Author: Gary Allen
Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 1861899386
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Salsa and guacamole wouldn’t be the same without cilantro, and you can’t make pizza without oregano or a mojito without mint. You can use peppermint to settle an upset stomach, ease arthritis pain with stinging nettle, and heal burns and wounds with aloe vera. And then there is cannabis—perhaps the most notorious and divisive herb of all. Despite the fact that herbs are often little more than weeds, cultures around the globe have found hundreds of uses for them, employing them in everything from ancient medicines to savory dishes. While much has been written on cooking and healing with herbs, little has been told about the history of the plants themselves and the incredible journeys they have made. This book elucidates how these often overlooked plants have become a staple in our lives. Unlike spices that quickly traversed the globe through trade, Gary Allen shows that herbs were often hoarded by their cultivators and were central to distinctive regional dishes. He draws on his extensive knowledge of food history to examine herbs in new ways, making Herbs essential reading for any serious foodie. Filled with beautiful illustrations and delicious recipes, this book will complete the kitchen library.

A Pocket Guide to Herbs

Author: Parragon, Incorporated
ISBN: 9781405488044
Format: PDF, ePub
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Identifies the most common herbs, with a picture, quick reference box, and informative text for each. Includes information about the history and folklore of herbs and the traditional and contemporary use of herbs.

Chinese Herbs

Author: John D. Keys
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462901298
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Chinese Herbs is an illustrated encyclopedia of over 250 herbs for medical problems ranging from anemia to TB. Chinese traditional medicine (TCM) has been gaining popularity as a respectable field in of herbal medicine. This comprehensive guide offers information specifically designed for Western readers. Each entry includes the herb's Latin name, its English name, the name in Chinese characters, a botanical description, a pharmaceutical description, a phytochemical analysis, pharmacodynamic investigations, the Chinese therapeutic use of the drug, dosage given by Chinese herbals, and other relevant information.


Author: Judy Lowe
ISBN: 1591864909
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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DIVEasy to grow and preserve, herbs are a popular choice for gardeners. This beautifully illustrated book of more than a dozen themed herb gardens makes it easy to decide what kind of herb garden you want to grow./div

Herbs Natural Supplements

Author: Lesley Braun
Publisher: Elsevier Australia
ISBN: 0729539105
Format: PDF, Docs
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A must-have health companion for herbalists, naturopaths, complementary medicine practitioners and students "Recommended evidence-based reference on Complementary Medicines" National Pharmacy Board 2010 Herbs and Natural Supplements, 3rd Edition: An evidence-based guide presents evidence-based information on the 130 most popular herbs, nutrients and food supplements used across Australia and New Zealand. This exhaustive textbook is organised alphabetically by each herb or nutrient's common name. Herbs and nutrients are then accompanied by critical information such as daily intake, main actions and indications, adverse reactions, contraindications and precautions, safety in pregnancy and more. This new edition of Herbs and Natural Supplements has been expanded with new chapters on pregnancy and wellness. It also features 10 new monographs for Arginine, Dunaliella, Elde, Goji, Pelargonium, Prebiotics, Red Yeast Rice, Rhodioloa, Shatavari and Taurine. . provides current, evidence-based information on herbal, nutritional and food supplements used in Australia and New Zealand . is user-friendly and easily organised by easy-to-find A-Z herbal monographs . appendices offering important additional information for the safe use of herbal and nutritional supplements, including a list of poison information centres, associations, manufacturers and more . offers clear, comprehensive tables including herb/natural supplement - drug interactions . lists the pharmacological actions of all herbs and natural supplements . a glossary of terms relevant to herbs and natural supplements . two comprehensive new chapters: Herbs and Natural Supplements in Pregnancy and Introduction to Wellness . all chapters completely updated and expanded . ten new monographs taking the total to 130 . now also available as an eBook! A code inside Herbs and Natural Supplements, 3rd Edition: An evidence-based guide enables a full text download, allowing you to browse and search electronically, make notes and bookmarks in the electronic files and highlight material

What Can i Do with My Herbs how to Grow Use and Enjoy These Versatile Plants

Author: Judy Barrett
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
ISBN: 1603443827
Format: PDF
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With tips covering everything from artemisia to vetiver grass, this lively and fun look focuses on 40 plants and their uses. Each herb description includes the plant's history, a list of popular uses, and information about how to grow them. Some of the author's favorite recipes are featured.

Spices and Herbs

Author: Elizabeth S. Hayes
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486137821
Format: PDF, Kindle
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More than 85 familiar and exotic plants are illustrated, examined for legendary lore, and current use. The book also includes 73 recipes, a spice chart, and tips for gardening, drying, freezing, and more.

The Random House Book of Herbs

Author: Roger Phillips
Publisher: Random House Incorporated
ISBN: 9780679732136
Format: PDF, Docs
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Explains how to grow, harvest, use, and store culinary herbs, salad herbs, vegetables, berries, scented herbs, strewing herbs, dye plants, and medicinal herbs, and includes tips on herb teas

Rodale s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs

Author: Claire Kowalchik
Publisher: Rodale
ISBN: 9780875969640
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Provides information on the history, uses, range, and characteristics of more than one hundred herbs, and offers tips on growing them

Culinary Herbs

Author: Ernest Small
Publisher: NRC Research Press
ISBN: 9780660190730
Format: PDF, ePub
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"A publication of the National Research Council of Canada Monograph Publishing Program."