Lost Restaurants of Denver

Author: Robert Autobee
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1625852398
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sample the hearty helpings at the Hungry Dutchman and the dainty morsels at the Denver Dry Goods Tearoom to get a taste of a tradition rich with innovation, hard work, and crazy ideas. Waitresses, chefs, owners, and suppliers bring back the restaurants of yesteryear by sharing success stories and signature recipes. Just don't be surprised by sudden cravings for savory cannolis from Carbones, rich Mija Pie from Baur's, egg rolls at the Lotus Room, or chile rellenos at Casa Mayan.

Lost Restaurants of Tulsa

Author: Rhys A. Martin
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1439665893
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In the early twentieth century, Tulsa was the "Oil Capital of the World." The rush of roughnecks and oil barons built a culinary foundation that not only provided traditional food and diner fare but also inspired upper-class experiences and international cuisine. Tulsans could reserve a candlelit dinner at the Louisiane or cruise along the Restless Ribbon with a pit stop at Pennington's. Generations of regulars depended on family-owned establishments such as Villa Venice, The Golden Drumstick and St. Michael's Alley. Join author Rhys Martin on a gastronomic journey through time, from the Great Depression to the days of "Liquor by the Wink" and the Oil Bust of the 1980s.

Lost Denver

Author: Mark Barnhouse
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 1439652775
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Newcomers to the “Mile-High City” of Denver, whether arriving during the 19th, 20th, or 21st centuries, have often remarked on how new the city seems, and how proud its citizens are of it. Heady boom times at various intervals have inspired successive waves of city builders eager to make their mark by building grand, new edifices. Often, these new wonders replaced older structures that earlier Denverites had once seen as great accomplishments. As Denver has grown to become the hub of a major American metropolis, remnants of its earlier heritage have vanished into history, leaving newcomers to ponder, “What makes Denver Denver?” and longtime residents to ask, “Where has my Denver gone?” Lost Denver celebrates what the city once built and has since lost, along with what has made it unique, exploring where and how Denverites once worked, shopped, and played.

Denver Omelet

Author: Emma Sabin
ISBN: 9780595456659
Format: PDF, Docs
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If you've ever had trouble deciding where to go for breakfast or brunch in the Denver area, this guide will help. Restaurants are listed alphabetically with information about children's menu, handicapped access, patio dining, as well as breakfast hours and the parking situation. If they have a website, it's listed, too, along with an occasional pithy comment by the author. If you tend to get lost around Denver, there's even an index of restaurants for each part of town and the suburbs.

True West

Author: Sam Shepard
ISBN: 9783425048406
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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"True West is a character study that examines the relationship between Austin, a screenwriter, and his older brother Lee. It is set in the kitchen of their mother's home 40 miles east of Los Angeles. Austin is house-sitting while their mother is in Alaska, and there he is confronted by his brother, who proceeds to bully his way into staying at the house and using Austin's car. In addition, the screenplay which Austin is pitching to his connection in Hollywood somehow gets taken over by the pushy con-man tactics of Lee, and the brothers find themselves forced to cooperate in the creation of a story that will make or break both their lives"--Sam-Shepard.com.

John Denver and Me

Author: Jeannie St. Marie
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781469705750
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Some people are destined to meet. This is a true story about the life of John Denver and how his life crossed paths with the life of a free-spirited Pan Am flight attendant he was destined to meet and get to know. This is a hugely entertaining and informative book about the immense impact that John Denver's music and his humanity had on the planet.

Soul Food

Author: Adrian Miller
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469607638
Format: PDF
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2014 James Beard Foundation Book Award, Reference and Scholarship Honor Book for Nonfiction, Black Caucus of the American Library Association In this insightful and eclectic history, Adrian Miller delves into the influences, ingredients, and innovations that make up the soul food tradition. Focusing each chapter on the culinary and social history of one dish--such as fried chicken, chitlins, yams, greens, and "red drinks--Miller uncovers how it got on the soul food plate and what it means for African American culture and identity. Miller argues that the story is more complex and surprising than commonly thought. Four centuries in the making, and fusing European, Native American, and West African cuisines, soul food--in all its fried, pork-infused, and sugary glory--is but one aspect of African American culinary heritage. Miller discusses how soul food has become incorporated into American culture and explores its connections to identity politics, bad health raps, and healthier alternatives. This refreshing look at one of America's most celebrated, mythologized, and maligned cuisines is enriched by spirited sidebars, photographs, and twenty-two recipes.

Salz Fett S ure Hitze

Author: Samin Nosrat
Publisher: Antje Kunstmann
ISBN: 3956142829
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Samin Nosrat verdichtet ihre reiche Erfahrung als Köchin und Kochlehrerin zu einem so einfachen wie revolutionären Ansatz. Es geht dabei um die vier zentralen Grundlagen guten Kochens: Salz, Fett, Säure und Hitze. Salz – das die Aromen vertieft. Fett – das sie trägt und attraktive Konsistenzen ermöglicht. Säure – die alle Aromen ausbalanciert. Und Hitze – die die Konsistenz eines Gerichts letztendlich bestimmt. Wer mit diesen vier Elementen souverän umgeht, kann exzellent kochen, ohne sich an Rezepte klammern zu müssen. Voller profundem Wissen, aber mit leichter Hand und gewinnendem Ton führt Nosrat in alle theoretischen und praktischen Aspekte guten Kochens ein, vermittelt Grundlagen und Küchenchemie und verrät jede Menge inspirierender Tipps und Tricks. In über 100 unkomplizierten Rezepten wird das Wissen vertieft und erprobt: frische Salate, perfekt gewürzte Saucen, intensiv schmeckende Gemüsegerichte, die besten Pastas, 13 Huhn-Varianten, zartes Fleisch, köstliche Kuchen und Desserts. Samin Nosrats Rezepte ermuntern zum Ausprobieren und zum Improvisieren. Angereichert mit appetitanregenden Illustrationen und informativen Grafiken ist dieses Buch ein unverzichtbarer Küchenkompass, der Anfänger genauso glücklich macht wie geübte Köche.