Handbook of Commercial Catalysts

Author: Howard F. Rase
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1482275368
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Despite the advances in understanding the phenomena that occur on a catalyst surface, much of the successful catalyst development and use continues to be half science and half art. The art resides in the practical knowledge of experts in the development and use of commercial catalysts-it comes with experience. Now the background needed to nurture the experience and inspire the art is collected along with the science into a single volume. Whether called upon to select or improve a catalyst, design a process, diagnose operating problems, or improve existing processes, the Handbook of Commercial Catalysts provides the information needed to form a basis for the task. It offers a starting point by providing a broad overview of 150 major commercial processes and the heterogeneous catalyst used for each. The author has arranged them according to specific reaction or reaction type, and supplies reference citations for deeper research. He offers valuable insghts-based on chemistry, thermodynamics, and surface science-that provide a framework for rational reasoning about catalyst performance. With data collected from the existing literature, from the in-house specialists of commercial vendors, and from his own extensive experience, the author discusses for each reaction: Product uses Chemistry Mechanism Catalyst type Catalyst suppliers and licensors Catalyst deactivation Catalyst regeneration Process units Process kinetics Armed with this information, the reader can begin rational analysis of an existing or planned reaction system and logically discuss catalyst characteristics and operations with technical representative of catalyst manufacturers and with colleagues.

Einf hrung in die Technische Chemie

Author: Arno Behr
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3662528568
Format: PDF, ePub
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Technische Chemie für Einsteiger ... komprimiert, klar, lernbar Dieses kompakte Einführungslehrbuch vermittelt die wesentlichen Grundlagen der Technischen Chemie. Es richtet sich in erster Linie an Studierende der Chemie sowie des Chemie- und des Bioingenieurwesens und setzt lediglich Grundkenntnisse in Organischer, Anorganischer und Physikalischer Chemie voraus. Der Stoff ist in vier Teile gegliedert: I. Grundlagen: Der Weg von der Laborchemie über den Technikums- bis zum Produktionsmaßstab — Prozessverbund der chemischen Industrie — Produktstammbäume — Physikalisch-chemische Grundlagen II. Reaktions- und Trenntechnik: Der Reaktionsteil chemischer Prozesse — Ideale und reale Reaktortypen — Thermische und mechanische Grundoperationen — Vorbereitung von Edukten — Nachbereitung von Prozessströmen — Chemische Fließschemata III. Verfahrensentwicklung: Auswahl chemischer Verfahren für die industrielle Chemie — Optimale Rohstoffe — Umweltaspekte — Heterogene Katalyse — Homogene Katalyse — Wirtschaftlichkeit IV. Chemische Prozesse: Wichtigste Produktgruppen der industriellen Chemie — Verarbeitung fossiler Rohstoffe — Organische und anorganische Basis- und Zwischenchemikalien — Endprodukte — Polymere — Organische Feinchemikalien — Nachwachsende Rohstoffe Die aktualisierte zweite Auflage enthält wesentliche Ergänzungen in den Kapiteln zur Katalyse, zur Verarbeitung fossiler Rohstoffe, zur Olefin- und Aromatenchemie, zur Polymerisation und zur Elektrochemie sowie ein gänzlich neues Kapitel zur Wirtschaftlichkeit chemischer Prozesse. Jedes Kapitel ist kompakt aufgebaut und mit Abbildungen, Gleichungen, Fließschemata, Tabellen, Apparatezeichnungen und Fotos anschaulich gestaltet. Alle Kapitel enden mit einer kurzen Zusammenfassung, den "Take Home Messages". Ergänzt wird jedes Kapitel durch zehn kurze Testfragen, die sich nach sorgfältigem Durcharbeiten des Textes schnell lösen lassen; die Antworten stehen am Ende des Buches. Zu allen Kapiteln findet man Literaturangaben, die sich auf wesentliche Nachschlagewerke und Lehrbücher konzentrieren.

Metal Oxides in Heterogeneous Catalysis

Author: Jacques C. Vedrine
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0128116323
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Metal Oxides in Heterogeneous Catalysis is an overview of the past, present and future of heterogeneous catalysis using metal oxides catalysts. The book presents the historical, theoretical, and practical aspects of metal oxide-based heterogeneous catalysis. Metal Oxides in Heterogeneous Catalysis deals with fundamental information on heterogeneous catalysis, including reaction mechanisms and kinetics approaches.There is also a focus on the classification of metal oxides used as catalysts, preparation methods and touches on zeolites, mesoporous materials and Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) in catalysis. It will touch on acid or base-type reactions, selective (partial) and total oxidation reactions, and enzymatic type reactions The book also touches heavily on the biomass applications of metal oxide catalysts and environmentally related/depollution reactions such as COVs elimination, DeNOx, and DeSOx. Finally, the book also deals with future trends and prospects in metal oxide-based heterogeneous catalysis. Presents case studies in each chapter that provide a focus on the industrial applications Includes fundamentals, key theories and practical applications of metal oxide-based heterogeneous catalysis in one comprehensive resource Edited, and contributed, by leading experts who provide perspectives on synthesis, characterization and applications

Industrial Catalytic Processes for Fine and Specialty Chemicals

Author: Sunil S Joshi
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0128016701
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Industrial Catalytic Processes for Fine and Specialty Chemicals provides a comprehensive methodology and state-of-the art toolbox for industrial catalysis. The book begins by introducing the reader to the interesting, challenging, and important field of catalysis and catalytic processes. The fundamentals of catalysis and catalytic processes are fully covered before delving into the important industrial applications of catalysis and catalytic processes, with an emphasis on green and sustainable technologies. Several case studies illustrate new and sustainable ways of designing catalysts and catalytic processes. The intended audience of the book includes researchers in academia and industry, as well as chemical engineers, process development chemists, and technologists working in chemical industries and industrial research laboratories. Discusses the fundamentals of catalytic processes, catalyst preparation and characterization, and reaction engineering Outlines the homogeneous catalytic processes as they apply to specialty chemicals Introduces industrial catalysis and catalytic processes for fine chemicals Includes a number of case studies to demonstrate the various processes and methods for designing green catalysts

Advances in Catalysis

Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128003006
Format: PDF
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Advances in Catalysis fills the gap between the journal papers and the textbooks across the diverse areas of catalysis research. For more than 60 years Advances in Catalysis has been dedicated to recording progress in the field of catalysis and providing the scientific community with comprehensive and authoritative reviews. This series is invaluable to chemical engineers and chemists working in the field of catalysis in academia or industry. Authoritative reviews written by experts in the field Topics selected to reflect progress of the field Insightful and critical articles, fully edited to suit various backgrounds

Handbook of Asymmetric Heterogeneous Catalysis

Author: Kuiling Ding
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527319131
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This handbook explores the most important approaches currently employed for the heterogenization of chiral catalysts, including data tables, applications, reaction types, and literature citations.

Handbook of Zeolite Science and Technology

Author: Scott M. Auerbach
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780203911167
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Handbook of Zeolite Science and Technology offers effective analyses ofsalient cases selected expressly for their relevance to current and prospective research. Presenting the principal theoretical and experimental underpinnings of zeolites, this international effort is at once complete and forward-looking, combining fundamental concepts with the most sophisticated data for each scientific subtopic and budding technology. Supplying over 750 figures, and 350 display equations, this impressive achievement in zeolite science observes synthesis through the lens of MFI (ZSM-5 and silicalite). Chapters progress from conceptual building blocks to complex research presentations.