Holding Their Ground

Author: Alain Durand-Lasserve
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136564136
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Security of land tenure for the urban poor is now a major problem for developing cities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This book presents and analyzes the main conclusions of a comparative research programme on land tenure issues. It looks at how solutions can be found and implemented to respond to the demands and needs of the majority of squatters and informal settlements, and analyzes how urban stakeholders, with different social, legal and economic constraints, find innovative and flexible solutions. The book is intended to fill a gap in the literature on comparative research on tenure policies and should be useful to researchers and professionals involved in defining and instigating tenure upgrading policies and programmes.

Urban Land Markets

Author: Somik V. Lall
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402088629
Format: PDF
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As urbanization progresses at a remarkable pace, policy makers and analysts come to understand and agree on key features that will make this process more efficient and inclusive, leading to gains in the welfare of citizens. Drawing on insights from economic geography and two centuries of experience in developed countries, the World Bank’s World Development Report 2009: Reshaping Economic Geography emphasizes key aspects that are fundamental to ensuring an efficient rural-urban transformation. Critical among these are land, as the most important resource, and well-functioning land markets. Regardless of the stage of urbanization, flexible and forward-looking institu- ons that help the efficient functioning of land markets are the bedrock of succe- ful urbanization strategies. In particular, institutional arrangements for allocating land rights and for managing and regulating land use have significant implica- ons for how cities deliver agglomeration economies and improve the welfare of their residents. Property rights, well-functioning land markets, and the management and servicing of land required to accommodate urban expansion and provide trunk infrastructure are all topics that arise as regions progress from incipient urbani- tion to medium and high density.

Urban Land Tenure and Property Rights in Developing Countries

Author: Geoffrey K. Payne
Publisher: Intermediate Technology
ISBN: 9781853394003
Format: PDF, ePub
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Urban land markets exert a major impact upon the ability of lower income groups to obtain access to adequate shelter and services. When they do not function well, the poor suffer more than anybody else. The attempt to impose inappropriate tenure systems has resulted in the wholesale exclusion of vast numbers of people from access to legally sanctioned settlement, usually no fault of their own. In many cities of the developing world, half of more of the entire population live in some form of unauthorized settlement. Not only does this expose them to permanent insecurity, but it also denies them access to formal credit and services. Systems of land tenure, and government tenure policies, are therefore central to attempts to establish and maintain efficient and equitable urban housing markets. This review surveys the extensive international literature on the subject. It proposes a typology which includes statutory customary and unauthorized tenure systems, as a basis for assessing existing problems and formulating appropriate policies. It concludes with recommendations for improving tenure security which maximize benefits to the poor and minimize market distortion.

Planet der Slums

Author: Mike Davis
ISBN: 9783935936569
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Mike Davis konstatiert in diesem ambitionierten und verstörenden Buch eine" Kopernikansche Wende"der menschlichen Siedlungsgeschichte. Denn nie zuvor überstieg der Anteil der Stadtbevölkerung den Anteil der auf dem Land Wohnenden und nie zuvor sah sich eine ungeheure Anzahl von über einer Milliarde Menschen gezwungen, ihr Überleben in Armut, im Schmutz der Müllhalden, ohne (sauberes) Wasser, ohne Toiletten, ohne irgendeine Art der Gesundheits- oder Sozialversorgung zu organisieren. Die Megaslums des" Südens"sind Ausdruck einer im höchsten Maße ungleichen und instabilen urbanen Welt. Hier treffen die sozialen Fronten der Globalisierung in radikaler Weise aufeinander.

Land Policies for Growth and Poverty Reduction

Author: Klaus W. Deininger
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 9780821350713
Format: PDF
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Land policies are an important aspect of economic growth, good governance and sustainable development. This book explores the effectiveness of land policy in support of equitable development and poverty reduction by considering the historical and legal contexts of property rights to land, land markets, the scope and role of government policy frameworks designed to maximise social benefits for developing countries.