Leadership Therapy

Author: Anna Rowley
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9780230608603
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Microsoft is well-known for being an intense place to work: employees face constant pressure to innovate and excel and are passionately devoted to their jobs. In this insightful book, Anna Rowley reveals the major problems all managers face and shows how to conquer them. She distills the characteristics every leader must have to succeed in a demanding environment, including belief, confidence, self-awareness, trust, power, and ambition. She provides the tools that have helped her clients to continue to attain their potential, while including fascinating case studies of the driven and talented clients she has worked with at Microsoft. Topics covered in Leadership Therapy include: * Communicating well, even with difficult colleagues * Negotiating power * Bridging the gap between the real you and you, the leader * Managing change effectively * Establishing trust among coworkers * How much honesty is too much? * Articulating your beliefs so your colleagues know what you stand for * Identifying the obstacles in the path of your career

Leadership Therapy

Author: A. Rowley
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137095784
Format: PDF, Docs
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In Leadership Therapy, Microsoft consulting psychologist Anna Rowley draws on her twelve years of working with the top levels of Microsoft management, revealing the leadership skills that have helped the company maintain market dominance.

Destructive Leaders and Dysfunctional Organizations

Author: Alan Goldman
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139483544
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Organizational behavior and leadership research has traditionally been deeply influenced by positive psychology and appreciative inquiry. Yet, in recent times, a wave of corporate scandals and spectacular organizational failures has forced management and organizational theorists to rethink this approach. Unethical CEO behavior, white collar crime, property deviance, employee grievances and lawsuits, organizational terrorism, and workplace violence have all provided the impetus for an examination of the darker side of leadership. In Destructive Leaders and Dysfunctional Organizations, Alan Goldman draws on his extensive experience as a management consultant and executive coach to provide a fascinating behind-closed-doors account of troubled leaders and the effect they have on their organizations. Featuring clinical case studies, ranging from the fashion industry to an aeronautical engineering corporation, the book explores the damaging effects of destructive leadership on organizations and provides the tools necessary for early recognition, assessment, and treatment.

Security Strategy

Author: Bill Stackpole
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781439827345
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Addressing the diminished understanding of the value of security on the executive side and a lack of good business processes on the security side, Security Strategy: From Requirements to Reality explains how to select, develop, and deploy the security strategy best suited to your organization. It clarifies the purpose and place of strategy in an information security program and arms security managers and practitioners with a set of security tactics to support the implementation of strategic planning initiatives, goals, and objectives. The book focuses on security strategy planning and execution to provide a clear and comprehensive look at the structures and tools needed to build a security program that enables and enhances business processes. Divided into two parts, the first part considers business strategy and the second part details specific tactics. The information in both sections will help security practitioners and mangers develop a viable synergy that will allow security to take its place as a valued partner and contributor to the success and profitability of the enterprise. Confusing strategies and tactics all too often keep organizations from properly implementing an effective information protection strategy. This versatile reference presents information in a way that makes it accessible and applicable to organizations of all sizes. Complete with checklists of the physical security requirements that organizations should consider when evaluating or designing facilities, it provides the tools and understanding to enable your company to achieve the operational efficiencies, cost reductions, and brand enhancements that are possible when an effective security strategy is put into action.

The Future Computed

Author: Microsoft Corporation
ISBN: 9781980234432
Format: PDF
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"AI will enable breakthrough advances in areas like healthcare, agriculture, education and transportation. It's already happening in impressive ways. But as we've witnessed over the past 20 years, new technology also inevitably raises complex questions and broad societal concerns." - Brad Smith and Harry Shum on The Future Computed. "As we look to a future powered by a partnership between computers and humans, it's important that we address these challenges head on. How do we ensure that AI is designed and used responsibly? How do we establish ethical principles to protect people? How should we govern its use? And how will AI impact employment and jobs?" - Brad Smith and Harry Shum on The Future Computed. As Artificial Intelligence shows up in every aspect of our lives, Microsoft's top minds provide a guide discussing how we should prepare for the future. Whether you're a government leader crafting new laws, an entrepreneur looking to incorporate AI into your business, or a parent contemplating the future of education, this book explains the trends driving the AI revolution, identifies the complex ethics and workforce issues we all need to think about and suggests a path forward.Read more:The Future Computed: Artificial Intelligence and its role in society provides Microsoft's perspective on where AI technology is going and the new societal issues it is raising - ensuring AI is designed and used responsibly, establishing ethical principles to protect people, and how AI will impact employment and jobs. The principles of fairness, reliability and safety, privacy and security, inclusiveness, transparency and accountability are critical to addressing the societal impacts of AI and building trust as AI becomes more and more a part of the products and services that people use at work and at home every day. A central theme in The Future Computed is that for AI to deliver on its potential drive widespread economic and social progress, the technology needs to be human-centered - combining the capabilities of computers with human capabilities to enable people to achieve more. But a human-centered approach can only be realized if researchers, policymakers, and leaders from government, business and civil society come together to develop a shared ethical framework for AI. This in turn will help foster responsible development of AI systems that will engender trust. Because in an increasingly AI-driven world the question is not what computers can do, it is what computers should do. The Future Computed also draws a few conclusions as we chart our path forward. First, the companies and countries that will fare best in the AI era will be those that embrace these changes rapidly and effectively. Second, while AI will help solve big societal problems, we must look to this future with a critical eye as there will be challenges as well as opportunities. Third, we need to act with a sense of shared responsibility because AI won't be created by the tech sector alone. Finally, skilling-up for an AI-powered world involves more than science, technology, engineering and math. As computers behave more like humans, the social sciences and humanities will become grow in importance.

Top 50 Quick Facts About the Human Body Science Book Age 6 Children s Science Education Books

Author: Baby Professor
Publisher: Speedy Publishing LLC
ISBN: 1541918150
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In this biology book for kids, we're going to learn interesting facts about the human body. What happens inside our bodies? What if my brain, heart or lungs stop working? What will you look like if all flesh and muscles are removed? Know the answers to these questions and more. Get a copy and read and learn from this book today!

Harvard Business Review Emotional Intelligence Collection 4 Books HBR Emotional Intelligence Series

Author: Harvard Business Review
Publisher: Harvard Business Press
ISBN: 1633693813
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How to be human at work. HBR’s Emotional Intelligence Series features smart, essential reading on the human side of professional life from the pages of Harvard Business Review. Each book in the series offers proven research showing how our emotions impact our work lives, practical advice for managing difficult people and situations, and inspiring essays on what it means to tend to our emotional well-being at work. Uplifting and practical, these books describe the social skills that are critical for ambitious professionals to master. This specially priced four-volume set includes Happiness, Resilience, Mindfulness, and Empathy.