Job Quest

Author: Sheila Markin Nielsen
ISBN: 9780692372777
Format: PDF
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In her book "Job Quest: How to Become the Insider Who Gets Hired," Sheila Markin Nielsen spells out what so many of us already suspected, that people with personal connections, the insiders, have a tremendous advantage when it comes to landing jobs. It's not that daddy pulls the strings. Instead, it is a personal relationship that the job seeker has created with someone known and trusted by the workplace that opens the doors. In this book she tells everyone how to develop the insider advantage for their job searches through a process of rapid relationship and trust building. Ms. Nielsen illuminates the often murky experience that is a relationship-building job search by breaking the process down into a series of concrete, easy-to-follow steps. She uses a game approach and an analogy to a medieval quest to help the reader understand what to look for and how to move forward in the search. She explains what luck has to do with it (and how to create your own), how to prepare for the quest, how to get around the resume-blocking gatekeepers (the dragons who guard the hiring managers), how to find key people to connect with (your knights and wizards), what to say once you connect with them, how to continue building your connections, how to interview, when to start using the word "job," when to go for the close, and how to give back to your connections. She also provides a summary of the four overarching quest concepts, the common pitfalls, a narrative of a successful quest, and appendices with exercises to support the quest. Her advice is direct, practical, and wise, based on over 25 years of professional counseling experience. Job seekers in all stages of their careers will benefit from reading this book. C O N T E N T S About the Author Acknowledgments Introduction: A Surprising Epiphany about How People Really Get Jobs Part I: The Basics Chapter One: The Insider Advantage Chapter Two: What Does Luck Have to Do with It? Chapter Three: Fortune Favors the Prepared Mind Chapter Four: Blueprint for the Quest Part II: Preparation Chapter Five: How to Prepare for Your Quest Part III: Launch Your Quest Chapter Six: Finding the Key People to Connect With Chapter Seven: How to Get Knights and Wizards to Meet with You Chapter Eight: What Happens in Meetings with Knights and Wizards Chapter Nine: Friendship Lite Chapter Ten: Interviews Chapter Eleven: The Tipping Point and the Campaign Phase Part IV: Concepts to Utilize as You Work Your Quest Chapter Twelve: Four Overarching Concepts Chapter Thirteen: Common Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them Chapter Fourteen: A Model Quest Chapter Fifteen: Concluding Remarks Appendices Appendix A: AIMS Assessment Appendix B: AILS Assessment Appendix C: Essential Elements Assessment Appendix D: Skills-based Resume Appendix E: Master List of People and Places Appendix F: Checklist and Guide for Your Job Quest"

In Quest of That Elusive Thing Called a J O B

Author: Solari Jenkins
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1504971140
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In Quest of That Elusive Thing Called a J.O.B. is a book written from an insider’s perspective for intergenerational job seekers. It includes suggestions to properly construct and write a professional resume; how to prepare for job interviews, both one-on-one and panel (including questions that you should be ready for and questions you should ask); how to respond to rejection; and ways to work effectively with search firms and insiders in the staffing/employment arena. You’ll learn to avoid the common mistakes candidates make during and after an interview, you’ll be privy to what companies base their hiring decisions upon, and you’ll know how to overcome the obstacles placed in your path while on your quest for finding and securing that most important goal of your desire—a job!


Author: J. Gerald Janzen
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 0664238777
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Planned and written specifically for teaching and preaching needs, this critically acclaimed biblical commentary is a major contribution to scholarship and ministry.

Financial Aid and Assistance for Ex Offenders

Author: Jennifer Sanders
ISBN: 1411604466
Format: PDF, Docs
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Here it is the Newest Edition - Thanks to all of the feedback and word of mouth advertising, we will be publishing the second version of FAAX by the end of this month! If you know someone that's been incarcerated or is incarcerated this is the book that can change their life after prison!

Career Quest for Young Professionals

Author: Robert Uda
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595402496
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Career Quest for Young Professionals provides strategies and tactics that you can apply in the workplace to maintain a competitive edge over peers. It includes principles, secrets, and ideas for achieving significant accomplishments that win you promotions, raises, awards, perquisites, and choice assignments. Career Quest for Young Professionals will open eyes, cause outside-of-the-box thinking, and promulgate paradigm shifts.Career Quest for Young Professionals: How to Maintain a Competitive Edge Over Your Peers works hand-in-hand with four of Uda's other related books. They are as follows: Career Quest for College Graduates: Developing a Successful Career by Leveraging Each of Your Jobs Career Quest for College Students: Career Development for Those Who Plan to Have a Successful Career Resumes That Pack a Punch! Creating Beefy Bullets That Grab, Hook, and Wow Hiring Managers into Calling You for an Interview What Hue Is Your Bungee Cord? Job Searching Strategies for Those Over 40 Years of Age If you learn, internalize, and apply the principles enclosed in this book, you will traverse the fast track up your company's organization.

Job 28 As Rhetoric

Author: Alison Lo
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9789004133204
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This volume argues that Job 28, as Job's words in its present position, has a special rhetorical function within the whole book, and more specifically within the context of chapters 22-31