Math Matters

Author: Suzanne H. Chapin
Publisher: Math Solutions
ISBN: 9780941355711
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Shows teachers the "why" behind the procedures they teach in elementary math.

Math Matters

Author: Heather Rose
Publisher: Public Policy Instit. of CA
ISBN: 9781582130293
Format: PDF
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This study examines the relationship between taking advanced math courses in high school and labor force earnings 10 years after graduation. The authors theorize that students with more opportunity to take higher-level math courses have two good results, the increased chances of a richer high school curriculum resulting in higher graduation rates from college and increased cognitive ability and overall productivity. According to the authors, both factors correlate to higher earnings in later life.

Math Matters Book 3

Author: Chicha Lynch
Publisher: Thomson South-Western
ISBN: 9780538611244
Format: PDF, Docs
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Based on the principles of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards, this textbook and supporting teacher materials offer opportunities for students to explore mathematics through cooperative learning, to infer mathematical concepts through the use of manipulatives, to speak and write about mathematics with confidence, to make mathematical connections relating mathematical concepts to everyday life, and to critically examine problems and arrive at solutions.

Math matters

Author: James V. Rauff
Publisher: Wiley
Format: PDF
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Designed to aid readers in developing mathematical problem solving skills and to realize how math is a part of modern society. Comprises such subjects as statistics, relations, money, probability, graphs, decision making, codes, logic and languages. In each of the mathematical topics an authentic situation is described and a question arising from it posed, followed by an exploration of possible solutions. The formal math needed to solve the problem is then introduced. Packed with practice exercises to reinforce understanding.