Forgotten Blitzes

Author: Claudia Baldoli
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1441147519
Format: PDF, Mobi
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France and Italy account for fully one third of all Allied bombs dropped on Europe between 1940 and 1945. Italy received some 370,000 tons of bombs, nearly five times the total dropped on Britain by the Luftwaffe; France, over 570,000, nearly eight times the British figure. In each country, over 55,000 civilians died. Until now, studies of bombing in World War 2 have focused largely on the British and German experiences; few cover France or Italy. Forgotten Blitzes aims to remedy this. It explains the reasons for the Allied offensives, and uses political, social and cultural approaches to explore the challenges faced by states and peoples as the bombs fell. Massive research in local and national archives across four countries, complemented by diaries and personal memoirs, has allowed the authors to build a detailed, comparative picture of the impact of bombing on states, local authorities and individuals.

Dissent Protest and Dispute in Africa

Author: Toyin Falola
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1315413086
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book provides unique and detailed perspectives on different aspects of dissent, protest and disputes and how these have, in turn, continued to pose challenges in Africa. The contributors argue that, dissent, protest and most forms of disputes in Africa are the result of daily challenges that its people have faced and continue to encounter to this day. These challenges include, amongst others, demands for transparency, good governance and accountability; waves of instability that have created insecurity in most parts of the continent, an unsustainable level of youth unemployment, rapid population growth, a continent-wide healthcare and poverty crises and numerous environmental challenges. The chapters elevate the debates on dissent, protest and disputes/conflict in Africa by adding new ideas and introducing new and useful interpretations. The book’s strength lies in the contributors’ ability to conflate colonial and postcolonial tendencies to show how challenges of the past are not so different from those of today, while also presenting important historical issues from various scholarly perspectives. Dissent, Protest and Dispute in Africa will be of interest for students and scholars of African history, politics, and culture as well as those interested in social movements and civil society.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos 1933 1945 vol III

Author: Geoffrey P. Megargee
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253023866
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This monumental seven-volume encyclopedia, prepared by the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, examines the universe of camps and ghettos)—more than 40,000 in all—that the Nazis and their allies operated, from Norway to North Africa and from France to Russia. Volume III describes sites under the control of states that aligned themselves with Nazi Germany, as allies, satellite countries, or independent collaborationist regimes. For a variety of reasons, France, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, and other such states each undertook the persecution, and often the murder, of people it considered undesirable or threatening. Such target groups included Jews, who were often killed directly or handed over to the Germans. Other victims spanned any number of ethnic or national groups, or political or military opponents. Each state created its own unique mix of detention sites under a variety of agencies, but all with goals that mirrored those of Nazi Germany. From the far north of Finland to France’s west African colonies, this network of sites did its work with little or no input from the Germans. This volume, with its descriptions of the individual sites and broad introductions to the regimes that governed them, adds to our understanding of a system that was truly European in scale, and not solely a German undertaking.

R sistance d portation

Author: Sabine Zeitoun
ISBN: 9782950791016
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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" [...] Tous nous devons savoir, ou nous souvenir que lorsqu'ils parlaient en public, Hitler et Mussolini étaient crus, applaudis, admirés, adorés comme des dieux [...] Les idées qu'ils proclamaient n'étaient pas toujours les mêmes et étaient en général aberrantes, stupides ou cruelles ; et pourtant ils furent acclamés et suivis jusqu'à leur mort par des milliers de fidèles. Il faut rappeler que ces fidèles, et parmi eux les exécuteurs zélés d'ordres inhumains, n'étaient pas des bourreaux-nés, ce n'étaient pas - sauf rares exceptions - des monstres, c'étaient des hommes quelconques [...] ". Primo Levi Si c'est un homme, Editions Julliard, 1990 Une vingtaine d'historiens ont participé à la réalisation de ce catalogue de l'exposition permanente du Centre d'Histoire de la Résistance et de la Déportation. Riche de plus de 600 photographies et documents d'archives, cet ouvrage résume l'essentiel de ce qu'il convient de connaître sur l'histoire de cette période.

Mein Kampf

Author: Adolf Hitler
ISBN: 9781911417682
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Als glUckliche Bestimmung gilt es mir heute, da das Schicksal mir zum Geburtsort gerade Braunau am Inn zuwies. Liegt doch dieses StAdtchen an der Grenze jener zwei deutschen Staaten, deren Wiedervereinigung mindestens uns JUngeren als eine mit allen Mitteln durchzufUhrende Lebensaufgabe erscheint! DeutschOsterreich mu wieder zurUck zum groen deutschen Mutterlande, und zwar nicht aus GrUnden irgendwelcher wirtschaftlichen ErwAgungen heraus. Nein, nein: Auch wenn diese Vereinigung, wirtschaftlich gedacht, gleichgUltig, ja selbst wenn sie schAdlich wAre, sie mUte dennoch stattfinden. Gleiches Blut gehOrt in ein gemeinsames Reich. Das deutsche Volk besitzt solange kein moralisches Recht zu kolonialpolitischer TAtigkeit, solange es nicht einmal seine eigenen SOhne in einem gemeinsamen Staat zu fassen vermag. Erst wenn des Reiches Grenze auch den letzten Deutschen umschliet, ohne mehr die Sicherheit seiner ErnAhrung bieten zu kOnnen, ersteht aus der Not des eigenen Volkes das moralische Recht zur Erwerbung fremden Grund und Bodens. Der Pflug ist dann das Schwert, und aus den TrAnen des Krieges erwAchst fUr die Nach welt das tAgliche Brot. So scheint mir dieses kleine GrenzstAdtchen das Symbol einer groen Aufgabe zu sein.