Mending the World

Author: Bruce Epperly
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress Pub
ISBN: 9780806690339
Format: PDF, Docs
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What we once thought to be solid ground has shifted. Our faith is tested. As we struggle for balance and a spiritual center, it is a time for new answers to some very old questions. Infusing tradition with innovation, Rabbi Lewis Solomon and United Church of Christ minister Bruce Epperly present a vision for our wholeness as spiritual siblings, joining our spiritual growth for the transformation of the world. Mending the World draws on the deepest insights and unique synthesis of Judaism and Christianity to shape a creative spirituality that affirms: Mending the World is a frontier book, uniting the essential truths of Judaism and Christianity to nurture spiritual growth through prayer, meditation, healing imagery, affirmations to nurture the healing of body, mind, and spirit, and spiritual practices for communal healing.

Reiki Healing Touch

Author: Bruce G. Epperly
Publisher: Wood Lake Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 9781896836751
Format: PDF, Docs
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One of the first books to offer a broadened understanding of the spiritual depth of Reiki healing touch by examining it in the light of one of the world's enduring religions! Explore the origins of Reiki and the Hebraic roots of Jesus' own healing ministry, and discover the use of Reiki in church, hospital, and hospice settings, as well as in the context of the treatment of cancer, chronic and terminal illness, and death and bereavement. Bruce and Katherine Gould Epperly also provide healing rituals and spiritual practices that will help practitioners consciously integrate the inner and outer healing journey.

From Athens to America

Author: Lewis D. Solomon
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 9780739115954
Format: PDF
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From Athens to America calls for the reversal of the withdrawal of the character-forming function from the political domain, arguing for public sector federal, state, and local involvement in character formation. Solomon focuses on four specific virtues to serve as a guide to public policy formation: self-esteem, joy and optimism, equanimity, and personal responsibility. He calls for the public sector to move beyond the efforts of families, faith communities, and civic organizations, and take a vital role in fostering character development and promoting these virtues. Combining political science with philosophy, the Judeo-Christian tradition, and medical research, this book illustrates how we formulate public policies that enable people to grow and develop into healthy humans, what each of us is fully capable of becoming."

Minding the Earth Mending the World

Author: Susan Murphy
Publisher: Picador Australia
ISBN: 1743347502
Format: PDF, Mobi
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We all know our earth is in trouble. But is it beyond repair? Are we stuck with a planetary disaster we cannot hope to address? Despite the reality we find ourselves in, Zen practitioner and author Susan Murphy reminds us of the astounding intelligence and magnificence of nature and argues that not only is it not too late, but that we all have the capacity to embrace this challenge with a sense of hope and reason. By shining a sober light on the current state of emergency, Murphy delivers a brilliant rethink of the crisis we face, radically reimagining the stories we tell ourselves about the world, and illuminating the ways humanity might become the solution, rather than the problem. What if we were to choose courage and resolve, rather than fear? What if we discovered the difference each of us could make and started to listen closely to what the earth is saying, and to our own connections with it? In the tradition of the great eco-theologian Thomas Berry, Minding the Earth, Mending the World offers a profoundly hopeful second chance to engage with what it means to deeply mind the earth once more.

H O P E Healing Ourselves and Planet Earth

Author: Ariole K. Alei
ISBN: 1435703294
Format: PDF, Docs
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"The truth and power in these words will move your mountain if you let them." - Craig Shearer, Founder, Solar Freedom International. "Ariole's clarity of vision dispels the fog that keeps us small and suffering. This truly is the simplicity of healing." - Isabella Lazlo, Founder, Beloved Mother - Nurturing Ourselves and Our Earth. What will it take to motivate humanity from complacency into solution-directed action to resolve our collective crises of global peace, environmental sustainability, poverty and population explosion to name a few? * Awareness * Vision * and Will. In this ground-breaking new book, Ariole K. Alei deftly connects the dots revealing the direct inter-relationship between personal emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing, the healing of the rifts within humanity, and the healing of our relationship with our environment.

