Author: Larry Vance
ISBN: 9781775283416
Format: PDF, Kindle
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On March 8th, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, with 239 people on board, disappeared into the dark of the night, never to be heard from again. The disappearance of MH370 has been described as the "greatest mystery in the history of aviation." No one has been able to determine what really happened. Until now...

MH370 Mystery Solved

Author: Alfred Goh Ker Hong
Publisher: Experiences & Experiments Books Pte Ltd
ISBN: 9814580988
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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On March 8, news of the disappearance of MH370 affected many civilians, especially the Malaysians. I, a pilot, decided to be in the search-and-rescue operation. When the search helicopter sank in the Bermuda Triangle, I was the only one who survived. Then, I had bad encounters with some monsters. Did I survive? Was MH370 found? Please read to find out!

Wo ist MH370 DuMont True Tales

Author: Bastian Berbner
Publisher: Dumont Reiseverlag
ISBN: 3770199073
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Es ist eines der größten Rätsel der Luftfahrtgeschichte, das Verschwinden des Jets MH370. Forscher aus aller Welt suchen das Wrack. Seit Jahren. Doch die Hoffnung der Hinterbliebenen gilt einem Amerikaner, der Indiana Jones verehrt und einzig seinem Instinkt folgt. Blaine Gibson hat Flug MH370 zu seinem Leben gemacht. Dies ist seine Geschichte. Die E-Book Ausgabe basiert auf: 1. Auflage 2017 © DuMont Reiseverlag, Ostfildern

Good Night Malaysian 370 Katastrophenflug Mh 370

Author: Volkmar Gronau
Publisher: Mavenpress(r)
ISBN: 9783941719125
Format: PDF, ePub
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"Good Night, Malaysian 370" Katastrophenflug MH 370: Die Fakten Am 8. Marz 2014 um 1:21 Ortszeit verschwindet eine Boeing 777 der Malaysia Airlines mit 239 Menschen an Bord. Erst 16 Monate spater wird ein einzelnes Trummerteil mehr als 5000 km vom Startflughafen entfernt gefunden - trotz der teuersten Suchaktion nach einem Verkehrsflugzeug aller Zeiten. MH 370 gilt seither als verschollen und eines der grossten Ratsel der Luftfahrtgeschichte. Um das Verschwinden und den Absturz ranken sich die verschiedensten Theorien und Vermutungen, von plausiblen Erklarungen wie etwa einem Brand an Bord oder einem Mitnahmesuizid des Piloten, ahnlich Germanwings-Flug 9525, bis hin zu absurden Fantastereien, in denen Geheimdienste eine Rolle spielen. Der Fund eines Wrackteils auf der Insel La Reunion Ende Juli hat neuen Anlass zu Spekulationen uber MH 370 gegeben. Das Schicksal des Fluges und seiner Passagieren bleibt jedoch weiter ungeklart. Um die verschiedenen Theorien und Vermutungen zu bewerten und sich ein eigenes Bild machen zu konnen, zahlen aber nur die Fakten. Dieses Buch versorgt Sie mit umfassend recherchierten Informationen: * Timeline der Ereignisse * Kartenmaterial * Ladelisten * Instandhaltungsinformationen zur Maschine * Funkmitschnitte Als Highlight gibt eine deutsche Ubertragung des Funkverkehrs zwischen MH 370 und der Flugsicherungen Kuala Lumpur, Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt und Malaysian Operations Einblicke in die Lage an Bord und die eingeleiteten Massnahmen. "

MH370 The Secret Files At Last The Truth Behind the Greatest Aviation Mystery of All Time

