Making History Graphic Types of Students Work in History

Author: Daniel C. Knowlton
Publisher: Ferrero Press
ISBN: 1443717576
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Making History Graphic; Types Of Students' Work In History. FOREWORD One of the sound principles of current education is that no one can get another persons education for him. The teacher can condition the pupil, provide the materials, pry open a box of new ideas, while the student has his intellectual eyes turned in the right direction but the pupil must capture ideas for himself and find his own means of fastening them to objects within the territory which he already occupies. True, the teacher may strike his opening wedge into hollow and resounding storecases, and open them with fervor without knowing how empty they are. Both teacher and student may pass to one another hollow words as symbols for ideas that are absent. The true teachers task is to expose real ideas to the sensitive recording emulsion which an awakened student provides. Then teacher and student may co-operate in developing the deposit of siIver or other precious substance, but the student holds the negative and he alone can print his completed picture. History presents unexcelled opportunities for the types of student work just suggested. Things to be done by the student are constantly appearing to those who can see new things in an old landscape. This book contains samples of such student work. Many of them are in themselves highly instructive. Their best use, however, may be not in themselves but in suggesting to students elsewhere the hundreds of other good ways for giving graphic and lasting meaning to various factors in history. The book is presented, not as a text in history, nor as a connected study of any one phase or period of history, but as a series of illustrations of ways in which one teachers students have used historical data and situations in the progress of their studies.