International Organizations as Self directed Actors

Author: Joel E. Oestreich
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415782910
Format: PDF, Docs
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This exciting new text illustrates and advances the argument that International Organizations (IOs) need to be taken seriously as actors in world affairs. Bringing together an international line-up of distinguished contributors, the text examines recent theories that suggest how IOs are able to set their own policies and implement them in meaningful ways. The chapters review these theoretical positions and then present a series of case studies which focus on how these theories play out when IOs are charged with solving global problems: including development, peacekeeping and environmental policy coordination. Examining and analysing both positive and negative examples of this independence, this text is a valuable resource on the topic of the internal workings of IOs, providing the richest and most focused textbook so far dealing with the capacity of IOs for independent action in international politics. It is essential reading for all students of international organizations.

Verwaltungsautonomie in internationalen Organisationen

Author: Jörn Ege
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3658126892
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Jörn Ege untersucht die Autonomie der Sekretariate von internationalen Regierungsorganisationen (IOs) aus einer vergleichenden Perspektive. Mit Fokus auf die internen Strukturen, Kompetenzen und Ressourcen dieser „internationalen Bürokratien“ unterzieht er die Verwaltungsautonomie in 16 IOs einer vergleichenden Untersuchung. Der Autor macht die wesentlichen Unterschiede in der Verwaltungsautonomie sichtbar und kommt zu dem Ergebnis, dass autonome Verwaltungen einer stärkeren politischen Kontrolle unterliegen als Verwaltungen mit geringer Autonomie. Die Identifikation bürokratischer Einflusspotenziale zeigt schließlich wichtige Anknüpfungspunkte für Fragen der Legitimität und Effektivität von Verwalten und Regieren jenseits des Nationalstaates auf.

International Organizations in World Politics

Author: Tamar Gutner
Publisher: CQ Press
ISBN: 1483355055
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This timely new title examines the importance and impact of major international organizations and their role in global governance. International Organizations in World Politics focuses on the most influential IOs, including the United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and World Trade Organization. For each organization, author Tamar Gutner describes their birth and evolution, governance structure, activities, and performance. A second chapter on each organization presents a case study that illuminates the constraints and challenges each IO faces. Regional organizations and issues are also examined, including the European Union and the euro crisis, as well as a case study on the African Union’s peace operations.

The politics of global regulation

Author: Walter Mattli
Publisher: Princeton Univ Pr
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Regulation by public and private organizations can be hijacked by special interests or small groups of powerful firms, and nowhere is this easier than at the global level. In whose interest is the global economy being regulated? Under what conditions can global regulation be made to serve broader interests? This is the first book to examine systematically how and why such hijacking or "regulatory capture" happens, and how it can be averted. Walter Mattli and Ngaire Woods bring together leading experts to present an analytical framework to explain regulatory outcomes at the global level and offer a series of case studies that illustrate the challenges of a global economy in which many institutions are less transparent and are held much less accountable by the media and public officials than are domestic institutions. They explain when and how global regulation falls prey to regulatory capture, yet also shed light on the positive regulatory changes that have occurred in areas including human rights, shipping safety, and global finance. This book is a wake-up call to proponents of network governance, self-regulation, and the view that technocrats should be left to regulate with as little oversight as possible. In addition to the editors, the contributors are Kenneth Abbott, Samuel Barrows, Judith L. Goldstein, Eric Helleiner, Miles Kahler, David A. Lake, Kathryn Sikkink, Duncan Snidal, Richard H. Steinberg, and David Vogel.

Global Civil Society 2011

Author: H. Seckinelgin
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230303803
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Global Civil Society 2011 combines activist and academic accounts of contemporary struggles to promote, negotiate and deliver justice in a global frame without a central authority. In their engagement with cultural diversity and their networked communication the contributors rethink and remake justice beyond the confines of the nation state.