International Arbitration in the Energy Sector

Author: Maxi Scherer
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0192528319
Format: PDF, Docs
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Disputes in the energy and natural resources sector are at the heart of international arbitration. With more arbitrations arising in the international energy sector than in any other sector, it is not surprising that the highest valued awards in the history of arbitration come from energy-related arbitrations. Energy disputes often involve complex and controversial issues relating to security, sovereignty, and public welfare. International Arbitration in the Energy Sector puts international energy disputes into a global context, providing broad coverage of different forms and systems of dispute resolution across both renewable and non-renewable sectors. With contributions from leading practitioners, arbitrators, academics, and industry experts from across the globe, the eighteen chapters in the book enable readers to compare the approaches to, and learnings from, energy arbitrations across various legal systems and geographic regions. After outlining the international energy arbitration legal framework, the text delves into a detailed analysis of the problems which regularly arise in practice. These include, among other things, commercial disputes in Part I (e.g. over the upstream oil sector and long-term gas supply contracts), investor-state disputes in Part II (e.g. under the Energy Charter Treaty), and public international law disputes in Part III (e.g. concerning international boundaries and the distribution of natural resources). Alongside recent developments in the international energy sector, attention is given to climate and sustainable development disputes, which raise important questions about enforcing sustainability objectives on individuals, corporations, and states. Backed by analyses of arbitral awards, national court and international tribunal decisions, treaties, and other international legal instruments, as well as current events and news in the energy industry, this text offers a unique contribution to international energy literature and provides insightful commentary on the prevalent issues in the field. It is essential reading for any practitioner or researcher in the energy and natural resources sector.

Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Energy Sector

Author: Association for International Arbitration
Publisher: Maklu
ISBN: 9046602672
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In a world held in the grip of economic downfall - with increasing scarcity of energy supplies, plummeting oil prices, rising intra-state energy transit, protectionist natural resources policies, and growing environmental concerns - time and cost are not to be underestimated factors in the choice of a suiting dispute resolution method. This book covers the hot topics related to the Energy Charter Treaty, not only from a theoretical point of view, but also from practical experiences in France, the UK, and Belgium. Moreover, this publication is original in that it addresses the issue of soft law in investment arbitration and includes a fictional case elaborating on the influence of different interest groups in energy disputes.

The Development of International Arbitration on Bilateral Investment Treaties

Author: Zeynep Akgul
Publisher: Universal-Publishers
ISBN: 1599426692
Format: PDF, Docs
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This dissertation analyses developments of international arbitration on investment disputes. Recent years, there has been an extraordinary increase in the number of investment arbitration for breach of Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs). These treaties include substantive and procedural rules to provide investment security and investment neutrality to foreign investor. In particular, most BITs have investor-state dispute settlement provision which allows investors to sue host states directly. Through analyzing the Turkish BIT experience, this study concludes that there are different approaches that utilized in various investor-state dispute settlement provisions. Thus, the wording of these provisions is important. Furthermore, the ICSID arbitration is mostly incorporated into BITs dispute settlement provisions since the ICSID arbitration has an effective system and different characteristics from other types of international commercial arbitration. This dissertation examines not only the main features of the ICSID, but also the recent amendments made to the ICSID arbitration rules. Finally, after analyzing the concluded and pending ICSID cases against Turkey regarding energy sector, this study concludes that the ICSID has an important role for the development of the international arbitration on investment disputes.

Arbitration in the International Energy Industry

ISBN: 9781787422247
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The international energy industry frequently gives rise to complex, high-value disputes. As economic and commercial circumstances change, joint venture partners may disagree over operations, sellers and buyers may manoeuvre to amend pricing terms and states may seek to improve their take from investment projects. Any of these outcomes can have significant consequences for the long-term prospects of companies operating in the sector. These are just some of the issues covered by this title, which provides a practical, user-friendly overview of the essentials of international arbitration in the energy industry. Leading practitioners from international law firms and global companies consider, among other things, the effective drafting of arbitration clauses, how to keep international arbitration affordable, gas price arbitrations, EPC and construction arbitrations, investment treaty disputes under the Energy Charter Treaty, third party funding in international arbitration and enforcement of arbitral awards. Edited by Ronnie King, Tokyo Managing Partner and international arbitration expert at international law firm Ashurst LLP, this title will be of practical value for all lawyers advising in the energy industry, and for others who have an interest in the important issues discussed.

