Author: Machavaram V. Kartikeyan
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3662076373
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Drawing on the author's wide experience, this book gives a comprehensive review of the state of the art in gyrotron technology, covering the theory, design and applications. The book includes an extensive references list which provides an excellent guide to the related literature.

Generation and Application of High Power Microwaves

Author: R.A Cairns
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780750304511
Format: PDF
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Written at the graduate level, Generation and Application of High Power Microwaves discusses the basic physics of the generation of microwave and radiofrequency waves in the megawatt power range and the application of these ideas to a range of devices such as klystrons, gyrotrons, and free electron lasers. The book also contains chapters covering the transmission of the power through waveguides and the problems associated with mode conversion in transmission lines. The main application area covered is the heating and current drive in tokamaks and other devices for research into controlled nuclear fusion. Other applications of high power microwave technology are not neglected, and among those discussed are multiple charged ion and soft x-ray sources, electron spin resonance spectroscopy, advanced materials processing, millimeter wave radar, and supercolliders.

Millimeter Wave Gyrotron Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers

Author: Chao-Hai Du
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3642547281
Format: PDF, Docs
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A gyrotron traveling-wave amplifier (gyro-TWT) with the high-power and broad-band capabilities is considered as a turn-on key for next generation high-resolution radar. The book presents the most advanced theory, methods and physics in a gyro-TWT. The most challenging problem of instability competition has been for the first time addressed in a focused and systematic way and reported via concise states and vivid pictures. The book is likely to meet the interest of researchers and engineers in radar and microwave technology, who would like to study the gyro-TWTs and to promote its application in millimeter-wave radars. Chao-Hai Du and Pu-Kun Liu are both professors at Peking University.

Modern microwave and millimeter wave power electronics

Author: Robert J. Barker
Publisher: Wiley-IEEE Press
ISBN: 9780471683728
Format: PDF, Docs
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A comprehensive study of microwave vacuum electronic devices and their current and future applications While both vacuum and solid-state electronics continue to evolve and provide unique solutions, emerging commercial and military applications that call for higher power and higher frequencies to accommodate massive volumes of transmitted data are the natural domain of vacuum electronics technology. Modern Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Power Electronics provides systems designers, engineers, and researchers-especially those with primarily solid-state training-with a thoroughly up-to-date survey of the rich field of microwave vacuum electronic device (MVED) technology. This book familiarizes the R&D and academic communities with the capabilities and limitations of MVED and highlights the exciting scientific breakthroughs of the past decade that are dramatically increasing the compactness, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reliability of this entire class of devices. This comprehensive text explores a wide range of topics: Traveling-wave tubes, which form the backbone of satellite and airborne communications, as well as of military electronic countermeasures systems Microfabricated MVEDs and advanced electron beam sources Klystrons, gyro-amplifiers, and crossed-field devices "Virtual prototyping" of MVEDs via advanced 3-D computational models High-Power Microwave (HPM) sources Next-generation microwave structures and circuits How to achieve linear amplification Advanced materials technologies for MVEDs A Web site appendix providing a step-by-step walk-through of a typical MVED design process Concluding with an in-depth examination of emerging applications and future possibilities for MVEDs, Modern Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Power Electronics ensures that systems designers and engineers understand and utilize the significant potential of this mature, yet continually developing technology. SPECIAL NOTE: All of the editors' royalties realized from the sale of this book will fund the future research and publication activities of graduate students in the vacuum electronics field.

High Power Microwave Tubes

Author: Vishal Kesari
Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers
ISBN: 1681747073
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Volume 2 of the book begins with chapter 6, in which we have taken up conventional MWTs (such as TWTs, klystrons, including multi-cavity and multi-beam klystrons, klystron variants including reflex klystron, IOT, EIK, EIO and twystron, and crossed-field tubes, namely, magnetron, CFA and carcinotron). In chapter 7, we have taken up fast-wave tubes (such as gyrotron, gyro-BWO, gyro-klystron, gyro-TWT, CARM, SWCA, hybrid gyro-tubes and peniotron). In chapter 8, we discuss vacuum microelectronic tubes (such as klystrino module, THz gyrotron and clinotron BWO); plasma-assisted tubes (such as PWT, plasma-filled TWT, BWO, including PASOTRON, and gyrotron); and HPM (high power microwave) tubes (such as relativistic TWT, relativistic BWO, RELTRON (variant of relativistic klystron), relativistic magnetron, high power Cerenkov tubes including SWO, RDG or orotron, MWCG and MWDG, bremsstrahlung radiation type tube, namely, vircator, and M-type tube MILO). In Chapter 9, we provide handy information about the frequency and power ranges of common MWTs, although more such information is provided at relevant places in the rest of the book as and where necessary. Chapter 10 is an epilogue that sums up the authors' attempt to bring out the various aspects of the basics of and trends in high power MWTs.

Microwave Active Devices Vacuum And Solid State

Author: M. L. Sisodia
Publisher: New Age International
ISBN: 9788122414479
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This Book Exhaustively Explains The Fundamental Physical And Theoretical Principles Underlying Microwave And Millimeter Wave Active Devices. Both Vacuum And Solid State Devices Are Suitably Discussed.The Book Begins By Highlighting The Applications Of Microwaves And Various Types Of Devices. It Then Explains Vacuum Devices Including Gyrodevices And Other High Power Sources.Various Two And Three Terminal Solid State Devices Are Then Discussed.These Include Hbts, Hfets And Rtds.The Text Is Amply Illustrated Through A Large Number Of Suitable Diagrams And Worked Out Examples. Practice Problems, Review Questions And Extensive References Are Also Given At The End Of Each Chapter.The Book Would Serve As An Exhaustive Text For Both Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students Of Physics And Electronics.