Zodiac Adult Coloring Book

Author: ZenMaster Coloring ZenMaster Coloring Books
ISBN: 9781540521590
Format: PDF, ePub
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This adult coloring book of zodiac designs is the perfect way to relax and relieve stress. It is full of beautiful and detailed coloring designs that will keep coloring enthusiasts entertained for hours. So sit back, relax, and color!

The Only Astrology Book You ll Ever Need

Author: Joanna Martine Woolfolk
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publications
ISBN: 1589796535
Format: PDF, Docs
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Presents a do-it-yourself astrology guide that provides all necessary information and tables to help plot a complete, individual horoscope, including many details frequently neglected in conventional astrological books.

Zodiac Coloring Book

Author: Jade Summer
ISBN: 9781539331186
Format: PDF
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AMAZON BEST SELLER | 2016 BEST GIFT IDEAS This incredible adult coloring book by best-selling artist Jade Summer is the perfect way to relieve stress and aid relaxation while enjoying beautiful and highly detailed images. Each coloring page will transport you into a world of your own while your responsibilities will seem to fade away... Use Any of Your Favorite ToolsIncluding colored pencils, pens, and fine-tipped markers. One Image Per PageEach image is printed on black-backed pages to prevent bleed-through. Display Your ArtworkYou can display your artwork with a standard 8.5" x 11" frame. Two Copies of Every ImageEnjoy coloring your favorite images a second time, color with a friend, or have an extra copy in case you make a mistake. Now on SaleRegular Price: $9.99 | SAVE $6.00, 60% OFF | Limited time only. Makes the Perfect GiftSurprise that special someone in your life and make them smile. Buy two copies and enjoy coloring together. Buy Now, Start Coloring, and Relax... Scroll to the top of the page and click the buy button.

Aquarius Moon Sign

Author: David Wells
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 1781803706
Format: PDF, Docs
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What if you had a hidden inner self you never knew about? This key to your horoscope is the moon sign! Many people understand their sun sign, but few realise that the key to their astrological insight is unlocked by a deeper truth: the moon sign. Your moon sign is a reflection of your secret inner self, and has important messages to aid you in your career, love life and ultimately your destiny. Understanding the secret power of your moon sign is now easier than ever with this short guide. Specially aligned for your individual moon sign of Aquarius, this book has been carefully charted and prepared by astrology expert David Wells, whose advice will help you quickly understand: • Your overall astrological outlook for 2014 • How your moon sign co-operates, or interferes with, your sun sign in 2014 • How your moon sign affects your romantic life, your work life and your spiritual life. You won't want to overlook this important part of your astrological make up in the coming year with this brilliant new series! Visit moon-sign-calculator.com to calculate your moon sign and find out yours today!

Sex Signs

Author: Judith Bennett
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 9780312915971
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Provides women with insights into themselves and their sexual and social relationships and gives advice on the constructive use of anger and personal power

Bink s Badass Bikers Adult Coloring Book

Author: Bink Cummings
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781539805069
Format: PDF, ePub
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1 of these 29 Uniquely Badass Adult Coloring pages will keep you busy for hours. A one of a kind coloring book for bike lovers and readers alike. All inspired by Bink Cummings love for bikers and her MC books. 29 single sided adult coloring pages. Moderate to complex in detail. Images include: Club Cuts Curse Words Character Pages and so much more... Illustrated by Sacred Sister: Alex Olsen

Creative Haven Celestial Mandalas Coloring Book

Author: Marty Noble
Publisher: Courier Dover Publications
ISBN: 0486804801
Format: PDF
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Thirty-one heavenly illustrations offer colorists hours of creative relaxation. This treasury of calming and meditative mandala designs features beautifully detailed sun, moon, and star patterns that can be colored in a variety of ways. Illustrations are printed on perforated pages for easy removal and display. Specially designed for experienced colorists, Celestial Mandalas and other Creative Haven® adult coloring books offer an escape to a world of inspiration and artistic fulfillment. Each title is also an effective and fun-filled way to relax and reduce stress.

Linda Goodman s Love Signs

Author: Linda Goodman
Publisher: RosettaBooks
ISBN: 0795316488
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The 1968 publication of Linda Goodman's Sun Signs popularized astrology worldwide. Magazines and newspapers began running regular astrology columns and Goodman contributed insert articles into the mass circulation women's magazines. An ever increasing percentage of people knew their sign (as well as yours) and studied astrological tendencies. Linda Goodman's Love Signs addresses and answered the question asked by everyone familiar with astrology--how do I relate to someone of another sign? Each sign is "related" to the twelve signs of the zodiac in a different and unique way. Each section addresses the differences for a male and a female with the same sign matches. This edition of Linda Goodman's Love Signs has been fully updated with current references and Goodman's magical first-person prose has been preserved so that the reading experience is as enjoyable as when this work was first published. This ebook edition of Linda Goodman's Love Signs is the first time that this classic work has been available in electronic format.

Planetary Apothecary

Author: Stephanie Gailing
Publisher: Crossing Press
ISBN: 0307815870
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Keys to Wellness Are Written in the Stars From impulsive Aries to balance-seeking Libra, methodical Virgo to sensitive Pisces, each astrological personality is distinct, with specific needs of body, mind, and spirit. In Planetary Apothecary, astrologer and nutritionist Stephanie Gailing offers a modern approach to the ancient healing art of medical astrology. You'll find wellness and lifestyle recommendations customized for your zodiac sign, including: • Health-Supporting Foods and Eating Tips • Spa and Wellness Therapies• Relaxation Practices• Yoga Poses • Aromatherapy• Natural Remedies• Flower Essences Filled with strategies and inspiration for nurturing body and soul, Planetary Apothecary brings the healing wisdom of the planets within reach to help you optimize your physical health and emotional well-being. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Russell Grant s Art of Astrology

Author: Russell Grant
ISBN: 9781910536650
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Ever wondered what the colors you choose say about you? Go on a journey of self-discovery in the Art of Astrology coloring book for adults. Lose yourself by coloring in beautiful designs, based on the key signs of the Zodiac, their accompanying planets, and mythological archetypes. Then read about the meaning behind your choice of colors and how they connect with your sun sign in Russell's amazing astrological colorscopes. The ultimate horoscope from a leading writer on spirituality, this is a truly incredible guide to reading yourself and your sun sign, and at the same time an immersive and relaxing task that takes you out of this world.