Dispute Resolution in the Energy Sector

Author: Ronnie King
Publisher: Globe Law & Business
ISBN: 9781905783625
Format: PDF
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This title provides a practical, user-friendly overview of the essentials of dispute resolution in the energy industry. Leading practitioners from international law firms and global companies consider, among other things, the drafting of dispute resolution clauses, the effective use of international arbitration, the management of large-scale energy disputes, and the development of case law in oil and gas disputes, construction disputes, environmental disputes and disputes arising in the renewables and nuclear sectors."

Gerichtsverfahren zwischen Gerechtigkeit und konomie

Author: Uwe Blaurock
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
ISBN: 9783161488191
Format: PDF, Docs
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English summary: One of the most important aspects of law is the organization of dispute settlement procedures and the guarantee of legal protection by the state. If barriers are to be found here, substantive law will be of no avail. Such obstacles can be of a financial, a bureaucratic or an organizational nature. Finding a pragmatic balance between an effective guarantee of the law on the one hand and the limitations of public funds on the other hand as well as between legal tradition and modern efficiency is one of the main tasks of legal policy today. At the 11th Meeting of German and French Jurists in 2004, the problems in these areas were discussed from the standpoint of history, civil law, labor law, administrative law, fiscal law and arbitration and solutions to these problems were sought. German description: Einer der wichtigsten Gesichtspunkte des Rechts ist die Organisation von Streitbeilegungsverfahren und die Gewahrung von Rechtsschutz durch den Staat. Das materielle Recht lauft leer, wenn hier Barrieren bestehen. Solche konnen finanzieller Art sein, aber auch burokratischer oder organisatorischer Art, wobei insbesondere unterschiedliche Zustandigkeiten zu Blockaden fuhren konnen. Hier einen pragmatischen Ausgleich zwischen effektiver Rechtsgewahrung einerseits und den Begrenzungen offentlicher Haushalte andererseits sowie zwischen Rechtstraditionen und moderner Effizienz zu finden, ist eine der zentralen Aufgaben der heutigen Rechtspolitik. Dabei ergeben sich Schwierigkeiten insbesondere aus dem Bestreben nach Einzelfallgerechtigkeit einerseits und den okonomischen Zwangen andererseits. Die sinnvolle Verwendung der knappen Ressource Recht in den einzelnen Gerichtsbarkeiten ist ein Problem, mit dem sich die Justizverwaltungen sowohl in Deutschland als auch in Frankreich auseinanderzusetzen haben.Beim 11. deutsch-franzosischen Juristentreffen 2004 wurden die hier bestehenden Schwierigkeiten aus historischer, zivilrechtlicher, arbeitsrechtlicher, verwaltungsrechtlicher, steuerrechtlicher und schiedsrichterlicher Sicht erortert und Losungen gesucht. Der Sammelband enthalt die Referate des Kolloquiums sowie eine Gesamtwurdigung der Losungsansatze.

Investment Treaty Arbitration and International Law Volume 7

Author: Ian A. Laird
Publisher: Juris Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1937518418
Format: PDF, ePub
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Is it Time for a Regime Change? Protecting International Energy Investments against Political Risk. The 2013 seventh annual Juris investment arbitration conference put in issue the special role of international energy projects in the development of investor-state arbitration. It is currently one of the most active sectors of investor-state arbitration. The “facts” of the energy sector therefore are particularly well-developed in international jurisprudence. The similarities in the applicable law of investment protection between the energy sector and other sectors tend to hide from view what our panelists repeatedly uncovered: it is the facts of energy disputes that significantly set them apart. The concerns of sovereign dominion over national energy production and the protection of foreign investors in the energy sector against stranding large investments served as a key point of departure for discussions. The four questions that the Conference addressed include: The Energy Sector, Investment Arbitration and the ECT: Carving out a Special Regime? Energy Contracts and BITS – Is it Fair and Equitable to be Under the Umbrella? Mulitparty Investor Disputes in the Energy Sector – Preclusion, Consolidation or Free-For-All? Measure by Measure? Calculating Damages in Energy Disputes The discussion and debate that followed is provided in this book and sure to be of tremendous value to the international business lawyer, litigation specialist or trade and investment law policy expert.