Author: Priscilla Shirer
Publisher: Lifeway Church Resources
ISBN: 9781430030621
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Women's Bible study by Priscilla Shirer that looks at Gideon's life.


Author: Jeff Lucas
Publisher: Authentic Media
ISBN: 9781850785576
Format: PDF
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Gideon may seem like an unlikely hero but to God he was an ideal candidate for ministry. Gideon and his crew of three hundred men with trumpets and clay pots appear surprising victors against the massive Midianite army; however for God they were another opportunity to showcase his strength and power. God takes weak people, meagre resources and unpromising strategies and turns them into something wonderful. From his first face-to-face encounter with the Angel of the Lord to his later struggles with the trappings of success, Gideon challenges us to take our stand for God, to trust his plans, to believe in his promises and to keep our focus. Written with humour and passion, this is an immensely readable and helpful book that will delight those who have discovered the joys of Jeff Lucas' writings before, as well as those who come to it fresh.

Twelve Unlikely Heroes Study Guide

Author: John F. MacArthur
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1400204119
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Enoch, who never died . . . Samson, who killed an army with a donkey's jawbone . . . James, who grew up as the brother of the Messiah . . . These are fascinating people whose stories are woven through history and the Bible. They show us God at work in unexpected ways and numerous cultures. They each reveal another little piece of His great plan. But how do they affect my life? If John MacArthur's Twelve Unlikely Heroes presents intimate portraits of these individuals, this study guide is the bridge between those portraits and our daily lives. Commentary and poignant questions bring the points home with unflinching candor, urging us toward a deeper walk with the One who has written all our stories. REWIND—look again at important passages RETHINK—check all the angles REFLECT—consider how it affects you REACT—change your life

Twelve Unlikely Heroes

Author: John MacArthur
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc
ISBN: 1400204100
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Building onthe success of his best-selling books Twelve Ordinary Men and Twelve Extraordinary Women, Dr. John MacArthur turns his attention to twelve of the most unlikely heroesin the Bible. Summarizing their lives and the depth of their individual faith, he demonstrates the way in which God also requires men and women to fortify his kingdom. Drawing from both the Old and New Testaments, Dr. MacArthur highlights a wide range of heroines, including Joseph, Miriam, Samson, Jonathan, Esther, Mark, Onesimus, and more! Features include: Insightful questions for in-depth study Places to journal Guided prayers

Lessons from the Father s Classroom

Author: Kerri Estes
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1512700681
Format: PDF, ePub
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A selection of personal stories from the life of the author, paired with biblical accounts and promises that will help to guide you through the obstacles you will face as Jesus leads you in your journey of faith.

Men of the Bible

Author: Ann Spangler
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310859468
Format: PDF, ePub
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Men of the Bible takes a close-up look at fifty-two men in Scripture—complex flesh-and-blood characters whose strengths and weaknesses often seem strangely similar to our own. Heroes and villains, sinners and prophets, commoners and kings . . . their dramatic life stories provide us with fresh perspective on the unfolding story of redemption.Though our culture differs vastly from theirs, the fundamental issues we face in relation to God and the world remain the same. We still reach for great dreams and selfish ambitions. We wrestle with fear and indecision, struggle with sexual temptation, and experience the ache of loneliness and the devastation of betrayal. And, like many of these men, we long to walk more closely with the God who calls us into an intimate relationship with himself and who enables us to fulfill his purpose for our lives. Men of the Bible offers men and women today a unique devotional experience that combines five elements. Each week becomes a personal retreat focused on the life of a particular man:Monday: His Story—a narrative retelling of the biblical storyTuesday: A Look at the Man—focusing on the heart of the man and how his story connects with your own lifeWednesday: His Legacy in Scripture—a Bible study on principles revealed through the life of the manThursday: His Legacy of Promise—Bible promises that apply to his life and yoursFriday: His Legacy of Prayer—praying in light of his storyDesigned for personal prayer and study or for use in small groups, Men of the Bible will help you make Bible reading a daily habit. Whether you dip into portions or read every page, this book will help you grow in character, wisdom, and obedience as a person after God’s own heart.

Growing Through Life s Challenges

Author: James Reapsome
Publisher: Shaw Books
ISBN: 0307575446
Format: PDF
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Help for Life's Struggles from Bible Heroes Who've Been There. Throughout Scripture, we see evidence that God's people faced the same challenges we do today. From rejection to depression, facing overwhelming responsibilities to wrestling with doubts, these heroes of the faith shared the pain, frustration, and hopes that are common to modern day believers. By observing how biblical characters like Moses, Joshua, Daniel, Peter, and Paul, brought their fears and frustrations to God, we can learn to do the same. Filled with encouragement and hope, this study will convince you that God's character and presence can give you strength to face any difficulty. 10 studies for individuals or groups. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Mighty Who Me

Author: Wilhelmina Campbell
Publisher: Olmstead Publishing
ISBN: 9781934194393
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Do you feel inadequate, powerless, and weak when faced with an obstacle or life challenge? Mighty . . . Who Me? is a story about love, faith, the power of prayer, and trusting God. A young man, fearful and weak in faith, was called by God to fight a major battle against the enemies of his people. He exemplifies how to stand and on whom to call for guidance and help. Through his experiences, Gideon learned to trust God and His mighty power. In the process of finding faith in God, he also found his own strength. You, too, can have a Gideon moment. Reviews: Trish Lyons, Jan 18, 16 "The Story Of Gideon... He Was Fearful And Weak In Faith, But Was Called By God (To Be A Mighty Warrior ) To fight A Major Battle... But Here's The Powerful Part!!! The Enemies Army had 135,000 Gideon Gathered 32,000 God Told Gideon To Release Some Men In Fear, Gideon Crew declined Down To 10,000 (That Was Still To Many) God Eliminated All With The Exception Of 300! Math Facts: Gideon and 300 Went Into Battle (UNDER GOD'S SPIRITUAL PLAN) Against The Enemy Of 135,000 And WON!!! And All They Had For Weapons Was A Trumpet, Empty Jar And A Torch! Father God Amen!!!!! What A Powerful And Amazing Yet Anointed Story! It's A Must Read! Big Shout Out To My Wilhelmina Campbell Whose Book Is Amazing #MightyWhoMe # TrustInTheLord" Jewel Lucas, Jan 5, 16 "Just read. Mighty. Who. My what a powerful book. All we need to do is have faith and trust in God, everything else will fall in place. Job well done, Wilhelmina & Kelly" "

NKJV The Chronological Study Bible eBook

Author: Thomas Nelson
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1418586501
Format: PDF
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The Bible that allows you to study Scripture in the order of events as they happened The Chronological Study Bible presents the text of the New King James Version in chronological order - the order in which the events actually happened - with notes, articles, and full-color graphics that connect the reader to the history and culture of Bible times. It is the only NKJV study Bible arranged in chronological order. Features include: The entire NKJV text with translators’ notes, arranged in chronological order, provides absorbing and effective Bible study Full-color illustrations of places, artifacts, and cultural phenomena give the reader a dramatic, “you are there” experience Fascinating articles connect the Bible text to world history and culture Daily Life Notes explain how people lived in Bible times Time Panels and Charts show the flow of Bible history In-text and full-page color maps of the biblical world assist study Part of the Signature Series line of Thomas Nelson Bibles Chronological Study Bibles sold to date: More than 400,000 The New King James Version® - More than 60 million copies sold

This morning with God

Author: Carol Adeney
Publisher: Intervarsity Pr
ISBN: 9780877848707
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This inductive study guide takes readers through the entire Bible in just over four years. Edited by Carol Adeney. 512 pages, paper