelling ideas have guided those in battle, and provided influence and inspirations for politicians, philosophers, and artists. Despite a pervasive concern with fate, we find that an explicit discussion of this construct is absent from psychological theory. Twist of Fate reconciles contemporary psychological research with the ancient and frequently held position of fatalism that was common in that era. The Greek mythological history of the "Moirae" (the triad of goddesses known as the "Fates") offers a unique perspective on human beings by illustrating how fate and destiny influence a variety of behaviors such as drug addiction, spirituality, sexual activity, aggression, and other applied psychological topics. An analysis of the "Moirae" integrates diverse ideas from evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, psychoanalysis, and Nietzsche's philosophy into a fatalistic view of the human personality. The analysis raises the issues of possibilities for personal change, the role of clinical interventions, and what role freedom actually plays in the human experience. Twist of Fate also accounts for recent developments in personality theory and research by shedding new light on findings from evolutionary psychology, narrative theory, and trait psychology. The result is an integrative personality theory that takes the reader from Nietzsche to neuroscience.

Genetik f r Dummies

Author: Tara Rodden Robinson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527811478
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Die Genetik ist eine der Naturwissenschaften, deren Wissen am schnellsten wächst und deren Erkenntnisse ständig in Bewegung und in der Diskussion sind. "Genetik für Dummies" erklärt, was überhaupt hinter diesem spannenden Thema steckt. Die Autorin Tara Rodden Robinson erklärt die Grundlagen der Vererbungslehre wie die Mendelschen Regeln, wie Zellen aufgebaut sind und sie sich teilen. Sie zeigt, wie die DNA aufgebaut ist, wie sie kopiert und richtig in Proteine übersetzt wird. Außerdem geht sie auf die Bedeutung der Genetik in der Humanmedizin ein, wie Genmutationen und Erbkrankheiten entstehen. Sie erläutert, was beim Klonen passiert und was sich überhaupt hinter dem Begriff Gentechnik verbirgt. Auch die heißen Themen wie Stammzellentherapie und der Einsatz der Genetik in der Rechtsmedizin werden behandelt.

Patterson for Alabama

Author: Gene L. Howard
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 0817316051
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The first and only historical account of the John Patterson administration

The Spirit of the Hive

Author: Robert E. Page Jr.
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674075544
Format: PDF
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How can 40,000 bees working in the dark, by instinct alone, construct a honey comb? Synthesizing decades of experiments, The Spirit of the Hive presents the genetic and physiological mechanisms underlying the division of labor in honey bee colonies and explains how it is an inevitable product of group living, evolving over millions of years.

Das Atlantis Gen

Author: A. G. Riddle
Publisher: Heyne Verlag
ISBN: 3641154081
Format: PDF, Docs
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Wie wurden wir eigentlich zur Krone der Schöpfung? Vor 70.000 Jahren stand die Menschheit vor der Auslöschung ... Doch ein unerklärlicher Entwicklungssprung setzte den Homo sapiens an die Spitze der Evolution ... Nach geheimen Erkenntnissen liegt der Schlüssel hierfür im Atlantis-Gen, dem Vermächtnis der atlantischen Hochkultur ... Der mysteriöse Großkonzern Immari ist auf der Suche nach diesem Gen ... Das Ziel: ein neuer Typus Mensch ... Dafür beschwört Immari eine globale Katastrophe unvorstellbaren Ausmaßes herauf ... Nur die Geheimorganisation Clocktower kennt diesen fatalen Plan ... Als in der Antarktis ein Höhlenlabyrinth aus atlantischer Vorzeit gefunden wird, beginnt der Kampf um die Zukunft der Menschheit!

Love Vs Anything That Isn t

Author: D. Scott Sonnenburg
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1452567875
Format: PDF, Docs
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Love vs. Anything That Isn't is about remembering why we are here. In a world focused on material success and so enamored of distraction, there seems to be little time to foster and maintain a conscious awareness of the higher reasons for life. Drawing a parallel between Love and what is conventionally thought of as God, Love vs. Anything That Isn't seeks to help us remember that the experience of our God-given peace as a way of being is available to all of us at all times.Love vs. Anything That Isn't is about looking at life's challenges in a different way. Everything happens for a reason; we are here to learn and to grow, and that is all there is to it. Life is a game, but it is a game with a serious purpose: to become closer to the unknowable force we call God via the experience of Love. We are to strive to ascend as high as we can through this simple awareness. It's not that hard; it is within us always. The prize for such awareness is grand—the seemingly ever elusive inner peace.Making life much harder than it needs to be seems to be a ubiquitous human trait. In a society based on fear and the worship of so much that isn't necessary or even real, it is easy to become lost. Love vs. Anything That Isn't serves as a guide and source of inspiration to help bring us back to what is real, the place where true peace and meaningful happiness arise.Love vs. Anything That Isn't maintains that we learn what Love is by experiencing the pain of all it is not—pain, suffering, disease, hatred, violence, and war. To come home to the Love we are is to become whole again. To come home to the Love we are is to be healed.