Lives behind the Laws

Author: Serena Connolly
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253004128
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this exploration of the administration of law and its role in the lives of ordinary people in the northern provinces of the Roman Empire, Serena Connolly draws upon a rich but little-known legal collection from the late 3rd century known as the Codex Hermogenianus. The codex is composed of imperial responses to petitions sent to Rome, written by a team of the emperor's legal experts. These petitions and responses provide a wealth of information about provincial legal administration and the lives of the non-elite petitioners. The man who prostituted his wife, the mother whose malicious son undersold her farm, and the slaves who posed as free men to get a loan are just a few of the lives to encounter. Lives behind the Laws makes a valuable contribution to Roman social, political, and legal history.

Geschichte der r mischen Literatur

Author: Michael von Albrecht
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110266741
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This volume, which has now been published in eight languages, provides an overview of all Latin literature, from its beginnings to Boethius. ‘Literature’ is understood in the ancient sense, that is it also includes rhetoric, history, philosophy and specialised sciences. Particular attention is paid to the continued influence of Latin literature up until the present day.

New Frontiers

Author: Paul J du Plessis
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748668195
Format: PDF
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An interdisciplinary, edited collection on social science methodologies for approaching Roman legal sources. Roman law as a field of study is rapidly evolving to reflect new perspectives and approaches in research. Scholars who work on the subject are i

The Cambridge Companion to Roman Law

Author: David Johnston
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316239624
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book reflects the wide range of current scholarship on Roman law. The essays, newly commissioned for this volume, cover the sources of evidence for classical Roman law, the elements of private law, as well as criminal and public law, and the second life of Roman law in Byzantium, in civil and canon law, and in political discourse from AD 1100 to the present. Roman law nowadays is studied in many different ways, which is reflected in the diversity of approaches in the essays. Some focus on how the law evolved in ancient Rome, others on its place in the daily life of the Roman citizen, still others on how Roman legal concepts and doctrines have been deployed through the ages. All of them are responses to one and the same thing: the sheer intellectual vitality of Roman law, which has secured its place as a central element in the intellectual tradition and history of the West.

Imperial Rome AD 284 to 363

Author: Jill Harries
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748653953
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book is about the reinvention of the Roman Empire during the eighty years between the accession of Diocletian and the death of Julian.

Constantine the Emperor

Author: David Potter
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199986029
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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No Roman emperor had a greater impact on the modern world than did Constantine. The reason is not simply that he converted to Christianity, but that he did so in a way that brought his subjects along after him. Indeed, this major new biography argues that Constantine's conversion is but one feature of a unique administrative style that enabled him to take control of an empire beset by internal rebellions and external threats by Persians and Goths. The vast record of Constantine's administration reveals a government careful in its exercise of power but capable of ruthless, even savage, actions. Constantine executed (or drove to suicide) his father-in-law, two brothers-in-law, his eldest son, and his once beloved wife. An unparalleled general throughout his life, planning a major assault on the Sassanian Empire in Persia even on his deathbed. Alongside the visionary who believed that his success came from the direct intervention of his God resided an aggressive warrior, a sometimes cruel partner, and an immensely shrewd ruler. These characteristics combined together in a long and remarkable career, which restored the Roman Empire to its former glory. Beginning with his first biographer Eusebius, Constantine's image has been subject to distortion. More recent revisions include John Carroll's view of him as the intellectual ancestor of the Holocaust (Constantine's Sword) and Dan Brown's presentation of him as the man who oversaw the reshaping of Christian history (The Da Vinci Code). In Constantine the Emperor, David Potter confronts each of these skewed and partial accounts to provide the most comprehensive, authoritative, and readable account of Constantine's extraordinary life.

The Sources of Roman Law

Author: O. F. Robinson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134877765
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The notion and understanding of law penetrated society in Ancient Rome to a degree unparalleled in modern times. The poet Juvenal, for instance, described the virtuous man as a good soldier, faithful guardian, incorruptible judge and honest witness. This book is concerned with four central questions: Who made the law? Where did a Roman go to discover what the law was? How has the law survived to be known to us today? And what procedures were there for putting the law into effect? In The Sources of Roman Law, the origins of law and their relative weight are described in the light of developing Roman history. This is a topic that appeals to a wide range of readers: the law student will find illumination for the study of the substantive law; the student of history will be guided into an appreciation of what Roman law means as well as its value for the understanding and interpretation of Roman history. Both will find invaluable the description of how the sources have survived to inform our legal system and pose their problems for us.

Greeks and Romans in the Modern World

Author: Roger-Paul Droit
Publisher: East European Monographs
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book discusses the debt we, in the modern world, owe to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Various terms, notions, images, and so on, originated in the ancient world. Contents: Introduction (Roger Droit) ; Could the Romans Answer the Questions We Put to the Greeks? (Jacques Brunschwig) ; Consensus and Values: What is a Eulogy? (Barbara Cassin) ; Greek Political Imagery and the Modern One (Cornelius Castoriadis) ; Suspended Belief (Michel Deguy) ; Political Gods (Marcel Detienne) ; The Concept of Liberty in Antiquity and Modern Times (François Hartog) ; When a Roman Citizen from Africa Wrote: Our Hebrew Ancestors (Christiane Ingremeau) ; Rome in the Late Empire and the Modern Trend