Bloody Mayhem Down South

Author: Trayvon Jackson
Publisher: Good2go Publishing
Format: PDF
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South Florida's most powerful drug lord Haitian Black has never been one to give in to paranoia. He fears no man. Even in the dope game, which he dominates. Black is head of the snake to the notorious Haitian Mafia. A deadly, vicious, well-armed and well-manned drug syndicate that is responsible for moving large quantities of weight throughout the state. Like any good underworld Kingpin though Black has enemies. One in particular goes by the name Haitian Polo. A high ranking member of the infamous Zo'pound gang. What Zo'pound lacks in manpower and reach, they make up for with a high level of extreme violence that they reign down upon their most hated enemies. One day when Black and his organization come under attack he instantly suspects Polo. As Black plots a swift response it starts to become clear that Polo isn't the mastermind behind the hits. A new player has arrived on the scene. Will Black be able to shift his focus from Polo in time to defeat this deadly new enemy?


Author: Kara Parker
Publisher: E-Book Publishing World Inc.
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mayhem is book 3 and the finale of the Los Desperados MC trilogy!​ I can’t trust her, but that doesn’t mean I’m keeping my hands off her. I don’t take no for an answer, and I get things done—whatever it takes. So when our latest heist lands us the best runner from our rival club, it’s up to me to pry the words out of her mouth. Easier said than done. She’s a maniac on the road and a bigger freak between the sheets. With lips begging to be kissed and curves screaming to be tamed. She thinks she can beat me, she thinks she can lie. But she better get in line, because if she doesn’t… … I’ve got orders to put a bullet between her eyes.

Operation Mayhem

Author: Steve Heaney, MC
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1409148467
Format: PDF, Kindle
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2,000 blood-crazed rebels. 26 elite British soldiers. One man's explosive true story. Airlifted into the heart of the Sierra Leone jungle in the midst of the bloody civil war in 2000, 26 elite operators from the secret British elite unit X Platoon were sent into combat against thousands of Sierra Leonean rebels. Notorious for their brutality, the rebels were manned with captured UN armour, machine-guns and grenade-launchers, while the men of X Platoon were kitted with pitiful supplies of ammunition, malfunctioning rifles, and no body armour, grenades or heavy weapons. Intended to last only 48 hours, the mission mutated into a 16-day siege against the rebels, as X Platoon were denied the back-up and air support they had been promised, and were forced to make their stand alone. The half-starved soldiers, surviving on bush tucker, fought with grenades made from old food-tins and defended themselves with barricades made of sharpened bamboo-sticks, tipped in poison given to them by local villagers. Sergeant Steve Heaney won the Military Cross for his initiative in taking command after the platoon lost their commanding officer. OPERATION MAYHEM recounts his amazing untold true story, full of the rough-and-ready humour and steely fortitude with which these elite soldiers carried out operations far into hostile terrain.

Mobility without Mayhem

Author: Jeremy Packer
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822388901
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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While Americans prize the ability to get behind the wheel and hit the open road, they have not always agreed on what constitutes safe, decorous driving or who is capable of it. Mobility without Mayhem is a lively cultural history of America’s fear of and fascination with driving, from the mid-twentieth century to the present. Jeremy Packer analyzes how driving has been understood by experts, imagined by citizens, regulated by traffic laws, governed through education and propaganda, and represented in films, television, magazines, and newspapers. Whether considering motorcycles as symbols of rebellion and angst, or the role of CB radio in regulating driving and in truckers’ evasions of those regulations, Packer shows that ideas about safe versus risky driving often have had less to do with real dangers than with drivers’ identities. Packer focuses on cultural figures that have been singled out as particularly dangerous. Women drivers, hot-rodders, bikers, hitchhikers, truckers, those who “drive while black,” and road ragers have all been targets of fear. As Packer debunks claims about the dangers posed by each figure, he exposes biases against marginalized populations, anxieties about social change, and commercial and political desires to profit by fomenting fear. Certain populations have been labeled as dangerous or deviant, he argues, to legitimize monitoring and regulation and, ultimately, to curtail access to automotive mobility. Packer reveals how the boundary between personal freedom and social constraint is continually renegotiated in discussions about safe, proper driving.

