Give Him Back

Author: B. M. Hardin
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781719173124
Format: PDF, Mobi
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How far would you go for love? Before, Lava thought that she had life all figured out. The man, five kids, a good job and a big house. And then, two years ago, her husband told her about his affair. But she stayed, waiting, hoping that he'd notice her still there. But we don't always get what we want. And once she realized that her husband was in love and having a baby with someone else, she burned with envy, feeling a rage that she never felt. Lava realized, that her husband's mistress, had no plans on giving him back. So, she was going to have to take him. The question was, how was she going to do that? Lava came up with a crazy plan to get rid of her competition. Only the plan backfires, horribly, leaving her praying and wishing. That she'd just divorced him and walked away, but now it was too late. She's desperate, guilty, and unsure of her fate. But.... What is it that she's missing? What secret didn't she see? What LIE was right in front of her? Who was really her worst enemy?

If My Father Dies I Give Birth to Him Again Selected Writings of Kola Boof

Author: Editor Mark Fogarty
ISBN: 0578028964
Format: PDF
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Kola Boof is an extravagently talented writer. IF MY FATHER DIES I GIVE BIRTH TO HIM AGAIN gives her what she's due for being an accomplished writer of fiction, poetry and memoir. This selected writings contains excerpts from her best work: *NILE RIVER WOMAN *DIARY OF A LOST GIRL *LONG TRAIN TO THE REDEEMING SIN *FLESH AND THE DEVIL

Give Him Back His Balls

Author: Brigitte Sumner
Publisher: My Voice Pub
ISBN: 9780955469206
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A new approach to love relationships. Say no to relationship problems and yes to happiness. In this book, Brigitte Sumner explains how equality between men and women creates challenges in intimate relationships. According to this relationship expert, women often behave in too masculine a way in a relationship, causing passion to disappear from their relationship. Sumner shows how passion and happiness can return when women learn to guard their emotions and behave in a more feminine way without letting men walk all over them. Give Him Back His Balls is a book for women wanting to improve their current relationship or are looking for a partner, to raise their children to ensure they to will have happy relationships as adults and for men who want to understand more about women whilst staying true to their masculinity. This book should be read by anyone who wants to improve their relationship, with tips, quizes and practical advice from a relationship expert and coach who has helped thousands of couples. THE book about personal growth in relationships. Brigitte Sumner is well-known relationship expert and coach who lectures in Europe, America and the Far East. She appears on radio, TV and various magazines worldwide. She is rated among the top ten of relationship experts.

Give Him Back to God

Author: Barbara Cronin Harrington
Publisher: Shadow Publishing (FL)
ISBN: 9780967543499
Format: PDF
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Inspired by a true event, Give Him Back To God is story of the bizarre murder of a married Roman Catholic priest, and bridges the gap between the Thornbirds and Fatal Attraction.

September Song

Author: Robert Ayres Carter
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1469123991
Format: PDF, ePub
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September Song is a collection of stories and a full-length play, written over a span of fifteen years in the authors long writing career. The settings of the stories range from China to California and Vermont; the play, Guests of Summer, is set in Nebraska. Orville Prescott in the New York Times called one of the stories, OHaras Creation, a provocative study of an artist lost in alcoholism, given an extra push downward by the monotony of his soldier life in China, and the fantastic mural he painted on the walls of a recreation hall.