Plague Print and the Reformation

Author: Erik A. Heinrichs
Publisher: History of Medicine in Context
ISBN: 9781472473141
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Printed plague literature in the late Middle Ages, 1473-1519 -- The German medicine of Johann Vochs : medical and cultural reform on the eve of the Reformation -- The Reformation of healing : plague, physicians and Protestantism in the 1520s -- The plague cures of Caspar Kegler : print, alchemy and medical marketing, 1521-1607 -- The flourishing of German medicine, 1530-1580 : humanism, empiricism, and Protestantism -- Appendix 1: Publication history of Caspar Kegler's pamphlets -- Appendix 2: Vernacular plague texts, 1473-1607, in chronological order

Recoding World Literature

Author: B. Venkat Mani
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0823273407
Format: PDF, Docs
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From the current vantage point of the transformation of books and libraries, B. Venkat Mani presents a historical account of world literature. By locating translation, publication, and circulation along routes of "bibliomigrancy," Mani narrates how world literature is coded and recoded as literary works find new homes on faraway bookshelves. Mani argues that the proliferation of world literature in a society is the function of a nation's relationship with print culture. Moving from early Orientalist collections, to the Nazi magazine Weltliteratur, to the European Digital Library, Mani reveals.

Violent Women in Print

Author: Clare Bielby
Publisher: Camden House
ISBN: 1571135308
Format: PDF, ePub
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First book to explore print-media representations of 1970s German terrorism from an explicitly gendered perspective, while also examining media coverage of other violent women.

The Bionic Print

Author: Source: Wikia
Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series
ISBN: 9781234717230
Format: PDF
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This book consists of articles from Wikia. Pages: 33. Chapters: Activity books, Books, Comics, German Books, Magazines, Postcards, Trading Cards, The Bionic Woman's Brain Teasers, The Bionic Woman Action-Adventure Activity Book, The Bionic Woman Fun Activity Book, The Six Million Dollar Man's Bionic Brain Benders, The Six Million Dollar Man's Bionic Eye Rebus Puzzles, The Six Million Dollar Man's Secret Code Puzzles, The Six Million Dollar Man Activity Book, The Six Million Dollar Man Coloring Book, The Six Million Dollar Man Dot-to-Dot Book, Cyborg, Cyborg IV, Extracurricular Activities, High Crystal, International Incidents, Operation Nuke, Pilot Error, The Bionic Book, The Bionic Woman Annual 1977, The Bionic Woman Annual 1978, The Secret of Bigfoot Pass, The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman, The Six Million Dollar Man Annual 1977, The Solid Gold Kidnapping, Welcome Home, Jaime, Wine, Women and War, Bionic Action, Bionix, El Hombre Nuclear, El Hombre Nuclear, Fundimension model kits, L'Homme qui valait 3 milliards, Look-in, Os Bionicos, The Bionic Woman, The Bionic Woman, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Six Million Dollar Man, Blindflug, Cyborg IV, Der Atombomben-Coup, Der gestohlene Minister, Der korrigierte Mensch, Die Menschmaschine, Die Strasse der Gotter, Duell der Giganten, Unheimliche Begegnung, Verschworung gegen USA, Look-in, The Six Million Dollar Man, Charlton Comics, Counterpoint, The Bionic Woman Trading Cards. Excerpt: The requested page title was invalid, empty, or an incorrectly linked inter-language or inter-wiki title.It may contain one or more characters that can't be used in titles. Return to Main Page. The Bionic Woman Action-Adventure Activity Book was a book for young readers published by Grosset & Dunlap and licensed from Universal Studios in 1976. Based upon The Bionic Woman, the book features activities such as connect-the-dots, word search puzzles, posters to color, mazes, and mini-comic books...

Hans Folz and Print Culture in Late Medieval Germany

Author: Dr Caroline Huey
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409479145
Format: PDF, Docs
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In this study, author Caroline Huey analyzes the copious literary output of medieval poet and barber-surgeon Hans Folz in all its variety–whether Meisterlied, Reimpaarspruch or carnival play. Heretofore, published research to do with Folz's multifaceted and compelling oeuvre has been fragmentary, because scholars have restricted themselves by genre in examining themes in Folz's work. By integrating the different themes across Folz's output, and by integrating consideration (previously neglected by earlier critics) of Folz's role as barber-surgeon, Huey offers new insights as to the interaction of these themes and to the character of the poet's work overall. She shows that ultimately Folz is concerned with the circulation of knowledge and power, correct and incorrect behavior, and, above all, with finding order. In each chapter, Huey examines a particular theme from Folz's life and/or work. She looks at how adeptly he commandeers the new technology of printing to further his own ends; how his ubiquitous physicality connects his medical body to his Christian body; his attitude toward women; and the anti-Jewish thread in his work.

German Print Advertising 1933 1945

Author: Ray R. Cowdery
ISBN: 9780910667296
Format: PDF
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Some say it is evil, some call it militarism in print, and others love it. Most people have difficulty being neutral on the subject of German print advertising of the 1933 - 1945 period. Regardless of their point of view, almost anyone who has objectively examined the advertising art produced in Nazi Germany has been stunned by the powerful graphics. This book is about advertising. In it Ray & Josephine Cowdery do not attempt to analyze, explain, justify, endorse, condemn or specifically depict any aspect of Third Reich Germany other than print advertising. The Cowderys simply provide a never-before-seen selection of advertising art of the Third Reich extracted from a priceless private archive of ancient magazines, newspapers and books. 176 very heavily illustrated pages Over 400 period advertisements 95 advertisements in full-color Ads and subjects are fully indexed Key German words defined Complete historical introduction Reichskulturkammer explainedThe book contains advertisements that feature a wide variety of products from aircraft to lingerie, automobiles to food, edged weapons, uniforms, toys, hotels, binoculars, ships, tobacco, art supplies, pistols, cameras, flags, porcelain figurines, motorcycles, ammunition, gas generators, bicycles, theaters, rifles, books, trains, insigne, boots, tableware, busses, helmets, chemicals, beer, radios, boxing matches, military caps, goggles, cosmetics, gasoline, razor blades, tires, cough drops, nightclubs, and even funerals.

Mapping Ethnography in Early Modern Germany

Author: S. Leitch
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230112986
Format: PDF, Kindle
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As the first book-length examination of the role of German print culture in mediating Europe's knowledge of the newly discovered people of Africa, South Asia, and the Americas, this work highlights a unique and early incident of visual accuracy and an unprecedented investment in the practice of ethnography.