Last Stories and Other Stories

Author: William T. Vollmann
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 014312756X
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This collection of connected ghost stories from the author of Europe Central includes tales about a farmer's deceased wife who returns, a geisha who becomes a cherry tree and a man who romances the ghost of his high school girlfriend.

Free at Last

Author: Doreen Rappaport
Publisher: Candlewick Press
ISBN: 9780763614409
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Describes the experiences of African Americans in the South, from the Emancipation in 1863 to the 1954 Supreme Court decision that declared school segregation illegal.

Home at Last

Author: Chet Kozlowski
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1450228631
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In "Home at Last," a stunning collection of short fiction, an award-winning writer shares his compelling and introspective glimpses into real life. Chet Kozlowski, a graduate of the Creative Writing M.F.A. Program at The City College of New York, offers thirteen vivid tales that illustrate the emotional challenges of ordinary characters placed in extraordinary situations. In each story, Kozlowski's characters confront their own unique dilemmas like the four-year-old boy who believes he can fly despite his parents' fears; the woman who travels far to reconnect with the child she abandoned years before; the writer who seeks salvation in a neighbor's unorthodox request; the wife who mulls secrets while studying her husband's sleeping form; and the mother who protects her children at all costs from a threat next door. In his first collection of short stories, Kozlowski exposes a group of eclectic characters while weaving an unforgettable journey through their imperfect lives. "As timely as last night's water-boarding or tomorrow morning's hurricane ... each episode explodes, creating immense but subtle drama." -Wayne Greenhaw, author of "King of Country" and "The Thunder of Angels"

The Reservoir Tapes

Author: Jon McGregor
Publisher: Catapult
ISBN: 193678792X
Format: PDF, Docs
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Returning us to the extraordinary territory of Jon McGregor’s Man Booker Prize long-listed novel Reservoir 13, The Reservoir Tapes take us deep into the heart of an English village that is trying to come to terms with what has happened on its watch A teenage girl has gone missing. The whole community has been called upon to join the search. And now an interviewer arrives, intent on capturing the community’s unstable stories about life in the weeks and months before Becky Shaw vanished. Each villager has a memory to share or a secret to conceal, a connection to Becky that they are trying to make or break. A young wife pushes against the boundaries of her marriage, and another seeks a means of surviving within hers. A group of teenagers dare one another to jump into a flooded quarry, the weakest swimmer still awaiting his turn. A laborer lies trapped under rocks and dry limestone dust as his fellow workers attempt a risky rescue. And meanwhile a fractured portrait of Becky emerges at the edges of our vision—a girl swimming, climbing, and smearing dirt onto a scared boy’s face, images to be cherished and challenged as the search for her goes on.

Enormous Changes at the Last Minute

Author: Grace Paley
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 1466883987
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In Enormous Changes at the Last Minute, originally published in 1974, Grace Paley "makes the novel as a form seem virtually redundant" (Angela Carter, London Review of Books). Her stories here capture "the itch of the city, love between parents and children" and "the cutting edge of combat" (Lis Harris, The New York Times Book Review). In this collection of seventeen stories, she creates a "solid and vital fictional world, cross-referenced and dense with life" (Walter Clemons, Newsweek).

Last Stories

Author: William Trevor
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 052555811X
Format: PDF, Docs
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The beloved and acclaimed William Trevor's last ten stories With a career that spanned more than half a century, William Trevor is regarded as one of the best writers of short stories in the English language. Now, in Last Stories, the master storyteller delivers ten exquisitely rendered tales--nine of which have never been published in book form--that illuminate the human condition and will surely linger in the reader's mind long after closing the book. Subtle yet powerful, Trevor gives us insights into the lives of ordinary people. We encounter a tutor and his pupil, whose lives are thrown into turmoil when they meet again years later; a young girl who discovers the mother she believed dead is alive and well; and a piano-teacher who accepts her pupil's theft in exchange for his beautiful music. This final and special collection is a gift to lovers of literature and Trevor's many admirers, and affirms his place as one of the world's greatest storytellers.

