Inspections and Reports on Dwellings

Author: Ian A. Melville
Publisher: Gulf Professional Publishing
ISBN: 9780728204478
Format: PDF, ePub
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Identifying the age of a property is a fundamental step in understanding its form of construction and in being prepared to differentiate between the characteristic defects of that age of property and defects which are more unusual and may warrant particular care in investigation and assessment. This second edition of Inspections and Reports on Dwellings: Assessing Age updates the market context within which surveyors and valuers are now operating. In particular it has a new section on post-2000 properties, reflecting the profound impact of Government policies and environmental concerns on the modern urban landscape. The book is divided into thirteen age bands with over seventy color photographs of dwellings for each period. A commentary on each age band outlines the social, environmental and technical influences on properties being built at the time, helping to explain why they look as they do. A broad range of dwellings is covered: large and small, private and public sector, old and new, and particular features which help to place a dwelling within one of the defined periods are highlighted in comments on the photographs. This book is intended for all those engaged in inspecting dwellings, whether experienced, newly qualified or studying for appropriate qualifications to become members of professional institutions.

Inspections and Reports on Dwellings

Author: Philip Santo
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1136021299
Format: PDF, Docs
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With the introduction of Home Information Packs and Home Condition Reports house buying is being revolutionised! This second book in the series of four, following Inspections and Reports on Dwellings: Assessing Age, covers the entire field of inspecting dwellings, from ascertaining the clients’ requirements, setting the instructions by way of agreeing the Conditions of Engagement for any one of the five types of report envisaged as being covered by the series, to the physical inspection itself. Desirable attributes in the surveyor are discussed – qualifications, necessary insurance cover, both in respect of liability for his work and his own person, together with his fees. Court cases determining the scope and level of inspection are given full consideration and there is a concentration on ascertaining, particularly in regard to age, the materials and forms of construction that make up each part of a dwelling, the structure, finishes, services and surroundings and its condition, all by means of sight, sound, feel and smell.

Principles of Home Inspection

Author: Carson Dunlop
Publisher: Dearborn Real Estate
ISBN: 9780793179510
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The inspection of insulation and ventilation systems is particularly challenging because so little of the systems can be seen. This text discusses how insulation, air/vapor barriers and ventilations systems work to keep houses comfortable and structurally sound. Basics of heat transfer and vapor movement are covered first to lay the groundwork for discussion of insulation and ventilation materials, systems, and applications. Thorough treatment of venting living spaces is provided, including balanced ventilation systmes and heat recovery ventilators (HRV's).

Audit and Inspection of Local Authorities

Author: Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Communities and Local Government Committee
Publisher: The Stationery Office
ISBN: 9780215560384
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Local authority control of audit and performance provides opportunities to improve value for money and to focus more closely on local priorities. However, there are significant risks to accountability for public money unless new legal and practical arrangements are put in place to uphold the vital principle of auditor independence. Until now the Audit Commission has been the regulator, commissioner and major provider of local government audit services (undertaking 70% of the local government audit and commissioning the remaining 30% under contract from five private audit firms). Under the changes proposed, local government will in future appoint their own auditors. The Government plans to introduce a public audit bill in the autumn. The Committee argues this legislation must set out a number of key principles to govern public audit arrangements in the future: strict adherence to the principle of auditor independence; a majority of independent members on any local audit committee; additional safeguards to ensure the continued effectiveness of public interest reporting; a proportionate and risk based approach to the scope of local government audit - to permit local innovation and application, particularly with regards to local value for money work. The Committee also welcomes the LGA's proposals for sector-led performance management, but calls on the Government to clarify arrangements for intervention in the exceptional cases of serious corporate or service failure. It also repeats its call for the Government to examine the contribution which robust local government scrutiny arrangements could make to improving local government performance.

The Confident House Hunter

Author: Dylan Chalk
Publisher: Cedar Fort
ISBN: 1462126782
Format: PDF, Docs
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With a zillion houses out there, home inspector Dylan Chalk will help you find your perfect home in the midst of imperfection. Chalk weaves over a decade of home inspection experience into stories and tips with helpful pictures, teaching homebuyers and real estate professionals how to look at and understand houses like a pro. - Learn to see through the fresh paint, staging, and beauty bark - Understand what constitutes the bones of a house - Develop strategies for sorting and comparing houses - Prepare yourself for the home-buying process - Find the house that’s right for YOU