Heroes Among Us

Author: Jim Ryun
Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers
ISBN: 0768496292
Format: PDF
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We live in a world where rock superstars, athletes, celebrities, and successful business people are paraded across the big screen and featured on the news as though beauty and fame and money and power made them modern-day heroes. We seem to have lost sight of what a real hero is. Yet America needs true heroes now more than ever. Not Supermen with super hero powers, but real men and women of character who will stand up and with conviction, make right and often hard choices in every circumstance. People who show us what it is to be good, to be brave, to be guided by conscience and character. Men and women who are examples, whose courage shows us the way we should go. Congressman Jim Ryun has provided a wealth of stories of quiet historical heroes who have, for the most part, been ignored by popular culture and nearly lost in the mist of the past. This book is not about popular heroes or cultural icons such as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. These heroes were common people who stood firm in the face of tyranny, to give their lives for others, and to right the wrongs of social injustice. Their stories will inspire you to rise up to slay the dragons of your world.

Ministry Makeover

Author: Rosario Picardo
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
ISBN: 162564650X
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Ministry Makeover examines the decline within the church, especially the United Methodist Church (UMC), and some causes for this decline. It calls for a reforming of United Methodist structure and polity by drawing more attention to the value of the bi-vocational model of ministry and a re-visitation of the Wesleyan/United Brethren view and historical perspective. This book establishes a solid theological foundation upon which to build this shift and it goes a step beyond typical ecclesiology (the study of the church) to identify Trinitarian theology as the basis for the practice of the church. In turn, this text reveals bi-vocational ministry and support of new congregations as not only a viable option, but also arguably the model towards which the church is heading. These insights will transform the church and lead to more effective church ministry with respect to resources, structure, and reach in a post-Christendom world context. Picardo uses Embrace Church (Lexington, KY) as a case study, and incorporates his experiences into this text in order to show how these implications have played out in a true bi-vocational, church-plant context.

The One Year Yellow Ribbon Devotional

Author: Brenda Pace
Publisher: NavPress
ISBN: 1496415507
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The One Year Yellow Ribbon Devotional will encourage those of us staying behind to pray for those who are taking a stand for our freedoms. During a time of war and election of a new president, The One Year Yellow Ribbon Devotional meets a large need in our society. So many people are affected by the absence of those who leave home and serve in distant lands. Those who are left behind often struggle to find contentment and hope. This devotional will not only meet the needs of those individuals but will also encourage all Americans to take a stand by praying for our country and the men and women serving overseas.

Unshackling America

Author: Willard Sterne Randall
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250111846
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Unshackling America challenges the persistent fallacy that Americans fought two separate wars of independence. Williard Sterne Randall documents an unremitting fifty-year-long struggle for economic independence from Britain overlapping two armed conflicts linked by an unacknowledged global struggle. Throughout this perilous period, the struggle was all about free trade. Neither Jefferson nor any other Founding Father could divine that the Revolutionary Period of 1763 to 1783 had concluded only one part, the first phase of their ordeal. The Treaty of Paris of 1783 at the end of the Revolutionary War halted overt combat but had achieved only partial political autonomy from Britain. By not guaranteeing American economic independence and agency, Britain continued to deny American sovereignty. Randall details the fifty years and persistent attempts by the British to control American trade waters, but he also shows how, despite the outrageous restrictions, the United States asserted the doctrine of neutral rights and developed the world’s second largest merchant fleet as it absorbed the French Caribbean trade. American ships carrying trade increased five-fold between 1790 and 1800, its tonnage nearly doubling again between 1800 and 1812, ultimately making the United States the world’s largest independent maritime power.

The Mindset of Small Talk

Author: Lana Otoya
ISBN: 9781720433569
Format: PDF, Mobi
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WOULDN'T IT BE NICE TO CHAT WITH ANYBODY WITHOUT HAVING TO COME UP WITH THINGS TO SAY? One of the nicest ladies I ever met was a school teacher. I was chatting with her on a film set once because we were using her daughter in a commercial. This lady was (and I repeat) one of the nicest people I have ever met. I think we chatted for about thirty minutes and then I never saw her again. THIRTY MINUTES. I seriously thought that I could trust this lady with all my deepest darkest secrets. That I could call her up one day and ask her to go for coffee and she'd say yes. How could this lady make such an impression on me in such a short amount of time? Well she had mastered the two keys you need to be a perfect small talker. These two things are revealed in my book and once you know them, everything gets so much easier. My name is Lana and I am a relationship and self care blogger. Before I started a blog, I was a seriously introverted University student trying to get through film school without having to small talk with my classmates at lunch. Little did I know back then, the film industry is all about networking and creating relationships with people you barely know. Once I started actually working in film, I was FORCED into learning how to small talk and how to get along with people. I was able to do this by observing others and stealing their techeniques. People like that lovely high school teacher became my role models, I needed to do what they were doing. After years of observation, I realized that all master small talkers have a few things in common but the biggest things are the two keys that were shown to me so elgantly by that school teacher. Once I had mastered those, no small talk conversation was a nightmare anymore. In fact, I started to enjoy them. MY BOOK WILL SHOW YOU: - The two keys you need to master small talk, and neither of them involve conversation starters - How to shift your perspective on small talk so that it takes the pressure off - The reason why small talk is not about entertaining others but is actually for you - The difference between a good conversation starter and a bad one - Small talk for people with social anxiety - Small talk for introverts - Small talk for dating, making friends and networking - How to Improve your self esteem - How to help in building confidence - How to never fear the dreaded small talk conversation EVER AGAIN! If you've read this far, you're already 500 words into transforming yourself into a real people person.Don't hesitate to make this simple yet super effective change in your life. Download my book and INSTANTLY start improving your conversation skills today.