Life in a Hospice

Author: Ann Richardson
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1138031453
Format: PDF
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Highly Commended, BMA Medical Book Awards 2008 This book is about hospices, seen through the eyes of the people who work in them. Their individual voices, perspectives and stories invite readers into the day-to-day complexities of hospice life. There is growing public and professional attention to end of life care and the way dying patients and their families are treated. How can hospices make the process dignified and peaceful as possible? What sort of people dedicate their careers to helping the dying? What difficulties are they up against in providing this care, and what makes it all worthwhile?This inspirational book provides vivid, real-life accounts of hospice life from managers, doctors, nurses, carers and support staff. The thought-provoking narratives provide vital insights into the type of work undertaken in a hospice setting. They examine the differences between hospice and hospital care, and explore the challenges, personal motivations and the many ways hospices strive to meet the needs of patients and their families with sensitivity and respect. "Life in a Hospice" is enlightening reading for all healthcare professionals in palliative care, including volunteer, administrative and support staff. It is also highly recommended for nurses and others in caring roles considering a move into hospice work. Therapists, counsellors and religious leaders will discover poignant and encouraging insights, and people with a family member approaching the end of life will find the book reassuring and informative.

Reflections from a Hospice Nurse

Author: Kathy Bezinovich
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1524547646
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The recently bereaved are the only ones who really know how fragile life is. Caring for a dying loved one is the hardest job a person will ever have. If you find yourself in this position, choosing the best hospice care for your loved one will help them and you by providing the support you need to assure the dying person the most dignified, comfortable, peaceful, and natural end of life possible. This book, written by a hospice nurse with over thirty years of nursing experience, contains insights about hospice care and numerous stories of dying patients and their caregivers.

Faithful Living Faithful Dying

Author: End of Life Task Force of the Standing Commission on National Concerns
Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 081922524X
Format: PDF, Mobi
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What do faithful living and faithful dying mean as we near life’s end? With all the technology and choices available to us today, making decisions about the end of life grows ever more difficult. As a result of all the theological and ethical issues that have arisen around the dying process in recent years, the 72nd General Convention of the Episcopal Church created a task force to study and report on these concerns. This is the report of the End-of-Life Task Force. In it, the Task Force responds to the broad range of theological, ethical, pastoral and policy issues that are generated by the need to provide loving and fitting care at the end of life. Intended as a teaching document, Faithful Living, Faithful Dying will be useful as a discussion tool for the church, for individuals facing difficult decisions, for professionals, such as clergy and health care providers, and for those who make public policy.

Death Dying Life Living

Author: Charles A. Corr
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 133767057X
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Practical and inspiring, DEATH & DYING, LIFE & LIVING, 8th Edition helps students learn how to navigate encounters with death, dying, and bereavement. The authors integrate classical and contemporary material, present task-based approaches for individual and family coping, and include four chapters devoted to death-related issues faced by children, adolescents, young and middle-aged adults, and older adults. They also discuss a variety of cultural and religious perspectives that affect people's understanding and practices associated with such encounters. Practical guidelines for constructive communication encourage productive living in the face of death. You can use this book as a primary textbook for undergraduate and graduate courses in death, dying, and bereavement; as a supplementary text in related courses; or as a general resource. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

To Listen to Comfort to Care

Author: Barbara A. Backer
Publisher: Delmar
Format: PDF
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This book provides an introduction to the care of the dying and their families, and is a resource for all health care providers who work with dying clients and their families. Approaches for working with children and families of the dying are included. Hospice care as an alternative means of caring for the dying is explored. Material on ethics incorporates the latest thinking on euthanasia, the living will, health proxy directives and organ transplants.

The Dying Process

Author: Julia Lawton
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780415226790
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"A detailed and subtle ethnographic study, The Dying Process engages with a range of deeply complex and ethically contentious issues surrounding the care of dying patients in hospices and elsewhere. This book makes a significant contribution to the field of the sociology of the body and will also be an invaluable text for professionals, students and others who wish to enhance their understanding of hospice and palliative care."--BOOK JACKET.

