The strategic management of college enrollments

Author: Don Hossler
Publisher: Jossey-Bass Incorporated Pub
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Strategic Management of College Enrollments is a complete guide to the principles and practice of enrollment management and presents a strategic approach to recruiting and retaining students by linking and coordinating the activities of recruitment, admissions, financial aid, orientation, career planning, retention, and other areas. It explains how to tailor an enrollment management system to the specific organizational needs of a college or university, and make it an integral part of the institution's strategic planning.


Author: Jon McGee
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 1421418207
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"Higher education is in the midst of an extraordinary moment of demographic, economic, and cultural transition that has significant implications for how colleges and universities understand their mission, their market, and their management. This book is aimed at creating a practical understanding of key forces changing higher education, but it goes further. It describes those trends, discusses the real life impact of those trends on campuses, and then lays out concrete steps required to address them. Taking a page from George Keller's classic Academic Strategy, management consultant and college administrator Jon McGee uses these economic and demographic trends to inform his strategic approach to managing schools"--

Creating a Service Culture in Higher Education Administration

Author: Mario C. Martinez
Publisher: Stylus Publishing, LLC.
ISBN: 1620360055
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Customer service in Higher Ed is particularly complex. However, this book simplifies it and provides specific direction. Learn how to stop the incoming calls to the president and provide excellent Higher Ed-centric customer service. The answers are here." --Luke D. Schultheis, Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management , Virginia Commonwealth University "This is a blueprint for excellence in Higher Education. The authors link theory to practice by providing clear examples of how to improve service at your institution. The book paves the way for cross-departmental teams to produce better student-centered outcomes!" --Jeffrey P. Levine, M.Ed., Director of Admissions , Manor College, Jenkintown, PA Service delivery is part and parcel of every higher education professional's job, both to improve service to students and to each other as "internal customers". Until now higher education professionals have had to rely on books and training designed for the business sector. This book is the first to specifically address the needs of higher education professionals across a wide range of administrative functions within this environment. It is designed for administrative staff and management, ranging from professionals working in centralized functions such as student affairs and enrollment management to those working as advisors or in career centers, whether in community colleges, four-year institutions, or for-profit institutions. Creating a Service Culture in Higher Education Administration is a complementary book to the online customer service and management training resources at

Enrollment Management

Author: Don Hossler
Publisher: College Board
ISBN: 9780874471939
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Enrollment management is discussed with focus on the expanding role of admissions professions and their increasing impact on institutional policymaking. Enrollment management influences the size, shape, and characteristics of a student body by directing student marketing and recruitment as well as pricing and financial aid. Attention is also directed to reasons why enrollment managers need to exert a strong influence on academic and career advising, academic assistance programs, institutional research, orientation, retention programs, and student services. Chapters cover the following topics: the demand for higher education, college choice, the effects of pricing and financial aid on attendance, recruiting high school graduates, retaining students, current research on the impact of college on students' cognitive and noncognitive growth, the impact of different kinds of colleges, the outcomes of higher education, and the future of enrollment management. The following educational outcomes are considered: the significance of higher education over a lifetime, economic and noneconomic benefits of higher education, and consumptive benefits. One chapter was contributed by Terry E. Williams: "Recruiting Graduates: Understanding Student-Institution Fit." A bibliography is included. (SW)

Fat Envelope Frenzy

Author: Joie Jager-Hyman
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061742856
Format: PDF
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A former Ivy League admissions officer, Joie Jager-Hyman follows five bright and eager high schoolers—students from diverse ethnic, social, and financial backgrounds—as they each put their best foot forward on the road they hope will lead them to the hallowed halls of Harvard University. At once a remarkable true story of dedication, achievement, and heartbreak and a guide for success in an ultra-competitive environment, this important work deserves a place in the home of every family that has ever dreamed of receiving that coveted “fat envelope” in the mail. Jager-Hyman also offers a startlingly frank appraisal of the college admission process and the important roles race and class continue to play in a student's efforts to attend the best school possible.

7 Steps for Success

Author: Elizabeth C. Hamblet
Publisher: Council For Exceptional Children
ISBN: 0865864675
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The transition from high school is challenging for any student, but for young adults with disabilities, it can be even more difficult. In addition to adjusting to increased academic demands in an environment where there is less structure and support, students have to navigate a disability services system that is very different from the one they knew in high school. But with the proper preparation, students can enjoy success! This practical guide explains how the system for accommodations works, describes students' rights and responsibilities within that system, and employs the voices of seasoned professionals and college students to explain the skills and strategies students should develop while they are in high school to ensure success when they reach college. As a bonus, it also offers answers to questions students with disabilities frequently ask about disclosing their disability in the admissions process.