Great Contemporaries

Author: Winston S. Churchill
Publisher: Rosetta Books
ISBN: 079534967X
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Insightful biographical sketches of major historical figures of the twentieth century, from the incomparable British statesman. Winston Churchill was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature on the strength of “his mastery of historical and biographical description.” Nowhere is that mastery more evident than in Great Contemporaries—which features Churchill’s profiles of many of the major figures of his time. These short biographies cover political and cultural personalities ranging from Franklin Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler, Lawrence of Arabia, and Leon Trotsky to Charlie Chaplin, H. G. Wells, Rudyard Kipling, and George Bernard Shaw. This edition includes five previously uncollected essays and a number of photographs, plus an enlightening introduction and annotations by noted Churchill scholar James W. Muller. Written in the decade before Churchill became prime minister, these essays focus on the challenges of statecraft at a time when the democratic revolution was toppling older regimes based on tradition and aristocratic privilege. Churchill’s keen observations take on new importance in our own age of roiling political change. Ultimately, Great Contemporaries provides fascinating insight into these subjects as Churchill approaches them with a measuring eye, finding their limitations at least as revealing as their merits.

Americanizing Britain

Author: Genevieve Abravanel
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199942668
Format: PDF, Kindle
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How did Great Britain, which entered the twentieth century as a dominant empire, reinvent itself in reaction to its fears and fantasies about the United States? Investigating the anxieties caused by the invasion of American culture-from jazz to Ford motorcars to Hollywood films-during the first half of the twentieth century, Genevieve Abravanel theorizes the rise of the American Entertainment Empire as a new style of imperialism that threatened Britain's own. In the early twentieth century, the United States excited a range of utopian and dystopian energies in Britain. Authors who might ordinarily seem to have little in common-H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley, and Virginia Woolf-began to imagine Britain's future through America. Abravanel explores how these novelists fashioned transatlantic fictions as a response to the encroaching presence of Uncle Sam. She then turns her attention to the arrival of jazz after World War I, showing how a range of writers, from Elizabeth Bowen to W.H. Auden, deployed the new music as a metaphor for the modernization of England. The global phenomenon of Hollywood film proved even more menacing than the jazz craze, prompting nostalgia for English folk culture and a lament for Britain's literary heritage. Abravanel then refracts British debates about America through the writing of two key cultural critics: F.R. Leavis and T.S. Eliot. In so doing, she demonstrates the interdependencies of some of the most cherished categories of literary study-language, nation, and artistic value-by situating the high-low debates within a transatlantic framework.

Der Krieg der Welten

Author: Herbert George (H. G.) Wells
Publisher: EClassica
ISBN: 3961640297
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Weil die Ressourcen ihres eigenen Planeten, dem Mars, aufgebraucht sind, überfällt eine überlegene Zivilisation wie aus dem Nichts die Erde, um diese neue wasser- und rohstoffreiche Quelle auszubeuten. Die lästigen Menschen werden von den emotionslosen Marsianern gnadenlos gejagt und sollen mit Hilfe riesiger dreibeiniger Killer-Roboter und Giftgas ausgerottet werden. Das Militär ist den technisch weit fortgeschrittenen Angreifern hoffnungslos unterlegen, und die Menschheit blickt einem elenden Ende entgegen ... Rettung scheint nicht mehr denkbar zu sein ... Dieser im Jahr 1898 erschienene unerreichte Klassiker der Science-Fiction-Literatur löste, als von Orson Welles im Jahr 1938 neu inszeniertes Radio-Hörspiel, bei vielen Zuhörern, die es als Live-Reportage missverstanden, an der Ostküste der USA Panik aus.

Die ersten Menschen im Mond

Author: H.G. Wells
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3743195178
Format: PDF, Docs
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"Die ersten Menschen auf dem Mond" ist ein Roman des britischen Schriftstellers Herbert George Wells. Das Buch wurde zum ersten Mal 1901 unter dem Titel "The First Men in the Moon" veröffentlicht. Im Bruns Verlag/Minden erfolgt im Jahr 1905 die Deutsche Erstveröffentlichung unter dem Titel "Die ersten Menschen im Mond".

Cosmo s I Love What You Do to Me

Author: Cosmopolitan
Publisher: Hearst Books
ISBN: 9781618371607
Format: PDF, Kindle
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With a focus on love, sex, and relationships, this guided journal helps couples uncover their intimate secrets, and express their innermost desires, both emotional and sexual. Filled with inventive questions guaranteed to elicit eye-opening answers, it offers daring ideas to make bedroom romps steamier along with fresh, erotic, and naughty ways to spice things up. With multiple-choice questions as well as fill-in-the-blank queries, this journal will bring couples to new levels of emotional closeness and physical bliss.