Jack Hill

Author: Calum Waddell
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786452889
Format: PDF, ePub
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Jack Hill stands as one of the great B-movie directors and influenced an aspiring filmmaker named Quentin Tarantino. The director who gave the world Coffy, Foxy Brown, Spider Baby, Switchblade Sisters and other exploitation classics broke gender and racial barriers in his low-budget work. He launched the careers of Pam Grier, Ellen Burstyn and Sid Haig and worked with Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney in the twilight of their careers. This filmography covers all of Jack Hill’s works. Each entry offers alternate titles, cast, credits, a plot summary, extensive critical information, quotes, and an interview with Jack Hill about that particular film.

Beyond Blaxploitation

Author: Novotny Lawrence
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
ISBN: 0814340776
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Beyond Blaxploitation, the first book-length anthology of scholarly work on blaxploitation film, sustains the momentum that blaxploitation scholarship has recently gained, giving the films an even more prominent place in cinema history. This volume is made up of eleven essays employing historical and theoretical methodologies in the examination of spectatorship, marketing, melodrama, the transition of novel to screenplay, and racial politics and identity, among other significant topics. In doing so, the book fills a substantial gap that exists in the black cinematic narrative and, more broadly, in film history. Beyond Blaxploitation is divided into three sections that feature original essays on a variety of canonical blaxploitation films and others that either influenced the movement or in some form represent a significant extension of it. The first section titled, “From Pioneer to Precursor to Blaxploitation,” centers on three films—Cotton Comes to Harlem, Watermelon Man, and Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song—that ignited the African American film cycle. The second section, “The Canon and the Not so Canon,” is dedicated to forging alternative considerations of some of the most highly regarded blaxploitation films, while also bringing attention to lesser-known films in the movement. The final section, “Was, Is, or Isn’t Blaxploitation,” includes four essays that offer significant insights on films that are generally associated with blaxploitation but contest traditional definitions of the movement. Moreover, this section features chapters that address industrial factors that led to the creation of blaxploitation cinema and highlight the limitations of the term itself. Beyond Blaxploitation is a much-needed pedagogical tool, informing film scholars, critics, and fans alike, about blaxploitation’s richness and complexity.

Female Action Heroes

Author: Gladys L. Knight
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313376123
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book offers 25 profiles of some of the most popular female action heroes throughout the history of film, television, comic books, and video games. * Comprises 25 profiles, arranged alphabetically * 70 sidebars provide additional information on pertinent topics, individuals, and symbols * Includes a chronology of major appearances of the 25 female action heroes in film, television, comic books, and video games, as well as women's fashion trends and major events in women's history * Offers a photograph of each featured, female action hero * Presents a glossary of 39 terms, including female archetypes like "femme fatale" and social movements like "third-wave feminism" * Provides a selected bibliography of books and Internet sites related to the topics of female action heroes, women's history, and media studies

Let Me Tell You How I Really Feel The Uncensored Book Reviews of Classic Images Laura Wagner 2001 2010

Author: Laura Wagner
Publisher: BearManor Media
Format: PDF
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"This is one of the best and most intelligent pieces of film-writing and criticism that I have had in my hands for years." - Steve Kaplan, oldies.com Let Me Tell You How I Really Feel: The Uncensored Book Reviews of Classic Images' Laura Wagner, 2001-2010, gathers together the best of Laura's monthly book reviews from Classic Images magazine - uncensored, as they were meant to be read in the first place. Also included is some of the hate mail she has received because of her hard-core, take-no-prisoners approach to reviewing. The much-beloved Laura Wagner's articles have appeared regularly in Classic Images (www.classicimages.com) and Films of the Golden Age (www.filmsofthegoldenage.com) since 1995. She became the book reviewer for Classic Images in 2001. Laura is the co-author of Killer Tomatoes: 15 Tough Film Dames (McFarland) and contributed a short story to the anthology, It's That Time Again 2!: More New Stories of Old-Time Radio (BearManor Media).

