Knowledge and the Curriculum International Library of the Philosophy of Education Volume 12

Author: Paul H. Hirst
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135170819
Format: PDF, ePub
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The papers in this volume provide a coherent philosophical study of a group of important and pressing educational issues such as the selection of objectives for less able children, the fundamental characteristics of teaching and the integration of the curriculum. A thesis on the necessary differentiation of knowledge into logically distinct forms is outlined, and is defended against recent philosophical criticisms. Its implications for curriculum planning are examined, with particular reference to the urgent problems of adeqately characterizing liberal education and those forms of moral and religious education that are appropriate in maintained schools.

Knowledge and the Curriculum

Author: Paul H. Hirst
ISBN: 0415562848
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Offers a coherent philosophical study of a group of important and pressing educational issues such as the selection of objectives for less able children, the fundamental characteristics of teaching and the integration of the curriculum.

Philosopher teacher musician

Author: Estelle Ruth Jorgensen
Publisher: Univ of Illinois Pr
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In Philosopher, Teacher, Musician, fifteen influential thinkers in aesthetics and arts education explore the intersection of the philosophy of music and music education. Several themes link the contributions, originally presented as the fall 1991 issue of the journal of Aesthetic Education. The first theme concerns epistemological issues related to the nature of the symbolic understandings and the distinct semantic and syntactic "language" of music. Second is the role of music in education and of education in music. A third theme centers on philosophical perspectives on music curricula and instruction. Last, contributors consider the nature and place of philosophy in music education and its contribution to research and practice. Taken as a whole, the essays point to a rich future in the philosophy of music and music education and provide a much-needed addition to the scholarly literature in this area.

The Re emergence of Values in Science Education

Author: Deborah Corrigan
Publisher: Sense Publishers
ISBN: 908790035X
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Issues relating to values have always had a place in the school science curriculum. Sometimes this has been only in terms of the inclusion of topics such as 'the nature of science' and/or 'scientific method' and/or particular intentions for laboratory work that relate to 'scientific method.' Sometimes it has been much broader, for example in curricula with STS emphases. Of importance to aspects of this proposal is that different countries/cultures have had different traditions in terms of the place of values in the school [science] curriculum. One obvious very broad difference of this form is the central place in [science] education thinking in many European countries of bildung, and the complete absence of this construct from most [science] curriculum thinking in English speaking contexts. There are numbers of such country/cultural differences. In the 1990s many countries moved towards various conceptualizations of Outcomes Based Education - OBE (sometimes so labelled and sometimes not). It was usual (but not universal) for OBE focused science curricula to have constrained views of the values that should be implicit and explicit in curriculum; that is views concerned only with 'the nature of science' and 'scientific method' (both usually seen as quite unproblematic). Currently there are a number of education systems that are changing again, and choosing to move away from Outcomes Based Education (for example, South Africa and several Australian states). One of the most interesting features of many of these movements is the re-embracing of a wider view of the science curriculum, including a reconsideration of the nature and place of the values associated with science in the purposes for and approaches to science education.

A Companion to Research in Education

Author: Alan D. Reid
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400768095
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This volume offers a unique commentary on the diverse ways that educational inquiry is conceived, designed and critiqued. An international team of scholars examines cross-cutting themes of how research in education is conceptualised, characterised, contextualised, legitimated and represented. Contributions include specially commissioned essays, critical commentaries, vignettes, dialogues and cases. Each section discusses the significance of a complex terrain of ideas and critiques that can inform thinking and practice in educational research. The result is a thorough and accessible volume that offers fresh insights into the perspectives and challenges that shape diverse genres of research in education. ​