Messengers of Love Light Grace

Author: Terry Lynn Taylor
Publisher: H J Kramer
ISBN: 9781932073461
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Time and time again as humans we box ourselves into corners, lose sight of the important things, and fail to heed the creative and intuitive voices that offer us assistance. According Terry Lynn Taylor, one of the best-known and well-recognized experts on angels, it is in such moments that we should turn to angels. They are always there to help. All we have to do is ask. In her new book, Messengers of Love, Light and Grace, Terry explains how to recognize and access the angels in our lives. She offers a creative approach for having our wants and needs met by calling on our angels to work their magic. According to Terry, this process is far more than angels simply answering our prayers. Rather, they guide us in the right direction through intuitive communications that allow us to generate the answers to our questions and problems ourselves.

The Secret Life of Angels

Author: Ron Rhodes
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 0736948791
Format: PDF
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Popular depictions of angels often have little in common with biblical accounts. How can you separate fact from fiction? With this fascinating and inspirational guide, you'll journey through God's Word and discover who angels are, what they are like, and how they are involved in your life today.


Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1496912616
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Simple, down-to-earth rhyme and free verse poetry of praise to God, the seasons, love, family, friendship, and fulfilling your dreams. A book that inspires the heart of the reader and offers encouragement for daily living. A perfect gift, touching the heart of the giver and the recipient. When life becomes aflutter with busy schedules and abuzz with activities, this book is a refreshing rest from the world of hurry. So kick off your shoes, grab a mug of coffee or tea and enjoy!

The Poetic Messenger

Author: Veronica B. White, MPh
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1491806370
Format: PDF, Kindle
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If you liked Part 1 of The Poetic Messenger, you will love Part 2. Veronica White continues to advocate and tell the story of people, who cannot write or express their ideas, thoughts, or experiences. In order to tell the stories of these wonderful individuals, Veronica puts herself in their shoes and connects with them either emotionally, spiritually, and sexually. As a result, she writes as The Messenger to their pain, joy, and frustrations as depicted in this poetic prose called, Time to Heal: Time to heal Time to set aside unnecessary pills Time to get back on track And take the time to just relax: Smell a rose Bass in the sun Watch the children play and run Time to change your attitude And show a little more gratitude To experts who are trying their best And love ones who comfort in distress Sickness can be unreal But you must continue to live And be thankful for each new day Praying away the pains of yesterday Life is like a vapor of smoke. One minute we’re here Seconds later, we’re gone. Tomorrow isn’t promised, And time waits on no one. When our life on earth is finished, Our mission is done.

Das Licht des Nordens

Author: Jennifer Donnelly
Publisher: Piper Verlag
ISBN: 3492960383
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Der 12. Juli 1906 ist ein schöner, sonniger Tag. Bis man die ertrunkene Grace Brown auf die Veranda des vornehmen Glenmore Hotel legt. Für die junge Mattie, die die Briefe der Toten an ihren Geliebten aufbewahrt, ändert sich mit diesem tragischen Ereignis das ganze Leben... Jennifer Donnelly, die sich von einem wahren Mordfall zu diesem Roman inspirieren ließ, erzählt die ergreifende Geschichte eines jungen Mädchens, das der ländlichen Enge ihrer Heimat zu entfliehen versucht– fesselnder Entwicklungsroman, Kriminalgeschichte und tragischer Liebesroman zugleich.