The Cinematography of Roger Corman

Author: Pawel Aleksandrowicz
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 144384361X
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Roger Corman is an ambiguous artistic figure. On the one hand, he is notorious for shooting and producing his films quickly, cheaply and with blatant disregard for safety measures, which, together with his ability to issue a dozen new films every year and his impressive filmography, have earned him the titles of “shlockmeister” and “the King of the B’s” among film journalists. On the other hand, he became the youngest American director to be given a film retrospective at the prestigious Cinématèque Française in Paris, one of his directorial efforts – House of Usher – was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded him with an Academy Honorary Award “for his rich engendering of films and filmmakers.” This book investigates this duality and explores whether Corman is indeed a shlockmeister or an artist whose works are worthy of the highest cinema awards. The scope of analysis is limited to his directorial efforts “only” – still encompassing 50 features – excluding the 400 films he produced. The methodology adopted here is based on the auteur theory in its structuralist version by Geoffrey Nowell-Smith and Peter Wollen, and focuses on three areas of interest: work ethic – personal elements in the films, personal control over and commitment to the production process outside direction; themes – topics and concerns common for many of the films regardless of the genre; and style – recurring stylistic motifs and elements in the camerawork, editing, and framing.

The Cult Film Reader

Author: Mathijs, Ernest
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
ISBN: 0335219233
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"An invaluable collection for anyone researching or teaching cult cinema ... The Cult Film Reader is an authoritative text that should be of value to any student or researcher interested in challenging and transgressive cinema that pushes the boundaries of conventional cinema and film studies." Science Fiction Film and Television "A really impressive and comprehensive collection of the key writings in the field. The editors have done a terrific job in drawing together the various traditions and providing a clear sense of this rich and rewarding scholarly terrain. This collection is as wild and diverse as the films that it covers. Fascinating." Mark Jancovich, Professor of Film and Television Studies, University of East Anglia, UK "It's about time the lunatic fans and loyal theorists of cult movies were treated to a book they can call their own. The effort and knowledge contained in The Cult Film Reader will satisfy even the most ravenous zombie's desire for detail and insight. This book will gnaw, scratch and infect you just like the cult films themselves." Brett Sullivan, Director of Ginger Snaps Unleashed and The Chair "The Cult Film Reader is a great film text book and a fun read." John Landis, Director of The Blues Brothers, An American Werewolf in London and Michael Jackson's Thriller "Excellent overview of the subject, and a comprehensive collection of significant scholarship in the field of cult film. Very impressive and long overdue." Steven Rawle, York St John University, UK Whether defined by horror, kung-fu, sci-fi, sexploitation, kitsch musical or ‘weird world cinema’, cult movies and their global followings are emerging as a distinct subject of film and media theory, dedicated to dissecting the world’s unruliest images. This book is the world’s first reader on cult film. It brings together key works in the field on the structure, form, status, and reception of cult cinema traditions. Including work from key established scholars in the field such as Umberto Eco, Janet Staiger, Jeffrey Sconce, Henry Jenkins, and Barry Keith Grant, as well as new perspectives on the gradually developing canon of cult cinema, the book not only presents an overview of ways in which cult cinema can be approached, it also re-assesses the methods used to study the cult text and its audiences. With editors’ introductions to the volume and to each section, the book is divided into four clear thematic areas of study – The Conceptions of Cult; Cult Case Studies; National and International Cults; and Cult Consumption – to provide an accessible overview of the topic. It also contains an extensive bibliography for further related readings. Written in a lively and accessible style, The Cult Film Reader dissects some of biggest trends, icons, auteurs and periods of global cult film production. Films discussed include Casablanca, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Eraserhead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Showgirls and Ginger Snaps. Essays by: Jinsoo An; Jane Arthurs; Bruce Austin; Martin Barker; Walter Benjamin; Harry Benshoff; Pierre Bourdieu; Noel Carroll; Steve Chibnall; Umberto Eco; Nezih Erdogan; Welch Everman; John Fiske; Barry Keith Grant ; Joan Hawkins; Gary Hentzi; Matt Hills; Ramaswami Harindranath; J.Hoberman; Leon Hunt; I.Q. Hunter; Mark Jancovich; Henry Jenkins; Anne Jerslev; Siegfried Kracauer; Gina Marchetti; Tom Mes; Gary Needham; Sheila J. Nayar; Annalee Newitz; Lawrence O’Toole; Harry Allan Potamkin; Jonathan Rosenbaum; Andrew Ross; David Sanjek; Eric Schaefer; Steven Jay Schneider; Jeffrey Sconce; Janet Staiger; J.P. Telotte; Parker Tyler; Jean Vigo; Harmony Wu

