Losing Streak

Author: Kristine Wyllys
Publisher: Carina Press
ISBN: 1426899041
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Happiness doesn't come without a price. Rosemary Young knows the Lane. It's where she grew up, raising a brother barely younger than she was. It's where she served drinks, wearing a gaudy uniform in a low-lit bar to support her mama. It's where she fell for a boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Brandon Williams might've had a taste for gambling and been headed nowhere fast, but something about him made her almost forget every promise she ever made. These days when Rosie walks the Lane, it's on the orders of the man who owns it. The man who owns her—Joshua King. A bet gone wrong ties her to him, serving as the collateral Brandon didn't have. For Brandon the guilt is a white-hot brand, but Rosie can't bring herself to regret it completely. The safety of those she loves is worth the sacrifice. Now King's called Brandon back to town early and given Rosie one last job to do before they're free. Nothing—not even King—will keep Brandon from Rosie, not after three years of simply existing without her. And before it's all over, everything that had been done in darkness will come to light and nothing in their lives will ever be the same again. 67,000 words

Here Comes Duke The Drive for Five

Author: The Herald-Sun
Publisher: Triumph Books
ISBN: 1629371920
Format: PDF, Docs
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The 2014–15 season will be etched in the memories of Duke fans forever. The Blue Devils won the program's fifth national championship and Coach Mike Krzyzewski collected his unprecedented 1,000th career win. Freshmen Jahlil Okafor, Tyus Jones, and Justise Winslow led Duke to a 28–3 regular season record, including seven wins over ranked teams. Here Comes Duke is the official championship book commemorating the Blue Devils' amazing journey. Featuring more than 100 exclusive photographs from Duke Athletics and expert analysis from the Herald-Sun, fans will relive this unforgettable season, from early wins over Michigan State and Wisconsin to midseason struggles against NC State, Miami, and Notre Dame to the final seconds in Indianapolis. This commemorative book also includes a foreword by senior Quinn Cook and feature stories on Krzyzewski, Cook, Okafor, Jones, Winslow, Grayson Allen, and more.

The Man from Primrose Lane

Author: James Renner
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472100158
Format: PDF, ePub
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Rewind: Once upon a time in Ohio there lived an elderly recluse, 'the man from Primrose Lane'. He had no friends or family. He wore mittens all year round. And one summers day, he was murdered. Fast-Forward: Bestselling author David Neff is a broken man, lonely, desolate and lost ever since his wife's suicide. But something about the man from Primrose Lane grabs his attention and he decides to investigate the mystery - only to be dragged back into a world he thought he had left behind forever. Replay: As David gets closer to uncovering the true identity of the man from Primrose Lane, he begins to understand the terrible power of his own obsessions and how they may be connected to the deaths of both the hermit and his beloved wife.

Death Offerings The Northland Crime Chronicles Book 2

Author: Alicia Dean
Publisher: ePublishing Works!
ISBN: 1614176213
Format: PDF, ePub
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Detective Lane Brody and Monroe Donovan, The Northland Chronicles' newest female crime reporter, are face-to-face with a chance for happiness. Then Brody's wife--incarcerated in a mental institution after murdering the man she took as a lover--begins to recover. Now Monroe wants to put distance between herself and Brody, but Brody is under orders to keep Monroe close in order to nab the Penny Killer who leaves macabre gifts on his victims in Monroe's name. As the body count rises and the Penny Killer grows more enamored with Monroe, Brody decides if he can't spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves, he'll gladly die to protect her. REVIEWS: "...quite interesting and well done." ~In D'tale Magazine THE NORTHLAND CRIME CHRONICLES, in series order Death Notice Death Offerings THE ISLE OF FANGS SERIES, in order Liberty Awakened Liberty Divided

Faking it Alles nur ein Spiel

Author: Cora Carmack
ISBN: 3802596579
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Max Miller hat ein Problem: Ihre Eltern haben sich zu einem Besuch angekündigt, und all die beschönigenden Halbwahrheiten, die sie ihnen über ihr Leben in Philadelphia erzählt hat, drohen aufzufliegen. Vor allem ihr Freund Mace ist mit seinen Tätowierungen alles andere als vorzeigbar. Da trifft Max den angehenden Schauspieler Cade und bittet ihn, sich ihren Eltern gegenüber als ihr Freund auszugeben. Doch Cade spielt seine Rolle zu gut, und Max weiß schon bald nicht mehr, wo ihr Spiel endet und wo echte Gefühle beginnen ...

Jeremy Lin

Author: Pete DiPrimio
Publisher: Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 1612284043
Format: PDF, Docs
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Inspired by his father, Jeremy Lin learned how to play basketball at the local YMCA with his brothers. Growing up in California, it wasn’t until high school that Jeremy started to play basketball for the school team. He was an outstanding student, but he was picked on for being a skinny and weak basketball player. Just before his senior year in high school, he was chosen to attend Harvard, where he would go on to become an Ivy League player. He was signed by the Golden State Warriors, but wasn’t given much opportunity to play. At the end of 2011, he was signed by the Knicks and led them to seven straight victories, which sparked a global following that became known as Linsanity. In 2012, he signed a three–year contract with the Houston Rockets. He started the Jeremy Lin Foundation to help underprivileged kids and communities. Will Linsanity continue to unfold . . . only time will tell.

Double Dip

Author: Gretchen Archer
ISBN: 9781938383953
Format: PDF
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Things are dicey at work. A personal assistant goes missing, a little old lady goes on a suspicious winning streak, and a Bellissimo executive goes gaga for Davis Way. She follows a disappearing slot-tournament player trail to the So Help Me God Pentecostal Church in Beehive, Alabama, then jumps headlong into a high stakes holy scandal. She's on a losing streak at home, too. Her days, nights, and dinners run together, as Davis juggles a revolving door of uninvited guests, namely her rotten ex-ex-husband, Eddie Crawford. And Bradley Cole thinks three's a crowd. The worst? Davis doesn't feel so hot. Maybe it's the banana pudding, or maybe it's a little bundle of something else.