Beyond Legal Reasoning a Critique of Pure Lawyering

Author: Jeffrey Lipshaw
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315410796
Format: PDF, ePub
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The concept of learning to ‘think like a lawyer’ is one of the cornerstones of legal education in the United States and beyond. In this book, Jeffrey Lipshaw provides a critique of the traditional views of ‘thinking like a lawyer’ or ‘pure lawyering’ aimed at lawyers, law professors, and students who want to understand lawyering beyond the traditional warrior metaphor. Drawing on his extensive experience at the intersection of real world law and business issues, Professor Lipshaw presents a sophisticated philosophical argument that the "pure lawyering" of traditional legal education is agnostic to either truth or moral value of outcomes. He demonstrates pure lawyering’s potential both for illusions of certainty and cynical instrumentalism, and the consequences of both when lawyers are called on as dealmakers, policymakers, and counsellors. This book offers an avenue for getting beyond (or unlearning) merely how to think like a lawyer. It combines legal theory, philosophy of knowledge, and doctrine with an appreciation of real-life judgment calls that multi-disciplinary lawyers are called upon to make. The book will be of great interest to scholars of legal education, legal language and reasoning as well as professors who teach both doctrine and thinking and writing skills in the first year law school curriculum; and for anyone who is interested in seeking a perspective on ‘thinking like a lawyer’ beyond the litigation arena.

American Legal Systems

Author: Toni M. Fine
Publisher: Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender
ISBN: 9781422420775
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Este libro proporciona una visión general de las instituciones jurídicas estadounidenses y fuentes del derecho, y se presenta una guía para las relaciones entre y dentro de las instituciones y las autoridades legales. Se discute el papel determinante de la doctrina del stare decisis en el sistema de derecho consuetudinario estadounidense y la función de la revisión judicial crítico. Además, American Sistemas Jurídicos muestra al lector cómo determinar y aplicar las prioridades relativas de las fuentes del derecho, todo ello en el contexto del proceso legislativo, la acción de la agencia, y los principios de supremacía constitucional y legislativo. América Sistemas Legales corbatas muchos de estos conceptos a la realidad de la práctica del derecho. Algunas partes del libro demuestran cómo localizar recursos específicos, utilice términos legales, y preparar documentos legales comunes. Entre las principales virtudes del libro es su "lector de uso." Se presenta a los lectores a algunos problemas muy complicados de la jurisprudencia estadounidense de una manera clara y directa.

Legal Writing Ethical and Professional Considerations

Author: Melissa H. Weresh
Publisher: LexisNexis
ISBN: 032717868X
Format: PDF
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This book is designed to supplement a Legal Writing course, Ethics course, or Clinical course. The Second Edition of Legal Writing: Ethical and Professional Considerations tracks the types of documents typically produced in a first-year legal writing course. The book identifies ethical rules and professional concerns which pertain to the particular type of document and introduces cases illustrating how the rules should influence lawyers' behavior when preparing and submitting documents. It also contains notes designed to reinforce students' understanding of how the rules should impact them as they communicate professionally in writing. Contents include: • Chapter 1: Attorney Regulation: Sources of Ethical and Professional Considerations • Chapter 2: Engaging the Client-Conflicts • Chapter 3: E-Mail Communications • Chapter 4: Predictive Memoranda • Chapter 5: Client Letters • Chapter 6: Demand Letters • Chapter 7: Complaints • Chapter 8: Appellate Briefs • Chapter 9: Drafted Documents This eBook features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Global Lawyering Skills

Author: Mary Beth Moylan
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9781683283171
Format: PDF, Docs
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Across practice areas and jurisdictions, new lawyers need fundamental lawyering skills. Global Lawyering Skills is designed to teach these fundamental lawyering skills by introducing students to a broader range of skills than a traditional research and writing textbook. While the book covers foundational objective and persuasive legal writing skills, it also addresses other lawyering skills, such as oral argument, alternative dispute resolution, transactional drafting, and client interviewing and counseling. Additionally, students need an understanding of how cross-cultural and transnational considerations impact the practice of law. GLS is one of the only legal research and writing textbooks available that covers foreign legal systems, intercultural competence, and cross-cultural considerations in the practice of law. GLS is sufficient for a two-year curriculum, but would also work well in a one, two, or three semester course. The new edition provides updates to existing chapters and includes new chapters on professionalism and professional identity, incorporating feedback, and judicial writing.

Legal Reasoning and Political Conflict

Author: Cass R. Sunstein
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0195100824
Format: PDF, Mobi
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One of the nation's leading commentators on legal issues offers a new interpretation of the role of the law in a diverse society, arguing that the courts should avoid large, abstract issues and focus on practical solutions to particular cases. UP.