Integrated Construction Information

Author: M. Betts
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135819998
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The construction industry is an information-intensive sector and low levels of productivity are often blamed on inadequate integration of information. This book shows how the different types and sources of information can be integrated to benefit individual construction projects, construction companies and in the construction industry at world-wide level.

Integrated Building Information Modelling

Author: Peng Wu
Publisher: Bentham Science Publishers
ISBN: 1681084570
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Building information modelling (BIM) is a set of interacting policies, processes and technologies that generates a methodology to manage the essential building design and project data in digital format throughout the building's life cycle. BIM, makes explicit, the interdependency that exists between structure, architectural layout and mechanical, electrical and hydraulic services by technologically coupling project organizations together. Integrated Building Information Modelling is a handbook on BIM courses, standards and methods used in different regions (Including UK, Africa and Australia). 13 chapters outline essential information about integrated BIM practices such as the BIM in site layout plan, BIM in construction product management, building life cycle assessment, quantity surveying and BIM in hazardous gas monitoring projects while also presenting information about useful BIM tool and case studies. The book is a useful handbook for engineering management professionals and trainees involved in BIM practice.

Computer Integrated Construction

Author: H. Wagter
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0444598855
Format: PDF
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The contributions in this volume portray, in terms of the current state of the art, research on computer-aided construction in the building industry. A complete overview is given within the areas of computer-aided design, product modelling in construction, and robot-oriented design and construction together with a summary of the commercial developments in computerized systems within those areas. The papers will be essential reading for all those interested in future automation in relation to the building construction industry with the accent on design and engineering.

Computer Integrated Building Design

Author: Tim Cornick
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 113582259X
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Computer-Integrated Building Design is an accessible guide to the principles and applications of computer-integrated systems as applied to construction management. It describes current research, development and application of CAD related tools and techniques to the building design process and demonstrates the methods necessary to achieve knowledge-sharing in building design.

Modeling Computer Integrated Construction Site Management

Author: Jae Ho Lee
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Abstract: Construction is one of the most information-dependent industries compared to other sectors. Computers have been used to improve the efficiency of management in most businesses including the construction industry. Treating information efficiently is the key to maintaining an edge over competitors and for success in business. However, in order to succeed, companies must choose a management system that is most suited to their operations. The difficulty about computerization in civil engineering is that the construction industry does not have trained IT experts with Civil engineering or Management background. Although there are many computer applications for project management, almost all the applications required some form of manual modification for updating information. -- In a construction project, time and accurate information is vitally important in order to accomplish scheduled completion. A small change in plan costs money and time in both the traditional methods as well as current IT applications. The main reason is that there is no direct link between the head office and the regional site office and there is no "quick" link between site office and site engineers who are out in the field for most of the time. This study proposes the design of an information transfer system to improve construction site management. A Web-based Construction Site Management system called "WCSM" will be developed. WCSM incorporates some major features including: Integration of Web technology and mobile computing into construction site management and automatic project schedule updates. -- The performance of WCSM is evaluated through virtual simulations, and comparisons with other relevant applications are reported. These evaluations showed that WCSM required significantly less time, for initial project set up and modifications during project implementation, when compared to MS Project and Micro Planner.^ V.

Computer Integrated Construction Project Scheduling

Author: John Buttelwerth
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780131114654
Format: PDF, Docs
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Written in a style that is meant to be open and inviting to the reader with shorter paragraphs and interesting illustrations, this book provides a single source comprehensive examination of construction project scheduling. Content begins with introducing concepts of the construction industry to provide the necessary framework and background, then fully discusses planning and scheduling topics in detail. It offers extensively reviewed coverage on the most current version of SureTrak Software, thorough coverage of manual network diagramming and CPM calculations, and has built into it a capstone project. The book includes an abundance of real world examples of numerous scheduling exercises—including 17 pages of full-size drawings and schedules that are part of the exercises. Additionally, the information is presented modularly in such a way that it can be customized to fit any learning situation. Covers planning and scheduling including the determination of project activities, logic, and durations; drawing precedence network diagrams and manually calculating CPM schedules; creating and updating computer-generated schedules and schedule reports. Well suited to be used as a guide or reference by construction practitioners such as Project managers, Superintendents, and Construction managers.

Applications of Information Technology in Construction

Author: J. W. S. Maxwell
Publisher: Thomas Telford
ISBN: 9780727716538
Format: PDF, ePub
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Information technology (IT) aims to satisfy many and varying information needs. Thereby different strategy options can be appraised, better informed decisions can be made and business objectives achieved more efficiently. Authors from the private and public sectors as well as from academic institutions, present examples from established systems ranging from planning and design, through to construction and maintenance management. This book provides engineers and managers - whether they are currently involved in IT or are considering introducing it into their workplace - with an appreciation of the technololgy currently in use throughout the construction industry around the world.

BIM Handbook

Author: Rafael Sacks
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119287553
Format: PDF, ePub
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Discover BIM: A better way to build better buildings Building Information Modeling (BIM) offers a novel approach to design, construction, and facility management in which a digital representation of the building product and process is used to facilitate the exchange and interoperability of information in digital format. BIM is beginning to change the way buildings look, the way they function, and the ways in which they are designed and built. The BIM Handbook, Third Edition provides an in-depth understanding of BIM technologies, the business and organizational issues associated with its implementation, and the profound advantages that effective use of BIM can provide to all members of a project team. Updates to this edition include: Information on the ways in which professionals should use BIM to gain maximum value New topics such as collaborative working, national and major construction clients, BIM standards and guides A discussion on how various professional roles have expanded through the widespread use and the new avenues of BIM practices and services A wealth of new case studies that clearly illustrate exactly how BIM is applied in a wide variety of conditions Painting a colorful and thorough picture of the state of the art in building information modeling, the BIM Handbook, Third Edition guides readers to successful implementations, helping them to avoid needless frustration and costs and take full advantage of this paradigm-shifting approach to construct better buildings that consume fewer materials and require less time, labor, and capital resources.

International Symposium for the Organization and Management of Construction Managing construction information

Author: D. A. Langford
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 0419222502
Format: PDF, Docs
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The proceedings of the CIB W65 Symposium on the Organization and Management of Construction conference are presented here and in the companion volumes as state-of-the-art papers documenting research and innovative practice in the field of construction. The volumes cover four broad themes: business management, project management, risk management, IT development and applications. Each volume is organized to provide easy reference so that the practitioner can speedily extract up to date information and knowledge about the global construction industry. Managing the Construction Enterprise (Volume One):Covers the firm and its business environment, markets and marketing, human resource management strategic planning, and quality management. Managing the Construction Project (Volume Two):focuses upon productivity, procurement, international projects and human issues in relation to management performance of construction organisations. Managing Risk (Volume Two):incorporates discussion of risk away from regulation by government and those safety risks inherent in the construction process. Managing Construction Information (Volume Three, published in conjunction with Construct IT Centre of Excellence):incorporates material on information systems and methods, application of IT to the design and construction processes and how IT theory and applications are best transmitted to students and practitioners. The work represents a collation of wide ranging ideas and theory about construction and how research has contributed to the development of the industry on a global application of research to the problems of the construction industry.