Haunted Kansas

Author: Lisa Hefner Heitz
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Collects oral histories, eye-witness accounts, and local legends about ghosts, poltergeists, spook lights, and other restless spirits.

Haunted Places in the American South

Author: Alan Brown
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 160473583X
Format: PDF
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Before Alan Brown wrote Haunted Places in the American South, only the locals knew what was lurking in these locations. Slamming doors, eerie lights, and Confederate soldiers' ghosts kept some folks too scared to talk with outsiders. Above Peavey Melody Music in Meridian, Mississippi, children may be heard giggling and running down an abandoned hallway that turns icy cold. At the Jameson Inn in Crestview, Florida, an apparition appears on surveillance tapes after filling the lobby with sweet-smelling cigar smoke. Seldom told and rarely--if ever--printed stories such as these join tales from haunted inns, mansions, forests, ravines, and prisons to create Haunted Places in the American South. The book collects ghost stories from fifty-five historically haunted sites in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Alan Brown gathered these stories from newspapers, magazines, museum directors, archaeologists, hotel managers, and many others who shared their disturbing experiences. Most of these stories have never appeared in book form, and some, such as the haunting of Peavey Melody Music, have never been published at all. Haunted Places in the American South differs from most other collections of southern ghost stories, for the featured sites include more than just haunted houses. Bridges, forts, governors' mansions, prisons, hotels, woods, theaters, cemeteries, and even a large rock are included as focal points for these tales. The book provides directions to the sites, notes, and a bibliography that will be useful to folklore scholars and to travelers seeking that cold and creepy brush with the supernatural. Alan Brown is a professor of English at the University of West Alabama. His books include Literary Levees of New Orleans, The Face in the Window and Other Alabama Ghostlore, and Shadows and Cypress: Southern Ghost Stories (University Press of Mississippi).

Haunted Houses and Family Ghosts of Kentucky

Author: William Montell
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 9780813122274
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The bestselling author of "Ghosts Across Kentucky" now presents an all-new collection of amazing ghost stories of the state.

Scary House Collection

Author: Marisol Marquis
Publisher: Independently Published
ISBN: 9781983111877
Format: PDF, Docs
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This eye-opening book is for people who have been haunted by ghosts, and those are yet to experience the terrifying incidence of ghost haunting. Many guides are going to offer advice and suggestions on what you can do if you encounter ghosts in your life but many of them are not true, provide wrong information, and it is complicated to understand. If you are alone and hear a strange sound, or you could have sworn that a shadow moved out of the corner of your eye, you will know what to do. You could close your eyes, and choose to ignore it, or you could open your mind, and come to accept the reality of our incredibly haunted world. This book is second to none, and my opinion to you is that read through it and act immediately. I am sure it will help transform your life completely. In the stories presented here in this book, you have been given a window into just how it might feel to experience the strange, the unpredictable and the paranormal. Take particular note of these first-hand perspectives. This SCARY HOUSE COLLECTION guide explore how to you can overcome fear in the incidence of ghosts under the following headings: The octagon house haunting Edgar Allan Poe's house The Louisiana demon house The white eagle café The two hauntings of Thornton Heath The haunted hill station The Imp and the fire-hounds The ghosts of Ulu Klang Phantoms at hollow fox farms Lake Shawnee amusement park Chinas haunted subway train The haunted cat house of Aurora Ontario What you need to appreciate is that the only way you are going to make headway in the ghost adventures is by understanding your dismay level; otherwise, you will be running against a strong wind that counters most, if not all, of your efforts. That is not to undermine your courage during that time of unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of ghosts. Don't delay any more seconds, scroll back up, DOWNLOAD your copy NOW for only $2.99 and start the journey of "SCARY HOUSE COLLECTION" today! Tags: ghost, scary, haunted, ghost stories, short story, overcome fear, fear fighting, mysteries, mysteries and suspense, danger, thriller, murder, horror, horror fiction, haunted house, a haunted house, my haunted house, my haunted house book, the haunted house, haunted houses, house haunting, haunting house, haunted house books, in the haunted house, haunted house series, haunted houseful, mini haunted house , haunt the house, small haunted house, haunted house backpack, this house is haunted, ghost paperback

Haunted San Francisco

Author: Rand Richards
Publisher: Heritage House Publishers
ISBN: 9781879367043
Format: PDF, Kindle
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From North Beach to South of Market to Golden Gate Park and points in between, ghosts have made their spectral presences known.

Ghost Stories of Alberta

Author: Barbara Smith
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 9780888821522
Format: PDF, Kindle
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An eerie collection of ghost stories in Alberta, from urban centres to rural areas and the Rocky Mountains.

Spirits of the West

Author: Robert C. Belyk
Publisher: TouchWood Editions
ISBN: 1771510390
Format: PDF, Docs
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The ghost of a scuba diver who still haunts the former British Columbia powerhouse where he met his death. An Alberta theatre where entities have been seen, heard, and even felt so often that it deserves to be called one of the most haunted sites in North America. The spirit of a dapper young man who is willing to share the second floor of a Saskatchewan museum—as long as the employees don't linger after working hours. The ghostly nun who still occupies the third floor of a former Manitoba convent and has a strange way of making her presence known. The very frightening "Captain High Liner," who took a special interest in one family living in his old seaside house. In his latest book in a series of western ghost story collections, Spirits of the West, Robert C. Belyk relates the stories of ghosts, both friendly and fearful, who haunt museums, hotels, pubs, houses, and many other locations throughout western Canada. These true stories will persuade the reader to turn on one more light during the long, dark night.

Through the Flashlight s Beam A Collection of Classic Scary Stories for Reading Aloud

Author: Edgar Allan Poe
Publisher: Priced Nostalgia Press
ISBN: 1105346706
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In celebration of our history’s rich oral tradition of storytelling, we invite you to bring your flashlight up to your chin and get ready to make your listeners want to sleep with a nightlight. Through the Flashlight’s Beam is a collection of the very best scary story classics including some of the most popular characters in the history of suspense including Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Headless Horseman as well as a cast of other ghosts, vampires, and other beasts sure to delight and terrify readers of all ages. These are the ultimate horror all-stars by the most familiar names in fear including Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, H. P. Lovecraft, Washington Irving and more. Whether you intend to read these stories at bedtime for a spine tingling tale before sleep, to your class each October to get everyone in the mood for Halloween, or by flashlight around the campfire, we think you’ll find chills and thrills aplenty in these tales.

Haunted Houses

Author: Rebecca Patrick-Howard
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781533415837
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Over the course of 12 short stories and novellas you'll be treated to dark, twisted hallways, scary old houses, and sinister spirits who have never quite moved on from the houses they lived (and died) in. So sit back, wrap up in your favorite blanket, grab a drink, and turn down the lights. Houses can't really be bad...can they?"--Publisher's description.