Residential Duct Systems Manual D

Author: Acca
Publisher: Debolsillo
ISBN: 9781892765437
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Third Edition of ANSI/ACCA Manual D is the Air Conditioning Contractorsof America procedure for sizing residential duct systems. This procedureuses Manual J (ANSI/ACCA, Eighth Edition) heating and cooling loads todetermine space air delivery requirements. This procedure matches duct system resistance (pressure drop) to blower performance (as defined by manufacture's blower performance tables). This assures that appropriate airflow is delivered toall rooms and spaces; and that system airflow is compatible with the operatingrange of primary equipment. The capabilities and sensitivities of this procedureare compatible with single-zone systems, and multi-zone (air zoned) systems. The primary equipment can have a multi-speed blower (PSC motor), or avariable-speed blower (ECM or constant torque motor, or a true variable speed motor).Edition Three, Version 2.50 of Manual D (D3) specifically identifiesnormative requirements, and specifically identifies related informative material.

Technician s Guide for Quality Installations

Author: Air Conditioning Contractors of America
ISBN: 9781892765420
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Explains the HVAC Quality Installation (QI) Specification procedures. Steps that are necessary for the technician to complete and document for compliance with HVAC QI Specification are discussed in detail.

Residential Equipment Selection

Author: Hank Rutkowski
ISBN: 9781892765581
Format: PDF
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"The second edition of ACCA Manual S is the Air Conditioning Contractors of America procedure for selecting and sizing heating and cooling equipment for single family homes, and low-rise multi-family dwellings."--Page i.

Manual T

Author: Hank Rutkowski
Publisher: Air Conditioning Contractors of
ISBN: 9781892765062
Format: PDF, Docs
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