Healthcare Insurance and You

Author: Lisa Zamosky
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1430249536
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Healthcare is changing and you need to know how—and what to do about it. Getting good medical care shouldn’t be so confusing—or so costly. Healthcare, Insurance, and You simplifies the many confusing details about our healthcare system so you can make informed decisions. Result? Better health at lower cost. With the advent of healthcare reform, things are changing—especially when it comes to insurance. Most people will now have to buy insurance. Do you know where to get a policy or what to look for in one? Did you know more people will now qualify for free or subsidized healthcare? Even if you get insurance through work, you'll face new choices that you'd better understand to maintain your peace of mind. As this book shows, the failure to understand how insurance and the healthcare system work can have a major impact on your physical and financial health. Healthcare, Insurance, and You is an easy-to-use guide that explains the main challenges you face when trying to get excellent healthcare: choosing the best insurance policy for your situation, finding the right doctor or hospital, buying prescription drugs the least expensive way, picking out the right Medicare plan, or fighting for your rights when dealing with insurers or medical providers. Healthcare, Insurance, and You includes tips, resources, and strategies for navigating the healthcare system and avoiding common mistakes so you can get the best healthcare for you, your family, or your organization without breaking the bank. This book shows you: How to choose a health plan that best meets your medical and financial needs, including new options under the Affordable Care Act Ways to cut through red tape and fight billing errors and claim denials What businesses need to know about offering—or not offering—insurance to employees How to plan ahead for a disability or for end-of-life care Healthcare costs rank high on the list of money concerns Americans have. And when it comes to getting great healthcare for you and your family and avoiding crippling medical bills, knowledge is power. Healthcare, Insurance, and You is a practical guide that explains the complicated healthcare system in plain language—and puts the power of good health back in your hands. What you’ll learn The impact of the Affordable Care Act on your healthcare and your finances How to take advantage of new health insurance exchanges and tax credits How to choose a health plan that best meets your medical and financial needs How to advocate for yourself, fight billing errors and denied claims, and know where to turn for help How to choose a doctor and hospital based on quality, not hype How to avoid common mistakes that can cost you big--or even put you into bankruptcy How health reform affects businesses and how they can reduce healthcare expenditures Who this book is for Consumers of healthcare in the United States, including both individuals and small businesses buying coverage for employees. Table of Contents A New Healthcare System Buying Health Insurance on your own Paying for Health Insurance Health Insurance at Work Cutting Medical Costs Buying Prescription Drugs You Against the Healthcare System Medicare Taking Charge of Your Healthcare Future Consumer Assistance Programs and State Departments of Insurance

How to Get the Health Care You Want

Author: Laura L. Casey
Publisher: 1 Life Press
ISBN: 9780979073007
Format: PDF, Docs
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Offers tips on obtaining high quality medical care, including such topics as choosing a doctor, insurance, creating one's own health records.

Parent Savvy

Author: Nihara Choudhri
Publisher: Nolo
ISBN: 1413314864
Format: PDF, ePub
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The only book that covers the financial, legal and practical aspects of raising your child. Winner of the 2005 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award You have diapers and naps figured out -- now it's time to address the bigger questions about your child's future. Whether you're a new parent or about to become one, turn to Parent Savvy to cross items off your baby "to do" list with confidence. It's the only book that gives you quick answers to questions that come with parenthood, such as: What type of child care is best for my family? How do I balance work with family? How do I take advantage of pregnancy and family leave? Can I take advantage of tax credits? What's the best way to save for my child's education? Do I need to write a will and choose a guardian? and much more Find the answers -- plus tips, checklists and resources -- in Parent Savvy. It's the all-in-one reference you'll turn to over and over. The book also features parenting advice from BabyCenter, the nation's leading Internet destination for new and expectant parents. Named a "Best Product" for 2006 by iParenting Media Awards

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society

Author: Frederick F. Wherry
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1506346170
Format: PDF
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Economics is the nexus and engine that runs society, affecting societal well-being, raising standards of living when economies prosper or lowering citizens through class structures when economies perform poorly. Our society only has to witness the booms and busts of the past decade to see how economics profoundly affects the cores of societies around the world. From a household budget to international trade, economics ranges from the micro- to the macro-level. It relates to a breadth of social science disciplines that help describe the content of the proposed encyclopedia, which will explicitly approach economics through varied disciplinary lenses. Although there are encyclopedias of covering economics (especially classic economic theory and history), the SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society emphasizes the contemporary world, contemporary issues, and society. Features: 4 volumes with approximately 800 signed articles ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 words each are presented in a choice of print or electronic editions Organized A-to-Z with a thematic Reader's Guide in the front matter groups related entries Articles conclude with References & Future Readings to guide students to the next step on their research journeys Cross-references between and among articles combine with a thorough Index and the Reader's Guide to enhance search-and-browse in the electronic version Pedagogical elements include a Chronology of Economics and Society, Resource Guide, and Glossary This academic, multi-author reference work will serve as a general, non-technical resource for students and researchers within social science programs who seek to better understand economics through a contemporary lens.

Lerner s Consumer Guide to Health Care

Author: Paul Lerner
Publisher: Lerner Communication
ISBN: 9780966999921
Format: PDF, Docs
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Provides tips and advice for potential medical patients on how to get high-quality medical care and save money doing it, and includes lists of health care organizations, state health and insurance agencies, and definitions of health related terms.

Beating the Paycheck to Paycheck Blues

Author: John Ventura
Publisher: Dearborn Trade Pub
ISBN: 9780793123254
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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John Ventura offers practical advice and information to help the financially distressed make ends meet, get out of financial trouble and rebuild their financial self-confidence. For everyone who needs to live on less, this book provides counsel, guidance, and practical strategies to cope with the unsettling new financial environment.