A Beautiful Friendship Fill in Journal Book for Your Best Friend

Author: Love is Love is Beautiful
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781539812869
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Looking for a special and unique gift for your BFF? Look no further! 'A Beautiful Friendship' is a book, a diary, and a greeting card that offers a fresh and unique way to say "I love you" to your bestie. This beautiful designed, user-friendly, and elegant volume allows you to record the stories, memories, and all the weirdness of your friendship in the most meaningful way possible. You will have a uniquely personal gift that your BFF will read over again and again. Make it as cheesy, racy, or witty as you choose, and you can be sure that it will put a smile on her face every single time! - Provides plenty of space for answers and photos. - Beautiful & elegant design - 65 pages full of love - Tissue not included Fillable Contents include: Foreword Chapter 1: The First Time We Met Chapter 2: My Best Memories Of Us Chapter 3: 30 Reasons Why We Are Best Friends Forever! Chapter 4: I'm Grateful For You Chapter 5: Photo Memories Chapter Infinity Don't get one of those lame greeting cards from a store that will likely get lost after awhile. Get your bestie something more meaningful that she will be able to keep for a long time!

Knock Knock Why I m Grateful for You Fill in the Love Journa

Author: Knock Knock
ISBN: 9781683490029
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Simply fill in the blanks of this diminutive volume and voil�: it becomes a personalized gift someone you're thankful for will read again and again. Make it as appreciative, affirming, or adorable as you please! Take friendship gifts to the next level with this upbeat baby Need stocking stuffer ideas for besties, pals, and acquaintances? You're welcome. Hardcover with removable clear plastic jacket; 4.5 � 3.25 inches; 112 pages

My Best Friend a to Z Fill in the Blank Gft Book

Author: K. Francklin
ISBN: 9781517788391
Format: PDF, ePub
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Great Gift Book Idea For Best Friends Are you struggling to find that extra special gift? Looking for something a little bit different? Make your gift original and totally unique by adding that personal touch! A fill in the blank gift book! Just fill in the blanks for each letter of the alphabet and write down your own words that really describe your best friend! Have great fun trying to come up with bizarre and unusual descriptive words and watch the look on your best friend's face when they read them! Suitable for both young and old. Ideal gift for birthdays and Christmas!

Crazy Love

Author: Amir Abrams
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
ISBN: 0758280084
Format: PDF, Docs
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If everyone wants to say I'm trippin', well, that's their problem. . . If you saw my boo Sincere, you'd totally understand why I've dropped everything--even my besties--to be with him 24/7. After all, what girl wouldn't do whatever it takes to show her first-ever boyfriend she's all he could ever want? I know I'm a prize, but relationships are tough enough when you're just a high school senior, so I've really had to up my game to keep a college freshman like Sincere interested. And if that means hacking his cell and following him everywhere, I'm down. Because I just know what we have is for always. And I'm going to prove it, no matter how far I have to go. . . "Hot and poppin' with drama and life lessons. The world of teen lit has never seen anything like this before!"--Ni-Ni Simone Amir Abrams is a regular dude with a dream. Born in Brooklyn, Amir has a thing for fresh kicks, fly whips, and all things Polo. For Amir, writing teen fiction was never something he imagined himself doing until he started working with Ni-Ni Simone on Hollywood High. Now, he's amped about the endless possibilities. Amir hopes to be an inspiration to others and is determined to make a difference in the lives of teens everywhere.


Author: Summersdale
ISBN: 9781786852014
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Your best friend is your whole world: the cream in your coffee. Remind your BFF just how much you love her with these uplifting statements and empowering quotes.