The Superfly Guide to Blaxploitation

Author: Martin McCabe
ISBN: 9781852869441
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A movie-by-movie guide to blaxploitation cinema. There are features on black action cinema's biggest stars, from Pam Grier to Richard Roundtree, as well as coverage of black horror films, musicals and kung fu pictures. The legacy of blaxploitation and its affects on the stars careers are examined.

Jack rechnet ab

Author: Ted Lewis
ISBN: 9783890648163
Format: PDF
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Das inflationär missbrauchte Attribut "Kult" trifft auf dieses Buch tatsächlich zu. Der Provinzflüchtling Jack Carter hat als Handlanger eines Londoner Verbrechersyndikats Karriere gemacht und reist nun zurück nach Hause in ein tristes Industriekaff, um den Tod seines Bruders zu klären. Autor Ted Lewis hat sich von US-Vorbildern wie Hammett und Chandler inspirieren lassen, aber sein Stil ist roher und zugleich einfühlsam und melancholisch. Zum ersten Mal wurde dieser Roman 1970 veröffentlicht, die Verfilmung "Get Carter" mit Michael Caine ist Filmgeschichte. Ein Buch, das mehr Leser verdient als das übliche Kult-Publikum.

Telegraph Avenue

Author: Michael Chabon
Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch
ISBN: 346230769X
Format: PDF, Kindle
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»Ein reicher, gefühlvoller Roman mit dem kultigsten Soundtrack seit High Fidelity« New York Times Nat Jaffe und Archy Stallings führen gemeinsam den kleinen, aber exklusiv bestückten Jazzplattenladen Brokeland Records. Ihre Ehefrauen arbeiten gemeinsam als Hebammen. Der Ärger beginnt, als Gibson Goode, Footballlegende und fünftreichster Schwarzer Amerikas, gleich neben dem Plattenladen einen Megastore eröffnen will.Brokeland Records scheint seltsam aus der Zeit gefallen: Menschen mit Muße und Geschmack treffen sich hier, um über Musik und Jazzlegenden zu fabulieren. Zu den ständigen Gästen gehört neben Jazzmusikern auch Chandler Flowers, Bestattungsunternehmer und Ratsmitglied. Eigentlich müsste er auf Nats und Archys Seite stehen, doch warum setzt er sich nicht für sie ein? Als wäre die Bedrohung seiner Existenz nicht schon genug, bekommt Archy auch noch privaten Ärger. Seine schwangere Frau Gwen findet heraus, dass er fremdgeht, sein abgehalfterter Vater will mal wieder Geld, und dann taucht auch noch ein Junge auf, der sein unehelicher Sohn sein könnte. Die resolute Gwen wiederum kämpft nach einer missglückten Hausgeburt, die sie mit Nats Frau Aviva begleitet hat, gegen arrogante Ärzte, hysterische Väter und überhaupt gegen die Umstände. Ihren Mann setzt sie kurzerhand vor die Tür. Doch wie soll es weitergehen auf der Telegraph Avenue?Ein Roman, der sich einreiht in die großen Werke der amerikanischen Gegenwartsliteratur, eine Komposition, in der Jazz und Blues mitschwingt, ein großer Wurf des Pulitzer-Preisträgers Michael Chabon.