Industrial Minerals and Rocks

Author: M. Kucera
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0444597506
Format: PDF
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Industrial Minerals and Rocks is a collection of research papers concerning the study of industrial mineral deposits. This work is composed of 17 chapters that specifically highlight the research done by Czech and Slovak economic geologists in non-metallic deposits, including talc, magnesite, kaolin, and clay. After an introduction to the history of industrial minerals and rocks, this book goes on reviewing the origin, principal element cycle, genetic types, form, and size of these deposits. Considerable chapters describe the deposits of industrial minerals, rocks, and building raw materials. The remaining chapters deal with the geophysical methods prospecting and exploration and production of industrial raw materials, rocks, and minerals. This book will prove useful to mineral geologists and researchers.

Surface Mining Second Edition

Author: Bruce A. Kennedy
Publisher: SME
ISBN: 9780873351027
Format: PDF, Docs
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This SME classic is both a reference book for the working engineer and a textbook for the mining student. This hardcover edition gives a brief history of surface mining and a general overview of the state of surface mining today--topics range from production and productivity to technological developments and trends in equipment. This extremely useful text takes the approach that exploration and mining geologists must be expert in a number of fields, including basic finance and economics, logistics, and pragmatic prospecting. Readers will find material on all these topics and more. The book's nine chapters include: Introduction, Exploration and Geology Techniques, Ore Reserve Estimation, Feasibility Studies and Project Financing, Planning and Design of Surface Mines, Mine Operations, Mine Capital and Operating Costs, Management and Organization, and Case Studies. The book is fully indexed.

The Economic Geology of Iran

Author: Mansour Ghorbani
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400756259
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Economic Geology of Iran is a complete and comprehensive book about mineral deposits, energy and water resources of Iran. Dr. Mansour Ghorbani has travelled to each of the huge variety of locations that feature the resources covered, personally verifying the details of them all. The book starts by describing the geography and physiography of Iran as well as its various climatic regions and the diverse corresponding vegetation. Then the book gives an excellent overview of the geology of the country, followed by the history of mining in Iran up to now. The author describes also the metallogenic and mineralization phases of Iran, its mineral zones and belts, and, more generally, the distribution of mineral deposits in the country. Dr. Ghorbani gives us also an analysis of the position of Iran in terms of global mineral resources, as well as the role that the country’s mineral, energy and natural resources play in its overall economy. The book finishes with also provides a complete list of Iranian mineral deposits. This book is a perfect source of information for all students and researchers in the field of geo-science at the university level but also for mining and oil companies that would like to work, invest and get involved in such businesses in Iran.

Mineral Deposits of the World

Author: Mirko Vaněček
Publisher: Elsevier Science Limited
Format: PDF, Docs
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Hardbound. This overview of the world's mineral deposits lists the metallic and non-metallic mineral deposits according to continents, subdividing the latter with respect to regional metallogenic zones. The introductory chapters summarize present knowledge of the basic concepts of the geologic structure and the evolution of the continents and oceans. The description of the essential metallogenic units has been complemented by main aspects of the development of global metallogeny in time and space. The characteristics of the world's mineral wealth have been supplemented with basic data on the amount, extent and manner of using these mineral resources. Economic geologists will find this volume of interest.

Minerals and Allied Natural Resources and their Sustainable Development

Author: Mihir Deb
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 981104564X
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Nonrenewable natural resources – metallic and non-metallic minerals, industrial rocks and energy resources (both organic and inorganic), have been treated in a holistic manner in this book, including two important resources (soil and water), not commonly covered in most books on this topic. For the uninitiated reader, an introductory chapter looks into some basic definitions as well as nature and characteristics of mineral deposits followed by a chapter on the different crustal processes that produce the various ore deposits in the endogenous and exogenous environments. The strength of the book lies in its critical treatment of the genetic processes of the mineral deposits, their classification and the geodynamic context of metallogeny, and coverage of sustainable development of mineral deposits with special reference to various socio-economic as well as regulatory and environmental issues that face the Indian mining industry today. The text is punctuated with examples of Indian deposits, balanced with classical deposits around the world, to cater to the interests of Indian students and the international readership. This is a book for advanced undergraduate and post-graduate students of Geology, Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management.

Economic Geology

Author: Walter L. Pohl
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 144439486X
Format: PDF, Docs
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Humanity’s ever-increasing hunger for mineral raw materials, caused by a growing global population and ever increasing standards of living, has resulted in economic geology becoming a subject of urgent importance. This book provides a broad panorama of mineral deposits, covering their origin and geological characteristics, the principles of the search for ores and minerals, and the investigation of newly found deposits. Practical and environmental issues that arise during the life cycle of a mine and after its closure are addressed, with an emphasis on sustainable and "green" mining. The central scientific theme of the book is to place the extraordinary variability of mineral deposits in the frame of fundamental geological processes. The book is written for earth science students and practicing geologists worldwide. Professionals in administration, resource development, mining, mine reclamation, metallurgy, and mineral economics will also find the text valuable. Economic Geology is a fully revised translation of the the fifth edition of the German language text Mineralische und Energie-Rohstoffe. Additional resources for this book can be found at: The author's website can be found at: