Los Muchachos de Zinc

Author: Svetlana Aleksievich
ISBN: 9788499926292
Format: PDF, Docs
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Una obra maestra con una perspectiva �nica y desgarradora sobre la guerra de Afganist�n, de la Premio Nobel de Literatura 2015, Svetlana Alexi�vich, �la voz de los sin voz�. Entre 1979 y 1989 un mill�n de tropas sovi�ticas combatieron en una guerra devastadora en Afganist�n que provoc� m�s de 50.000 bajas y acab� con la juventud y la humanidad de varias decenas de miles de soldados m�s. Los muertos sovi�ticos volv�an a casa en ata�des de zinc sellados mientras el estado no reconoc�a ni la mera existencia del conflicto. Los muchachos de zinc gener� una inmensa pol�mica y mucha indignaci�n cuando fue publicada originalmente en la URSS: las cr�ticas acusaron a su autora de haber escrito un �texto fantasioso lleno de injurias� y de ser parte de �un coro hist�rico de ataques malignos�. En el libro, Svetlana Alexi�vich presenta el testimonio c�ndido y emocionante de los oficiales y los soldados rasos, de las enfermeras y las prostitutas, las madres, los hijos y las hijas que describen la guerra y sus duraderos efectos. El resultado es una historia turbadora por su brutalidad y reveladora en su parecido a la experiencia estadounidense en Vietnam y m�s tarde en Irak y el mismo Afganist�n. Svetlana Alexievich expone la verdad de la guerra afgano-sovi�tica: la belleza del pa�s y los brutales abusos del ej�rcito, las muertes y las mutilaciones, la profusi�n de productos occidentales, las vidas humilladas y destrozadas de los veteranos. Los muchachos de zinc ofrece una perspectiva �nica, desgarradora e inolvidable sobre la realidad de la guerra. Rese�as: �Por su obra polif�nica, un monumento al sufrimiento y al coraje en nuestro tiempo.� Academia Sueca, fallo del Premio Nobel de Literatura 2015 �La voz de Alexi�vich es mucho m�s que la suma de las voces que recoge, consiguiendo que la guerra sea tan omnipresente y tan personal, tan real, como cualquier relato de ficci�n no lo logr� de cualquier otra guerra.� Philip Gourevitch, The New Yorker �Durante los �ltimos treinta o cuarenta a�os, Alexi�vich se ha dedicado a retratar al individuo sovi�tico y post sovi�tico, pero su obra no es realmente una historia de los acontecimientos. Es una historia de las emociones, lo que nos ofrece es un mundo emocional, una historia del alma.� Sara Danius, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy ENGLISH DESCRIPTION Winner of the Nobel Prize: "For her polyphonic writings, a monument to suffering and courage in our time." ?Swedish Academy, Nobel Prize citation Afghanistan that claimed 50,000 casualties?and the youth and humanity of many tens of thousands more. Creating controversy and outrage when it was first published in the USSR?it was called by reviewers there a "slanderous piece of fantasy" and part of a "hysterical chorus of malign attacks"?Zinky Boys presents the candid and affecting testimony of the officers and grunts, nurses and prostitutes, mothers, sons, and daughters who describe the war and its lasting effects. What emerges is a story that is shocking in its brutality and revelatory in its similarities to the American experience in Vietnam. The Soviet dead were shipped back in sealed zinc coffins (hence the term "Zinky Boys"), while the state denied the very existence of the conflict. Svetlana Alexievich brings us the truth of the Soviet-Afghan War: the beauty of the country and the savage Army bullying, the killing and the mutilation, the profusion of Western goods, the shame and shattered lives of returned veterans. Zinky Boys offers a unique, harrowing, and unforgettably powerful insight into the realities of war.

Animal Triste

Author: Monika Maron
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 9780803282551
Format: PDF
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In an autumnal love story of erotic obsession, possessiveness, remembrance, oblivion, and time, an elderly woman dwells upon a failed love affair of some time past, when she was no longer young but not yet old. The narrator relives meeting her lover, Franz, at the natural history museum, when, for the first time in her life, she experiences all-consuming love and absolute happiness. Ultimately the affair founders because of her inability to believe that Franz will actually leave his wife. After he disappears from her life, she withdraws from the world, waiting for his return and revisiting their time together over and over in a never-ending cycle of obsession. Her love for Franz becomes a compulsive suffering from which she can neither free herself nor withhold anything.

Alfred and Emily

Author: Doris Lessing
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780061862496
Format: PDF, Mobi
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I think my father's rage at the trenches took me over, when I was very young, and has never left me. Do children feel their parents' emotions? Yes, we do, and it is a legacy I could have done without. What is the use of it? It is as if that old war is in my own memory, my own consciousness. In this extraordinary book, the 2007 Nobel Laureate Doris Lessing explores the lives of her parents, each irrevocably damaged by the Great War. Her father wanted the simple life of an English farmer, but shrapnel almost killed him in the trenches, and thereafter he had to wear a wooden leg. Her mother, Emily, spent the war nursing the wounded in the Royal Free Hospital after her great love, a doctor, drowned in the Channel. In the fictional first half of Alfred and Emily, Doris Lessing imagines the happier lives her parents might have made for themselves had there been no war; a story that begins with their meeting at a village cricket match outside Colchester. This is followed by a piercing examination of their relationship as it actually was in the shadow of the Great War, of the family's move to Africa, and of the impact of her parents' marriage on a young woman growing up in a strange land. "Here I still am," says Doris Lessing, "trying to get out from under that monstrous legacy, trying to get free." Triumphantly, with the publication of Alfred and Emily, she has done just that.

Essentials of Management

Author: Andrew DuBrin
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0538478233
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Focus on the fundamental principles and practices of effective management today with DuBrin’s comprehensive, yet concise, ESSENTIALS OF MANAGEMENT, 9E. This brief but thorough new edition functions both as a solid introduction for new students or an in-depth review of core concepts and the latest research and applications for working professionals. Written from the first edition as an essentials text, this book is not a condensation of a larger text, but provides concise, complete coverage that clearly translates the latest research, theories, and management experiences into actual practice. The author’s proven functional approach introduces the role of a manager and today’s managerial environment before exploring critical topics in planning, organizing, leading, and control. This edition addresses emerging issues, such as sustainability and environmental concerns, management in difficult times, employee morale, diverse workforces, and teamwork. New coverage of ethics, personal productivity, the latest information technology, and decision making are also included. Compelling, memorable examples show how leaders effectively apply principles of management in a wide variety of business settings. New action features, new online skill builders, new cases and video cases work with proven exercises and self-assessment quizzes to help readers develop the managerial, interpersonal, and technical skills necessary for outstanding career success. Help your students acquire the knowledge and skills to manage, lead, and successfully compete in today’s rapidly changing business environment with DuBrin’s ESSENTIALS OF MANAGEMENT, 9E. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Rocking Around the Clock

Author: E. Ann Kaplan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317227670
Format: PDF
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The first non-stop rock video channel was launched in the US in 1981. As a unique popular culture form, MTV warrants attention, and in this, the first study of the medium, originally published in 1987, Ann Kaplan examines the cultural context of MTV and its relationship to the history of rock music. The first part of the book focuses on MTV as a commercial institution, on the contexts of production and exhibition of videos, on their similarity to ads, and on the different perspectives of directors and viewers. Does the adoption of adolescent styles and iconography signal an open-minded acceptance of youth’s subversive stances; or does it rather suggest a cynicism by which profit has become the only value? In the second part of the book, Kaplan turns to the rock videos themselves, and from the mass of material that flows through MTV she identifies five distinct types of video: the ‘romantic’, the ‘socially conscious’, the ‘nihilistic’, the ‘classical’, and the ‘postmodern’. There are detailed analyses of certain videos; and Kaplan focuses particularly on gender issues in videos by both male and female stars. The final chapter explores the wider implications of MTV. What does the channel tell us about the state of youth culture at the time?

The Future of Political Science

Author: Harold D. Lasswell
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351482408
Format: PDF, ePub
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Harold D. Lasswell is arguably the quintessential face of political science to the larger public of the past century. However, there is a side to Lasswell less well known, but of special importance in this day and age: the place of the profession of politics as an academic activity. This book, written at the start of the culture wars thirty years ago, outlines the basic core position of political science practitioners. It helps to explain why the field kept its collective cool, when other social science professionals veered to more extreme activist positions.The Future of Political Science grew out of the phenomenally rapid expansion of the study of government in the United States and elsewhere. The study of professionalism among physical scientists, lawyers, engineers, etc. was not matched by such internal examination within the social sciences until much later. Lasswell's overview centered on developments in the United States. There unfettered study of government reached unprecedented heights in the final stage of the twentieth century. The key concept of this volume, one that continues to inform discourse, is the relationship of political science as a mechanism for the study and teaching of the political system to the field as a tool of the Establishment. This concern grew in the wake of a variety of scandals and secret support sponsored by both government and non-government organizations alike.The Future of Political Science covers areas ranging from membership size and disparities, intervention scenarios in world events, the nature of creativity in political research collaboration in projects with the other social sciences, and the location of scientific centers of gravity in the study of politics. Because of Lasswell's works we have a field of the political science of knowledge as well as the sociology of knowledge.Harold D. Lasswell served as Ford Foundation Professor of the Social Sciences at Yale University, Distinguished Professor of Policy Sciences at Joh

Models of Doom

Author: H. S. D. Cole
Publisher: Universe Pub
ISBN: 9780876639054
Format: PDF
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Scrutinizes the technical aspects and ideological background of the MIT world models on the future of mankind

Global Sustainability

Author: Gilberto C. Gallopín
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134501935
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Unprecedented levels of wealth, technology and institutional capacity can forge a just, peaceful and ecologically resilient future. However, the authors argue, social polarization, geo-political conflict and environmental degradation are threatening the long-term well-being of humanity and the planet. Global Sustainability explores the alternative futures that could emerge from the resolution of these antagonisms. Based on extensive international and interdisciplinary research, the book identifies the perils of market-driven scenarios and considers the possibility of the failure of conventional approaches. It also, however, presents a vision of the possibility of a 'Great Transition' in which revised human values and development goals bring a new stage of civilization. It will be essential reading for all scholars and professionals interested in the future of the environment, international affairs, and sustainable development.

Encyclopaedia of Superstitions A History of Superstition

Author: M. Radford
Publisher: Read Books Ltd
ISBN: 1447496108
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The first book to deal with the history and source of complete superstitions which exist, or have existed among British people throughout the world. They are presented in encyclopaedic form, so that any individual superstition, or collective superstitions related to one particular subject, can be found under a specified heading. Some 2300 superstitions are listed in a work of over 230,000 words. Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Home Farm Books are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.