Dying at the Margins

Author: David Wendell Moller
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199760144
Format: PDF
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Dying at the Margins: Reflections on Justice and Healing for Inner-City Poor gives voice to the most vulnerable and disempowered population-the urban dying poor- and connects them to the voices of leaders in end-of-life-care. Chapters written by these experts in the field discuss the issues that challenge patients and their loved ones, as well as offering insights into how to improve the quality of their lives. In an illuminating and timely follow up to Dancing with Broken Bones, all discussions revolve around the actual experiences of the patients previously documented, encouraging a greater understanding about the needs of the dying poor, advocating for them, and developing best practices in caring. Demystifying stereotypes that surround poverty, Moller illuminates how faith, remarkable optimism, and an unassailable spirit provide strength and courage to the dying poor.Dying at the Margins serves as a rallying call for not only end-of-life professionals, but compassionate individuals everywhere, to understand and respond to the needs of the especially vulnerable, yet inspiring, people who comprise the world of the inner city dying poor.


Author: Philip J. Larkin
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198703317
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Since the efforts of Dame Cicely Saunders and the founders of the modern hospice movement, compassion has become a fundamental part of palliative care. In this ground-breaking book, international experts give their critical thoughts on the essence and role of compassion, in both palliative and hospice care over the past half-century. Compassion: The essence of palliative and end of life care provides insight into the motivations for, and practice of, compassionate palliative and hospice care, featuring the reflections of leading healthcare professionals, social workers, chaplains and educators. Chapters utilise case examples and first-hand experiences to explore the historical and contemporary discourse surrounding the concept of compassion in palliative medicine. This book is relevant to a multidisciplinary audience of palliative care practitioners, including undergraduate and graduate students in sociology, psychology and theology, and healthcare professionals in oncology and gerontology.

Reflections in Hospice Palliative Care

Author: Katherine Murray
ISBN: 9780973982831
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This writing journal is a great learning and self care tool for anyone providing care for the dying! It contains a rich combination of thought provoking writing stems, questions and commentsas well as plenty of inviting writing space for you to explore your care experiences. By examining from different perspectives you can further your knowledge, understanding and capacity to provide excellent end of life care. Regular journaling practice provides the caregiver with "self-care," an important practice for those working in the sometimes difficult emotional venues of hospice palliative care. Designed to be used alone or as a companion to the "Essentials" manual, the journal can help integrate new care theory with practice.

End of Life

Author: Lynn Keegan, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780826107602
Format: PDF, Docs
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2011 AJN Book of the Year Winner in both Gerontologic Nursing and Hospice and Palliative Care! "The book is easy to read and is essential to all who work and care for those at the end of life." --David Shields, RN, MSN, QTTT Assistant Professor of Nursing Capital University "The book is thought provoking and, if you are like me, you will be assessing (consciously or subconsciously) how good you or your service are at providing holistic care around the time of death. It deserves to be widely read and I hope it starts many a conversation." IAHPC Newsletter "[This book] is a gem. It is a rare balance of an interesting read with an incredible integration of factual information. I intend to share it in my long term care circles...A wonderful contribution!" Charlotte Eliopoulos,RN, MPH, PhD Executive Director American Association for Long Term Care Nursing "Every once in a long while a short, succinct book comes along that awakens our senses and motivates us to action. [This] is one such book. It cuts right to the chase to offer a new, innovative change for an old, outmoded rite of passage." Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN Co-Director, Nightingale Initiative for Global Health, Canada and Virginia Director, Holistic Nursing Consultants, New Mexico (From the Foreword) This professional clinical guide presents nursing administrators and nurses in acute care agencies, nursing homes, hospice, and palliative care settings with detailed implementation strategies for accommodating dying persons and their loved ones as they make the transition from physical life. It presents the need for and the development of the concept: Golden Room concept: a place for dying that facilitates a dignified, peaceful, and profound experience for dying persons and their loved ones. This book presents a practical solution on multiple levels that will benefit all involved-patient, family, nurses, administrators, policy makers, and insurance companies. It presents the theoretical frameworks for end-of-life care and how the Golden Room concept fits into these frameworks. Published in partnership with the Watson Caring Science Institute, this unique resource: Advocates the use of Golden Rooms, which provide dignified, private, and safe settings for death and dying Presents various cases that illustrate the need for a dignified death, as well as strategies on how to provide for this dignified death Provides questions of concern after each case scenario, suitable for class discussion or personal reflection Offers cost-effective end-of-life solutions for families, the medical establishment, and insurance companies