Hauntings and Poltergeists

Author: James Houran
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476613168
Format: PDF, ePub
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Few people can claim the distinction of experiencing first-hand such occurrences as hauntings and the presence of poltergeists, but countless numbers of people are fascinated by these unexplainable events. Written by the world’s most knowledgeable authorities in this field, the essays in this work promote a better understanding of the manifestations of and various reasons for hauntings and poltergeist phenomena. The experts come from such backgrounds as anthropology, history, philosophy, psychiatry, and sociology, and provide sober yet highly readable in-depth discussions of numerous ideas and rationalizations for hauntings and poltergeists, from a critical and scientific perspective. Divided into three major sections—sociocultural, physical and physiological, and psychological perspectives—this work provides an overview of each perspective and also addresses the general psychology of belief in the paranormal and how that belief relates to experiences with ghosts and poltergeists.

An den Grenzen der Erkenntnis

Author: Mayer, Gerhard
Publisher: Schattauer Verlag
ISBN: 3794529227
Format: PDF, ePub
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Grenzen erkunden, Horizonte erweitern … Außergewöhnliche Erfahrungen wie Nahtod-Erlebnisse oder Wahrträume, Phänomene wie Kornkreise oder UFO-Sichtungen, aber auch weit verbreitete Praktiken wie alternative Diagnose- und Heilverfahren oder Wünschelrutengehen: Von jeher haben sie die Menschen fasziniert, die Wissenschaften polarisiert – und auch sehr grundsätzliche Fragen über die Wirklichkeit aufgeworfen, in der wir leben. Mit dem gesamten Spektrum ungewöhnlicher Phänomene und Erfahrungen befasst sich die wissenschaftliche Anomalistik. Im Kontext wissenschaftlicher Weltmodelle und mit einer strengen Orientierung an den Standards wissenschaftlicher Methodik geht sie dem schwer Erklärbaren auf den Grund – und findet oft genug überraschende Antworten. Im Handbuchformat beleuchtet ein interdisziplinäres Autorenteam eine Vielzahl von Forschungsfeldern und Einzelfragen zu Phänomenen und Erfahrungen, die an die Grenzen unserer scheinbar so festgefügten Wirklichkeit rühren. Unverzichtbare Erkenntnisse für alle, die mit offenen Augen den Geheimnissen unserer Welt auf der Spur sind. Das erste deutschsprachige Handbuch ungewöhnlicher Phänomene und Erfahrungen: von Auradiagnostik bis ZauberkunstWissenschaftliche Anomalistik in all ihren Facetten: theoretische Konzepte, methodische Ansätze, empirische BefundeEin fesselndes Grundlagenwerk: für ein breites Publikum mit wissenschaftlichem oder beruflichem Interesse oder auch ganz persönlicher Neugier Keywords: Anomalistik, Parapsychologie, Trance, Halluzination, Hypnose, Out-of-Body-Erfahrungen, Nahtod-Erfahrungen, Wahrträume, Geistererscheinungen, Spukphänomene, Mediumismus, Astrologie, UFOs, Kornkreise, Yeti, Feuerlaufen, Fakirpraktiken, Geistheilung, Wunderheilung, Homöopathie, Kriminaltelepathie, Zauberkunst, Reinkarnation, Radiästhesie, Wünschelrutengehen, Prä-Astronautik, Paläo-SETI, Ley-Linien, heilige Orte, Archäo-Astronomie, außergewöhnliche Bewusstseinszustände, Psi, Synchronizität, Wahrnehmungsanomalien, paranormale Fotografien

Human Body Perception from the Inside Out

Author: Günther Knoblich
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195178371
Format: PDF
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As the general notion of cognition has recently broadened to include its embodied nature, researchers' accounts of perception have increasingly come to include the body's special status as a window on the world and to accommodate the specific perceptual requirements for identifying, interpreting, and interacting with other bodies. This volume presents a comprehensive overview of the rapid progress that has been made in understanding the human body and its relationship to perception. It will help to unify the relevant research from several independent areas of cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience and facilitate the development of an integrated framework for the study of human-body perception.

The Power of Belief

Author: Peter W. Halligan
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Over the past two decades, a widening gulf has emerged between illness presentation and the adequacy of traditional biomedical explanations. As a result, the causes of many illnesses remain a mystery for both patient and physician, with the consequence that increasing numbers of well-educated people are using alternative or complementary medicines. In an attempt to bridge this gap between illness and explanation, without sacrificing the clear benefits of the biomedical approach, many health care professionals have begun to consider a biophysiological approach. Central to this approach is the belief that disease and illness are not just the result of pathophysiological causes but involve and can be explained in terms of psychological and socio-cultural factors or causes. In this model, the beliefs held by the patient about their condition are considered central to the way they behave and respond to treatment. Such beliefs are not specific to patients, though they can greatly influence the behaviour and reasoning of health professionals as well. In addition, psychosocial influences in the form of beliefs have equal relevance for those in wider society regarding aetiology of illness, recovery and potential for treatment. This book is unique in examining the influence and power of beliefs, one of the key psychosocial factors considered to underpin and validate the biopsychosocial model. It brings together a range of experts from science to medicine to provide a unique account of the role and influence that beliefs can play in medicine.

Trends in Bipolar Disorder Research

Author: Malcomb R. Brown
Publisher: Nova Science Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9781594540608
Format: PDF, Docs
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This new volume gathers important research developments dealing with bipolar disorders. In a world permeated with stress, bipolar disorders have become an all too common occurrence. There are millions of people throughout the world suffering from this disorder. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in a person's mood, energy, and ability to function. Different from the normal ups and downs, the symptoms of bipolar disorder are severe. They can result in damaged relationships, poor job or school performance, and even suicide. The primary psychological factor implicated in the manifestation of bipolar disorder is stressful life events. These can range from a death in the family to the loss of a job, from the birth of a child to a move. Once the disorder is triggered and progresses, 'it seems to develop a life of its own'. The two poles of bipolar disorder are mania and depression.


Author: Bruce M. Hood
Publisher: HarperOne
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The majority of the world's population is religious or believes in supernatural phenomena. In the United States, nine out of every ten adults believe in God, and a recent Gallup poll found that about three out of four Americans believe in some form of telepathy, déjà vu, ghosts, or past lives. Where does such supernatural thinking come from? Are we indoctrinated by our parents, churches, and media, or do such beliefs originate somewhere else? In SuperSense, award-winning cognitive scientist Bruce M. Hood reveals the science behind our beliefs in the supernatural. Superstitions are common. Many of us cross our fingers, knock on wood, step around black cats, and avoid walking under ladders. John McEnroe refused to step on the white lines of a tennis court between points. Wade Boggs insisted on eating a chicken dinner before every Boston Red Sox game. President Barack Obama played a game of basketball the morning of his victory in the Iowa primary and continued the tradition on every subsequent election day. Supernatural thinking includes loftier beliefs as well, such as the sentimental value we place on photos of loved ones, wedding rings, and teddy bears. It also includes spiritual beliefs and the hope for an afterlife. But in this modern, scientific age, why do we hold on to these behaviors and beliefs? It turns out that belief in things beyond what is rational or natural is common to humans and appears very early in childhood. In fact, according to Hood, this "super sense" is something we're born with to develop and is essential to the way we learn to understand the world. We couldn't live without it! Our minds are designed from the very start to think there are unseen patterns, forces, and essences inhabiting the world, and it is unlikely that any effort to get rid of supernatural beliefs, or the superstitious behaviors that accompany them, will be successful. These common beliefs and sacred values are essential in binding us together as a society because they help us to see ourselves connected to each other at a deeper level.