Peace at Last

Author: Deborah Grassman
Publisher: Vandmere Press
ISBN: 9780918339720
Format: PDF, Mobi
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For her two-plus decades as a hospice nurse at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Deborah Grassman has often heard the comment, Isn t your work depressing? Like many others, she had begun her hospice career with that same prejudice. She feared death itself, and because of that fear, she was unaware that she could find peace, joy, and fulfillment in caring for people at the end of their lives. She had no special training in caring for veterans, and she had no reason to think that veterans needs were any different from nonveterans. With time and experience, however, she began to realize that these veterans had experiences and training that made them different from other hospice patients. Likewise she began to understand that she could learn lessons about peace from people who were trained for war; that warriors often have wisdom that, paradoxically, shows us how to live in peace with each other and within ourselves. In Peace at Last, Deborah Grassman takes the reader on a journey of understanding and growth. While caring for thousands of veterans in a hospice setting over a 25-year career in a VA hospital, she gathered the veterans stories of pain and redemption, personal awakening, and peace. Then she crafted these stories into an unforgettable book. Designed to help caregivers, family members, and veterans themselves understand the impact of war and military culture on lives and emotions, Peace at Last contains veterans stories, hospice experiences, and a series of appendices providing sample materials that can assist with healing.

First Love Last Rites

Author: Ian McEwan
Publisher: Rosetta Books
ISBN: 0795301898
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Somerset Maugham Award winner: Dark early fiction by the author of Nutshell—“a splendid magician of fear” (Village Voice Literary Supplement). Taut, brooding, and densely atmospheric, the stories here show us how murder can arise out of boredom, perversity from adolescent curiosity—and how sheer evil can become the solution to unbearable loneliness. These short fiction pieces from the early career of the New York Times–bestselling and Man Booker Prize–winning author of Atonement and On Chesil Beach are claustrophobic tales of childhood, twisted psychology, and disjointed family life as terrifying as anything by Stephen King—and finely crafted with a lyricism and an intensity that compels us to confront our secret kinship with what repels us. “A powerful talent that is both weird and wonderful.” —TheBoston Sunday Globe “Ian McEwan’s fictional world combin[es] the bleak, dreamlike quality of de Chirico’s city-scapes with the strange eroticism of canvases by Balthus. Menace lies crouched between the lines of his neat, angular prose, and weird, grisly things occur in his books with nearly casual aplomb.” —The New York Times

Last Days of the Dog Men Stories

Author: Brad Watson
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 1324000430
Format: PDF, Mobi
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"His people and dogs—those wonderful dogs!—come alive with honest, thrumming energy." —The New York Times Book Review Winner of the Sue Kaufman Prize for First Fiction from the Academy of Arts and Letters and the Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writers Award. In each of these "weird and wonderful stories" (Boston Globe), Brad Watson writes about people and dogs: dogs as companions, as accomplices, and as unwitting victims of human passions; and people responding to dogs as missing parts of themselves. "Elegant and elegiac, beautifully pitched to the human ear, yet resoundingly felt in our animal hearts" (New York Newsday), Watson's vibrant prose captures the animal crannies of the human personality—yearning for freedom, mourning the loss of something wild, drawn to human connection but also to thoughtless abandon and savagery without judgment. Pinckney Benedict praises Watson's writing as "crisp as a morning in deer season, rife with spirited good humor and high intelligence," and Fred Chappell calls his stories "strong and true to the place they come from." This powerful debut collection marks Brad Watson's introduction into "a distinguished [Southern] literary heritage, from Faulkner to Larry Brown to Barry Hannah to Richard Ford" (The State, Columbia, South Carolina).

Iraq s Last Jews

Author: T. Morad
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230616232
Format: PDF
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Iraq's Last Jews is a collection of first-person accounts by Jews about their lives in Iraq's once-vibrant, 2500 year-old Jewish community and about the disappearance of that community in the middle of the 20th century. This book tells the story of this last generation of Iraqi Jews, who both reminisce about their birth country and describe the persecution that drove them out, the result of Nazi influences, growing Arab nationalism, and anger over the creation of the State of Israel.