Time to Kill A Sniper Novel 6

Author: Donald A Davis
Publisher: Pan
ISBN: 1743513569
Format: PDF, ePub
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A disastrous chain of events is taking place in the Middle East. The Sphinx, a symbol of Egypt's ancient history and power, is blown up by terrorists. A visit to Cairo by Iran's national soccer team ends in a bloodbath. Egyptian missiles sink an Iranian vessel in the Red Sea. The Muslim Brotherhood is on the march, working behind the scenes to provoke a war between Egypt and its powerful neighbor, Iran - a war that would certainly result in an Iranian victory. At stake is nothing less than total control of the Suez Canal through which most of the world's oil flows. Behind the coup is a sinister double agent known only as The Pharoah, whose goal is a fanatic Islamic regime on Israel's borders. To avoid a direct military confrontation with Iran, the U.S. turns to master American sniper Kyle Swanson and his team, Trident. Using ruthlessly accurate targeted kills, they go undercover to teach the Iranian leadership a lesson and prevent a war that could strangle the world's oil supply and cause the death of thousands . . .

The Executioner

Author: Patricia Poulos
ISBN: 9780646123196
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Privately published political pamphlet warning of the destruction being wrought by the 'Executioner', Paul Keating, against the people of Australia.

Tier One Wild

Author: Dalton Fury
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1250018560
Format: PDF, Docs
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New York Times bestselling author and former Delta Force commander Dalton Fury (Black Site and Kill Bin Laden) is back with an explosive new thriller Former disgraced Delta Force commander Kolt "Racer" Raynor has earned his way back into The Unit after redeeming himself during an explosive operation at a black site in Pakistan. But he is about to face his deadliest challenge yet. The most wanted man in the world, American al Qaeda commander Daoud al Amriki, and his handpicked team of terrorist operatives, have acquired stores of Russian-built, shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles (SAM's) from ex-Libyan spies in Cairo. Their mission: infiltrate the United States and take down American aircraft. The country's best are tasked with stopping them. But when a SEAL Team Six mission to take down al Amriki goes wrong, Major Raynor and his Delta Force team find themselves front and center as Amriki and his terrorists work their way closer to America. And time is running out. Dramatic and revealing, Tier One Wild takes readers on an international thrill ride from the black ops nerve center of JSOC to the bloody streets of Cairo in a story only a former Delta Force commander could tell.

Hard Road

Author: J.B. Turner
Publisher: Watkins Media Limited
ISBN: 1909223476
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The first in a series featuring Jon Reznick, covert assassin for the US Government. Since his wife died in the Twin Towers, Jon Reznick, a covert assassin for the US Government, has cared about nothing except his eleven-year-old daughter. But when he's ordered by his handler to kill a man in an exclusive Washington DC hotel, he discovers his intended victim is really a government scientist working on a secretive military project. Reznick is quickly ensnared in an extraordinary web of murder, extortion and double-crosses - and then his daughter's safety is threatened as well. But Jon isn't just up against the shadowy group who want the scientist eliminated. FBI chief Martha Meyerstein wants Reznick captured as well. And soon both Reznick and Meyerstein find themselves in the middle of a terrifying plot by a foreign government to launch a bio-terrorism strike against the United States.

Ryan Kaine on the Run

Author: Kerry Donovan
ISBN: 9781546678090
Format: PDF, Docs
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A passenger plane explodes. Eighty-three people die. One man is responsible.When a routine operation ends in tragedy, decorated ex-Royal Marine, Ryan Kaine, becomes the target of a nationwide manhunt. The police want him on terrorism charges. A sinister organisation wants him dead. Kaine is forced to rely on two women he hardly knows: one, a country vet who treats his wounds, the other an IT expert with a secret of her own.Battling overwhelming guilt, life-threatening injuries, and his own moral code, Kaine hunts the people who turned him into a mass-murderer.Can Kaine's combat skills, instincts, and new-found allies lead him to the truth and redemption?

