Labor Relations at the New York Daily News

Author: Kenneth M. Jennings
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Using the dramatic 1990 New York Daily News strike as a case study, this work provides a systematic analysis of a new development in labor-management relations: peripheral bargaining.

Historical Dictionary of Organized Labor

Author: James C. Docherty
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
ISBN: 0810861968
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Organized labor is about the collective efforts of employees to improve their economic, social, and political position. It can be studied from many different points of view—historical, economic, sociological, or legal—but it is fundamentally about the struggle for human rights and social justice. As a rule, organized labor has tried to make the world a fairer place. Even though it has only ever covered a minority of employees in most countries, its effects on their political, economic, and social systems have been generally positive. History shows that when organized labor is repressed, the whole society suffers and is made less just. The Historical Dictionary of Organized Labor looks at the history of organized labor to see where it came from and where it has been. This is done through a chronology, an introductory essay, appendixes, a glossary of terms, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 400 cross-referenced entries on most countries, international as well as national labor organizations, major labor unions, leaders, and other aspects of organized labor such as changes in the composition of its membership. This book is an excellent access point for students, researchers, and anyone wanting to know more about organized labor.

Encyclopedia of Journalism

Author: Christopher H. Sterling
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1452261520
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Written in a clear and accessible style that would suit the needs of journalists and scholars alike, this encyclopedia is highly recommended for large news organizations and all schools of journalism." —Starred Review, Library Journal Journalism permeates our lives and shapes our thoughts in ways we've long taken for granted. Whether we listen to National Public Radio in the morning, view the lead story on the Today show, read the morning newspaper headlines, stay up-to-the-minute with Internet news, browse grocery store tabloids, receive Time magazine in our mailbox, or watch the nightly news on television, journalism pervades our daily activities. The six-volume Encyclopedia of Journalism covers all significant dimensions of journalism, including print, broadcast, and Internet journalism; U.S. and international perspectives; history; technology; legal issues and court cases; ownership; and economics. The set contains more than 350 signed entries under the direction of leading journalism scholar Christopher H. Sterling of The George Washington University. In the A-to-Z volumes 1 through 4, both scholars and journalists contribute articles that span the field's wide spectrum of topics, from design, editing, advertising, and marketing to libel, censorship, First Amendment rights, and bias to digital manipulation, media hoaxes, political cartoonists, and secrecy and leaks. Also covered are recently emerging media such as podcasting, blogs, and chat rooms. The last two volumes contain a thorough listing of journalism awards and prizes, a lengthy section on journalism freedom around the world, an annotated bibliography, and key documents. The latter, edited by Glenn Lewis of CUNY Graduate School of Journalism and York College/CUNY, comprises dozens of primary documents involving codes of ethics, media and the law, and future changes in store for journalism education. Key Themes Consumers and Audiences Criticism and Education Economics Ethnic and Minority Journalism Issues and Controversies Journalist Organizations Journalists Law and Policy Magazine Types Motion Pictures Networks News Agencies and Services News Categories News Media: U.S. News Media: World Newspaper Types News Program Types Online Journalism Political Communications Processes and Routines of Journalism Radio and Television Technology


Author: Richard Vigilante
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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A behind-the-scenes look at the recent Daily News strike includes observations on the implications for the future of unions in this country

Forces of Labor

Author: Beverly J. Silver
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521520775
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This 2003 book analyzes the dynamics of labor movements, introducing a new database on labor unrest events worldwide.

Reviving the Strike

Author: Joe Burns
Publisher: Ig Pub
ISBN: 9781935439240
Format: PDF, Mobi
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If the American labor movement is to rise again, it will not be as a result of electing different politicians, the passage of legislation, or improved methods of union organizing. Rather, workers will need to rediscover the power of the strike. Not the ineffectual strike of today, where employees meekly sit on picket lines waiting for scabs to take their jobs, but the type of strike capable of grinding industries to a halt--the kind employed up until the 1960s. In Reviving the Strike, labor lawyer Joe Burns draws on economics, history and current analysis in arguing that the labor movement must redevelop an effective strike based on the now outlawed traditional labor tactics of stopping production and workplace-based solidarity. The book challenges the prevailing view that tactics such as organizing workers or amending labor law can save trade unionism in this country. Instead, Reviving the Strike offers a fundamentally different solution to the current labor crisis, showing how collective bargaining backed by a strike capable of inflicting economic harm upon an employer is the only way for workers to break free of the repressive system of labor control that has been imposed upon them by corporations and the government for the past seventy-five years.

Intelligent Control

Author: Willem de Lint
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 144269338X
Format: PDF
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Massive public protests have had a prominent presence at the turn of the millennium, with many thousands of protestors controlled by small, yet, increasingly specialized police forces. Investigating the ways in which police practices have evolved in relation to labour strikes and protests, Intelligent Control examines the means by which police forces have developed more coercive and consent-based approaches to regulating social unrest. Willem de Lint and Alan Hall argue that police forces have been gradually adapting public order operations to match or reflect wider trends in politics and society. The main such development is the enfolding of neoliberalism. Police and labour and protester adaptations have followed a fine line between legitimacy and illegitimacy, consent and coercion. The authors explore the development of consent policing from its roots in labour strike countering and the emergence of what they call 'intelligent control' from expanded covert, intelligence-gathering operations. A concise study of how police practices changed from the 1960s to the present day, Intelligent Control is an informative account of a revolution in modern policing.

The Myth of Mondragon

Author: Sharryn Kasmir
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791430033
Format: PDF, Docs
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Shows how the creation of an idealized image of the Mondragon cooperatives is part of a new global ideology that promotes cooperative labor-management relations in order to discredit labor unions and working-class organizations.