Screening Reality

Author: Steve Wharton
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783039100668
Format: PDF
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Between 1940 and 1944 in German-occupied France, the previously disregarded documentary or "film de complement" took on a new and more prominent role for cinema audiences. Film programmes were obliged for the first time to show documentaries as well as the main feature. Vichy Government support and encouragement made documentary a vehicle for the palatable promotion of policy whilst ostensibly appearing neutral and didactic. Key to this task was the fostering of a climate in which documentary film could be appreciated in its own right, and so it was that special series of high quality documentaries were screened first in Paris and then across France. In 1943 a Government-sponsored Documentary Film Congress acknowledged that these screenings were - au service de la France et du Marechal -. This book relates the films to their historical context with reference to other propaganda materials of the period, to indicate how this might have been achieved."

Church on the Couch

Author: Elaine Martens Hamilton
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310314267
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Though most church leaders crave authenticity in their congregations, most also know it is an elusive goal. People by nature are self-protective. And although the gospel message that we are all sinners saved by grace ought to make people more real, the truth is many of our churches are plagued by fakeness. This inauthenticity hinders spiritual and emotional health and maturity. So what’s a church leader to do?The key, says Elaine Hamilton, is to go beyond talking about doing things differently. We have to act and live differently. It begins with leaders; the people will follow. We need to tell the truth about who we really are, and then provide forums for others to do the same. Church on the Couch helps you take practical steps toward changing the culture of your church. As the masks come off, the healing and growth will begin.

Caring for Our Lizard

Author: Anne Richards
Publisher: Creative Teaching Press
ISBN: 9781574713077
Format: PDF, Docs
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Shows young readers what is required for a pet lizard to survive and thrive.

Human Dignity and the Foundations of International Law

Author: Patrick Capps
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847318061
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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International lawyers have often been interested in the link between their discipline and the foundational issues of jurisprudential method, but little that is systematic has been written on this subject. In this book, an attempt is made to fill this gap by focusing on issues of concept-formation in legal science in general with a view to their application to the specific concerns of international law. In responding to these issues, the author argues that public international law seeks to establish and institutionalise a system of authoritative judgment whereby the conditions by which a community of states can co-exist and co-operate are ensured. A state, in turn, must be understood as ultimately deriving legitimacy from the pursuit of the human dignity of the community it governs, as well as the dignity of those human beings and states affected by its actions in international relations. This argument is in line with a long and now resurgent Kantian tradition in legal and political philosophy. The book shows how this approach is reflected in accepted paradigm cases of international law, such as the United Nations Charter. It then explains how this approach can provide insights into the theoretical foundations of these accepted paradigms, including our understanding of the sources of international law, international legal personality and the design of global institutions.

Prairie Hills

Author: Susan May Warren
Publisher: Barbour Books
ISBN: 9781602604094
Format: PDF
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Three women challenge their historically meek and needy roles...but will doing so deafen them to the call of romance?

Infection Control

Author: George Allen
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
ISBN: 9780735563209
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Infection Control: A Practical Guide for Health Care Facilities is the one source that provides you with everything you need to implement a proper infection-control program in a wide variety of health care settings - and stay up to speed with developments on both the legal and medical sides. This highly practical resource delivers: A comprehensive - and valuable - overview of proper infection prevention, surveillance, and control activities in an easily retrievable format Practical tools for effectively and efficiently administering an infection control program Ready-to-use policies and procedures essential to the infection prevention and control function Numerous related resources such as disease fact sheets, position descriptions, job-specific competency statements, and performance programs Infection Control supplies the practical tools and proven guidance that enable you to immediately: Establish a new infection control program and properly manage an existing one Stay completely up to date with national standards and relevant policies Access proven solutions to common infection-control problems Follow practical advice on daily, area-specific infection-control concerns (operating room, dialysis, etc.) from experienced infection control practitioners Quickly and efficiently develop infection control job description and evaluation protocols Infection Control has been updated to include new chapters on Infection Preventionist's Guide to Managing Conflict and Managing the Sterile Processing Department, as well as new exhibits, including: CDC Position and Messages on Single-Dose/Single-Use Vials Safety Management Plan Security Management Plan Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Plan Medical Equipment Management Plan Facilities Maintenance and Infection Control Common SPD Terms Sample Table of Organization Worksheet: Average Time for Instrument and Equipment Pickup Questions to Promote Quality in the SPD Suggested Daily Functions of the Quality Assignment Employee Instrument Inspection Checklist: Basic Hemostat Selection Criteria for Wrappers Evaluation Criteria for Rigid Containers Autoclave Testing And more! Infection Control is authored by George Allen, PhD, CIC, CNOR, Director of Infection Control at Downstate Medical Center Brooklyn NY. Dr. Allen was recently presented with the 2010 APIC NY Chapter Infection Control Champion Award.

Revenue Law

Author: David Salter
Publisher: Bloomsbury Professional
ISBN: 9781847660848
Format: PDF
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As a new supplementary student title to Revenue Law: Principles and Practice (25th Edition), this title takes the basic principles of UK revenue law, analyzes them, and reproduces extracts from UK cases, books, journals, and reports. Contents includes: the characteristics of a good tax system; taxation and human rights; categories of income; tax credits; trusts and estate income; and inheritance tax.