Introduction To Commutative Algebra

Author: M. F. Atiyah
Publisher: Westview Press
ISBN: 9780813345444
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book grew out of a course of lectures given to third year undergraduates at Oxford University and it has the modest aim of producing a rapid introduction to the subject. It is designed to be read by students who have had a first elementary course in general algebra. On the other hand, it is not intended as a substitute for the more voluminous tracts such as Zariski-Samuel or Bourbaki. We have concentrated on certain central topics, and large areas, such as field theory, are not touched. In content we cover rather more ground than Northcott and our treatment is substantially different in that, following the modern trend, we put more emphasis on modules and localization.

An Algebraic Introduction to Complex Projective Geometry

Author: Christian Peskine
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521480727
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In this introduction to commutative algebra, the author choses a route that leads the reader through the essential ideas, without getting embroiled in technicalities. He takes the reader quickly to the fundamentals of complex projective geometry, requiring only a basic knowledge of linear and multilinear algebra and some elementary group theory. The author divides the book into three parts. In the first, he develops the general theory of noetherian rings and modules. He includes a certain amount of homological algebra, and he emphasizes rings and modules of fractions as preparation for working with sheaves. In the second part, he discusses polynomial rings in several variables with coefficients in the field of complex numbers. After Noether's normalization lemma and Hilbert's Nullstellensatz, the author introduces affine complex schemes and their morphisms; he then proves Zariski's main theorem and Chevalley's semi-continuity theorem. Finally, the author's detailed study of Weil and Cartier divisors provides a solid background for modern intersection theory. This is an excellent textbook for those who seek an efficient and rapid introduction to the geometric applications of commutative algebra.


Author: Michael Artin
Publisher: Birkhäuser
ISBN: 9783764359386
Format: PDF, ePub
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Important though the general concepts and propositions may be with which the modem and industrious passion for axiomatizing and generalizing has presented us, in algebra perhaps more than anywhere else, nevertheless I am convinced that the special problems in all their complexity constitute the stock and core of mathematics, and that to master their difficulties requires on the whole the harder labor. HERMANN WEYL Die Arbeit an diesem Buch begann vor etwa zwanzig Jahren mit Aufzeichnungen zur Ergänzung meiner Algebravorlesungen. Ich wollte einige konkrete Themen, wie Symmetrie, lineare Gruppen und quadratische Zahlkörper, ausführlicher be­ handeln als dies im vorgesehenen Text der Fall war, und darüberhinaus wollte ich den Schwerpunkt in der Gruppentheorie von den Permutationsgruppen auf Matrixgruppen verlagern. Ein anderes ständig wiederkehrendes Thema, nämlich Gitter, sind spontan aufgetaucht. Ich hoffte, der konkrete Stoff könne das Interesse der Studenten wecken und gleichzeitig die Abstraktionen verständlicher machen, kurz gesagt, sie sollten weiter kommen, indem sie beides gleichzeitig lernten. Das bewährte sich gut. Es dauerte einige Zeit, bis ich entschieden hatte, welche Themen ich behandeln wollte, und allmählich verteilte ich mehr und mehr Aufzeichnungen und ging schließlich dazu über, die ganze Vorlesung mit diesem Skript zu bestrei­ ten. Auf diese Weise ist ein Buch entstanden, das, wie ich meine, etwas anders ist als die existierenden Bücher. Allerdings haben mir die Probleme, die ich damit hatte, die einzelnen Teile des Buches zu einem Ganzen zusammenzufügen, einige Kopfschmerzen bereitet; ich kann also nicht empfehlen, auf diese Art anzufangen, ein Buch zu schreiben.

Using the Mathematics Literature

Author: Kristine K. Fowler
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780824750350
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This reference serves as a reader-friendly guide to every basic tool and skill required in the mathematical library and helps mathematicians find resources in any format in the mathematics literature. It lists a wide range of standard texts, journals, review articles, newsgroups, and Internet and database tools for every major subfield in mathematics and details methods of access to primary literature sources of new research, applications, results, and techniques. Using the Mathematics Literature is the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource on mathematics literature in both print and electronic formats, presenting time-saving strategies for retrieval of the latest information.

A Singular Introduction to Commutative Algebra

Author: Gert-Martin Greuel
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3662049635
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book can be understood as a model for teaching commutative algebra, and takes into account modern developments such as algorithmic and computational aspects. As soon as a new concept is introduced, the authors show how the concept can be worked on using a computer. The computations are exemplified with the computer algebra system Singular, developed by the authors. Singular is a special system for polynomial computation with many features for global as well as for local commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. The book includes a CD containing Singular as well as the examples and procedures explained in the book.

Introduction to Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

Author: Ernst Kunz
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780817630652
Format: PDF, Kindle
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It has been estimated that, at the present stage of our knowledge, one could give a 200 semester course on commutative algebra and algebraic geometry without ever repeating himself. So any introduction to this subject must be highly selective. I first want to indicate what point of view guided the selection of material for this book. This introduction arose from lectures for students who had taken a basic course in algebra and could therefore be presumed to have a knowledge of linear algebra, ring and field theory, and Galois theory. The present text shouldn't require much more. In the lectures and in this text I have undertaken with the fewest possible auxiliary means to lead up to some recent results of commutative algebra and algebraic geometry concerning the representation of algebraic varieties as in tersections of the least possible number of hypersurfaces and- a closely related problem-with the most economical generation of ideals in Noetherian rings. The question of the equations needed to describe an algebraic variety was addressed by Kronecker in 1882. In the 1940s it was chiefly Perron who was interested in this question; his discussions with Severi made the problem known and contributed to sharpening the rei event concepts. Thanks to the general progress of commutative algebra many beautiful results in this circle of questions have been obtained, mainly after the solution of Serre's problem on projective modules. Because of their relatively elementary character they are especially suitable for an introduction to commutative algebra.

Elementare Algebraische Geometrie

Author: Klaus Hulek
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3834823481
Format: PDF
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Dieses Buch gibt eine Einführung in die Algebraische Geometrie. Ziel ist es, die grundlegenden Begriffe und Techniken der algebraischen Geometrie zusammen mit einer Reihe von Beispielen darzustellen.