Norfolk Mayhem Murder

Author: Maurice Morson
Publisher: Wharncliffe
ISBN: 1783408502
Format: PDF, ePub
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Maurice Morson has reconstructed, in painstaking detail, several of the most shocking and intriguing episodes from Norfolk's criminal history for this gripping study. He recalls the extraordinary case of Richard Nockolds, the violent weaver who revelled in assault, arson and machine-wrecking; the two cut-throats who were hanged for killing Hannah Mansfield; Herbert Bennett, found guilty of strangling his wife with a bootlace; Rosa Kowen who may - or may not - have battered her husband to death; John Stratford who murdered the wrong man; Samuel Yarham, the prosecution witness and real murderer; William Jacobs and Thomas Allen, both convicted of killing policemen; and, perhaps the most infamous case of all, the Burnham Westgate multiple murders. To these cases Maurice Morson has applied his skill as a historical researcher and his forensic experience as a former detective. Each case is closely reviewed, and the evidence is questioned. He gives a vivid insight into the local background, the personalities of the individuals involved, their relationships, the means by which the crimes were committed, and the workings of the police force and the justice system which often seems, to our modern eyes, clumsy and mistaken. This engrossing new book confirms Maurice Morson's reputation as the leading chronicler of crime in the county.


Author: Cat Mason
Publisher: Cat Mason
Format: PDF, ePub
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Cheyenne West grew up living and breathing the club life. Being the daughter of a founding member, the Twisted Mayhem MC is the only family she has ever known. While coming to terms with the secret life of her traitorous husband, and the guilt that comes along with having slept with the enemy, Shy learns that the danger is far from over. For M.C. playboy, Jason Schrader, life is all about chasing the next rush. Taking every day at full-throttle, Schrader lives every octane-fueled minute like it could be his last. When ties are severed with a former ally, threats come at the club from every direction, putting everyone he cares about at risk. After a club vote puts Schrader in charge of keeping Cheyenne safe, he makes it his mission to put a smile back on her face. One adrenaline-laced kiss changes everything. The spark that ignites between them has Schrader addicted from the jump and ready to fight for something he never knew he was capable of wanting. There is a war raging in Legion Falls and the battle lines are drawn in blood as the club is faced with new enemies. Can Schrader hold onto his new addiction while the bullets fly? Or will Troy’s secrets come back to haunt Cheyenne and light fire to everything she touches?

Blood and Smoke

Author: Charles Leerhsen
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439149054
Format: PDF, Mobi
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One hundred years ago, 40 cars lined up for the first Indianapolis 500. We are still waiting to find out who won. The Indy 500 was created to showcase the controversial new sport of automobile racing, which was sweeping the country. Daring young men were driving automobiles at the astonishing speed of 75 miles per hour, testing themselves and their vehicles. With no seat belts, hard helmets or roll bars, the dangers were enormous. When the Indianapolis Motor Speedway opened in 1909, seven people were killed, some of them spectators. Oil-slicked surfaces, clouds of smoke, exploding tires, and flying grit all made driving extremely hazardous, especially with the open-cockpit, windshield-less vehicles. Bookmakers offered bets not only on who might win but who might survive. But this book is about more than a race--it is the story of America at the dawn of the automobile age, a country in love with speed, danger, and spectacle.--From publisher description.

Prescription for Mayhem

Author: B. Steven Mohnarke
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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America is sick! Gangs are rampant, drugs everywhere, unemployment at record highs, everything made overseas, astronomical national debt, & a bankrupt economy. Congress takes DRASTIC steps; creating the GUIDANCE & DIRECTION COMMITTEE, five people with enough power to enact laws. This committee is told to solve gangs, drugs & other problems facing America. The committee head, Congressman Samuel Bunker, knows everything done to halt or slow drug abuse in the past has failed. He comes up with a radical solution. "THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY," SAM BUNKER SOFTLY UTTERED, "WE CAN ELIMINATE THE MANUFACTURER & PUSHER FOREVER." HE WHISPERED, "LEGALIZE DRUGS." The committee makes drugs legal. ALL drugs. Prescriptions are no longer needed. America goes CRAZY with this new freedom. Seven people are followed in this insightful book before & after legalization occurs; a postman scared of drugs, a hypochondriac welfare recipient, a young plumber who likes drugs, an emergency room doctor, a forty-year old secretary addicted to drugs, a young artist seeking creativity & a policeman. Their reactions & lifestyle changes to drug legalization are profound. FINALLY - A BOOK WHERE YOU "REALLY" THINK ABOUT DRUG LEGALIZATION & SOLVING THE DRUG PROBLEM ONCE & FOR ALL!--B. KOPPANY III. Striking Impression, P.O. Box 926, Hawthorne, CA 90251-0926. 1-310-644-6796.

Revenge of Zeeka

Author: Brenda Mohammed
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781532898082
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Blood, Mayhem, and Horror.A vengeful mysterious scientist, zika virus, zombies unleashing terror, and two cool detectives, all in an island setting, will send chills up your spine in this Horror Trilogy which is suitable for both young adults and mature persons.Join the hunt in this gory tale of futuristic zombies and their clever Mastermind Zeeka.Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy is a multi-layered zombie tale in the year 2036 in a small exotic island called Gosh. High - tech methods used in the year 2036 for zombie killing will amaze readers.If you like fast- paced action, themes that make you think, and intriguing sub-plots with love and romance, you will love this science fiction action novella.