The Kill Shot

Author: Nichole Christoff
Publisher: Alibi
ISBN: 1101883014
Format: PDF, Docs
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In an explosive thriller for readers of Lee Child, Alex Berenson, and Brad Taylor, P.I. and security specialist Jamie Sinclair finds herself caught in a dangerous game of international cat-and-mouse. Jamie Sinclair’s father has never asked her for a favor in her life. The former two-star general turned senator is more in the habit of giving his only child orders. So when he requests Jamie’s expertise as a security specialist, she can’t refuse—even though it means slamming the brakes on her burgeoning relationship with military police officer Adam Barrett. Just like that, Jamie hops aboard a flight to London with a U.S. State Department courier carrying a diplomatic pouch in an iron grip. Jamie doesn’t have to wait long to put her unique skills to good use. When she and the courier are jumped by goons outside the Heathrow terminal, Jamie fights them off—but the incident puts her on high alert. Someone’s willing to kill for the contents of the bag. Then a would-be assassin opens fire in crowded Covent Garden, and Jamie is stunned to spot a familiar face: Adam Barrett, who saves her life with a single shot and calmly slips away. Jamie’s head—and her heart—tell her that something is very wrong. But she’s come way too far to turn back now. Don’t miss any of Nichole Christoff’s white-knuckle Jamie Sinclair thrillers: THE KILL LIST | THE KILL SHOT | THE KILL BOX | THE KILL SIGN | THE KILL WIRE Praise for The Kill Shot “The adventure begins without delay and with tight writing to keep up the momentum. . . . Thanks to Christoff’s labyrinth-style of intrigue and mystery, the enjoyment is in trying to solve the puzzle. Good luck, because in The Kill Shot, Christoff doesn’t make the adventure a cake walk. She understands how to keep her readers riveted from beginning to end.”—USA Today

Hard Kill

Author: J. B. Turner
Publisher: Angry Robot, Limited
ISBN: 9781909223486
Format: PDF, Kindle
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An American diplomat goes missing and ex-Special Forces operative Jon Reznick joins a top secret team, led by FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein, to help track him down. The team believes that there may be a terrorist group, perhaps Islamists, who have kidnapped him, as the diplomat's area of expertise is the Persian Gulf. But Reznick is training his sights on an unlikely candidate - a leading Washington DC surgeon.

Instrument of the Devil

Author: Debbie Burke
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781981144211
Format: PDF, ePub
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Dashing terrorist Khalil Sharivar plans to bring down the electrical grid starting at the Hungry Horse Dam in Montana. He doesn't need explosives or weapons, only a smartphone, his charm, and the perfect scapegoat-Tawny Lindholm, a beautiful small-town widow intimidated by technology. Her rigged phone is his tool of seduction and manipulation, tangling her ever more tightly into his plot. Soon the feds are chasing her and her family is in jeopardy. If Tawny can't turn the instrument back on the devil himself, she dies. In the era of runaway surveillance, if it could happen to Tawny, could it happen to you? Follow Tawny to find out! Winner of the Kindle Scout contest and the 2016 Zebulon Award, Instrument of the Devil is a fast-moving psychological thriller about a cyber-attack on the power grid that's only a keystroke away. Five-star reviews call it "a thrilling high-stakes tale" and "tense and chilling." Read it before the lights go out!

Black Site

Author: Dalton Fury
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0312668376
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A first entry in a new series by the best-selling author of Kill Bin Laden finds Delta Force operator Kolt Raynor seeking redemption by attempting the rescue of teammates he caused to be captured three years earlier, a mission that leads to his discovery of an al Qaeda plot to take over a secret U.S. military prison.


Author: Judith Reeves-Stevens
Publisher: Beyond Words/Atria Books
ISBN: 9780671014025
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Once lovers, now enemies, Navy SEAL Captain Mitch Webber and oceanographer Cory Rey must join forces to stop a cabal of Chinese officials from devasating the Pacific Rim nations using nuclear weapons to create gigantic tidal waves