Stumbling Toward God

Author: Margaret D. McGee
Publisher: Inner Ocean Pub
ISBN: 9781880913550
Format: PDF, Docs
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Stumbling Toward God traces a woman's spiritual search with an unusual twist-from a self-proclaimed atheist who prays, to unorthodox membership in two radically different churches, the Unitarian and Episcopal. This book is an honest, satisfying read for anyone questioning or seeking a spiritual path. A reading group guide is also included.


Author: Dr. R. Lowery-Hawk D.D., D.R.S., PhD.
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781467060646
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The first Books of "IS", is full of contemplative designs and graftics, along with rhythmic writings. All are created to move gently, your sences, and your brain, to "stiring" you "awake", and into thinking, sensing and obseving the life within you and around you. The writings and graphics are meant to be contemplated upon, and carried into your daily life, so to awaken you to the truth of you and the universe of life here, now, and beyond "here" and the "now". I have also included pages at the end of each chapter for the reader's own inspired writings brought on by the repeated readings, and contemplations of the writings and graphics in this book, so to assist in the activation of your creative and intellectual mind: right and left brain functions. The Books of "IS" came about after my being mysteriously, intuitively guided, for over twenty-eight years, to write down messages of a higher conscious level, on truths of life, myself, and all life in general. The writings in BOOK ONE: The Dance of Becoming, are compiled writings from a higher presence of love that I was receiving, during a strong inter-sensing, to write down what was "calling" to me. This first began occuring during my pre-teens; then again as an adult, during times of great sorrow or/and lonliness. As an adult, and after writing for almost a year, the writings began taking on a deeper nature. They began to change into messages and memories of truth, guidance, and gentle love; coming forth, giving me more of the peace and joy they had been creating within me. The desire to write more "called" often and strongly, yet pleasantly to me; and the experience of it all was: ecstasy! I began to realize that I must have been touching down into deeper parts of myself, and then rising up to the higher parts of me: my Higher Soul! I was then feeling such peace, joy and knowing, that I no longer felt sadness nor lonliness; Instead I felt the great desire and joy to experience and to know more! It felt as if at these times I was my TRUE SELF! I felt complete and all knowing! I felt like I was with the Holies of Holies and the Angels! Then, in the year 1984, I was tellepathicly told by these Sacred Messengers of a higher power/Creator, to put all these writngs into books, and when the time came, publish them to aid all mankind, all existence. From these writings, I receive messages and teachings that went beyond mundane and into the higher planes of existence, connecting me with the Creator of all principles, of all life: There I connected with Holy Messengers of various kinds. I had asked for valadation on all this and soon found myself miraciously being lead to the meeting of those who were Guardians of these ancient, long protected Sacred Truths; along with findings in old books; and other similar occurences and people. These valadations ranged from old mystery schools, of various kinds, to ancient indigenous beliefs on creation, and a higher powerful being; to more modern religions and scientific findings. I also was lead in syn with others, who too, were receiving similar writings with same truths; some written a bit differently. In 1884, I was given the spiritual, tellepathic message, that in the future, I would be compiling these and other writings into books to be published for the world. This was so that many people could be reached more quickly, for the "quickening" had begun.They told me that the writings in this book and in others, were "seed-truths", selectively and rhythmicly placed; camouflaged, seeming at first, to those "not ready", as stories of meer fantasy, so called: "make-believe" and sci-fy. I was told the writings are done this way so to gently but powerfully, unlock the encoded truths within those who hear or read them and view the graphics.These writings therefore, are like camouflaged words/codes, "hidden" to many, but obvious to those who were ready :"remembering", "awakening"; therefore, protected from those who would abuse them and interput them with mis-understanding, in a negative way; thereby, creating too much chaos. The writings then, in the Books of "IS", are written in the forms of story, contemplative quotes, and poetic teachings, with various styles of poetry; delivering Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding. This book's activational process is to assist in the "opening of the door" for: THOSE WHO SEEK TRUTH , AND SEEK THEMSELF. And, it is for: THOSE WHO ARE READY TO KNOW! That "door" opens to the All Knowing Universe of Truth, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding: THE KNOWING: The Supreme Intelligence: Book of Life/Records---The Memories of Truth! These writings then, are "seeds", hidden, yet not, to those who have or are, beginning to awaken and remember. "Seeds" of creation, hidden, yet there, awaiting: "THOSE WHO ARE READY..."