Author: Nigel Cawthorne
Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1786060841
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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ON 8 MARCH 2014, MALAYSIA AIRLINES FLIGHT 370 TOOK OFF FROM KUALA LUMPUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT BOUND FOR BEIJING. LESS THAN AN HOUR AFTER TAKEOFF, SOMEWHERE OVER THE SOUTH CHINA SEA, THE PLANE SIMPLY VANISHED. ONE EYEWITNESS SAW A BURNING PLANE CRASH INTO THE SEA. But confusing radar signals tracked an aircraft taking an erratic course across the Malaysian peninsula, then on to the Andaman Sea. Did it crash there? Or did it fly on to land safely in disputed lands of Central Asia, or the top-secret CIA ‘black site’ on Diego Garcia? Data from the Rolls-Royce engines tracked by Inmarsat was said to indicate that it might have ditched in the furthest reaches of the South Indian Ocean. We know more about the surface of the moon than the bottom of the sea there. And the weather and currents are so bad, it may never be found. Convenient? Two years later, the Australians are still searching - at the cost of billions - and have found nothing. But was the search in such a remote place part of a cover-up to distract the world’s attention because the US Navy had, in fact, shot the plane down? A huge plane, along with 227 passengers and 12 crew, cannot simply have vanished. The Worldwide Web is a-buzz with conspiracy theories. Was the disappearance of MH370 related to the downing of MH17 over the Ukraine four months later? Some have suggested that it was the same plane... Or is the loss of MH370 more akin to the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525, after deranged pilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately flew the plane into the side of a mountain in the Alps, killing all on board... Since the invention of radio, radar, satellite navigation and the internet, the world has become a smaller place. The answer must be out there. Or, perhaps, hidden within the pages of the secret files...

The Vanishing of Flight MH370

Author: Richard Quest
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698407776
Format: PDF, Kindle
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CNN Aviation Correspondent Richard Quest offers a gripping and definitive account of the disappearance of Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 in March 2014. On March 8, 2014, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared with barely a trace, carrying 239 people on board—seemingly vanishing into the dark night. The airplane’s whereabouts and fate would quickly become one of the biggest aviation mysteries of our time... Richard Quest, CNN’s Aviation Correspondent, was one of the leading journalists covering the story. In a coincidence, Quest had interviewed one of the two pilots a few weeks before the disappearance. It is here that he begins his gripping account of those tense weeks in March, presenting a fascinating chronicle of an international search effort, which despite years of searching and tens of millions of dollars spent has failed to find the plane. Quest dissects what happened in the hours following the plane’s disappearance and chronicles the days and weeks of searching, which led to nothing but increasing despair. He takes apart the varying responses from authorities and the discrepancies in reports, the wide range of theories, the startling fact that the plane actually turned around and flew in the opposite direction, and what solutions the aviation industry must now implement to ensure it never happens again. What emerges is a riveting chronicle of a tragedy that continues to baffle everyone from aviation experts to satellite engineers to politicians—and which to this day worries the traveling public that it could happen again. INCLUDES PHOTOS

Flight MH370 The Mystery

Author: Cawthorne Nigel
Publisher: John Blake Publishing
ISBN: 1784181137
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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IN A WORLD WHERE WE CAN BE TRACKED BY OUR MOBILE PHONES, CCTV AND SPY SATELLITES, THINGS DO NOT JUST DISAPPEAR. ESPECIALLY NOT A BIG THING LIKE A JUMBO JET. BUT MALAYSIAN AIRLINES FIGHT MH370 DID.A wide-bodied Boeing 777 is so large that you could barely park it on a football field. But soon after a routine takeoff from Kuala Lumpur International Airport on the night of 7 March 2014, Flight MH370 disappeared from the radar with 227 passengers and 12 crew on board. No one could even be sure where it was last seen. Debris was spotted hundreds, then thousands of miles apart, only to be discounted.For weeks this real-life version of the hit TV show Lost gripped the world. Even Russia's invasion of the Crimea couldn't keep it off the front pages. Were those on board to be found alive on a mysterious tropical island? Had they crashed into the sea? Had the plane been hijacked or brought down by a terrorist bomb?As the story unfolded more mysteries came to light. Who had turned off the plane's tracking systems? And why? Why had there been no 'Mayday' call? And which way was it headed?Why were governments and institutions that had information about Flight MH370 so reluctant to share it? And why did the mobile phones of those on board continue to ring out. Wild theories abounded. Had Flight MH370 been abducted by aliens? Or shot down by the North Koreans?Its route took it nowhere near the Devil's Sea - the Pacific's answer to the Bermuda Triangle. But somehow, in the world of the web, where every email was intercepted, the disappearance of MH370 began to rival the legend of the Marie Celeste.Prolific author Nigel Cawthorne sifts the evidence, weighs the theories and unravels the mystery of Flight MH370.