Mile Markers

Author: Kristin Armstrong
Publisher: Rodale Books
ISBN: 1609613414
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In Mile Markers, Runner's World contributing editor Kristin Armstrong captures the ineffable and timeless beauty of running, the importance of nurturing relationships with those we love, and the significance of reflecting on our experiences. This collection considers the most important reasons women run, celebrating the inspiring passion runners have for their sport and illustrating how running fosters a vitally powerful community. With unique wit, refreshing candor, and disarming vulnerability, Armstrong shares her conviction that running is the perfect parallel for marking the milestones of life. From describing running a hardfought race with her tightly-knit group of sweat sisters, to watching her children participate in the sport for the very first time, Armstrong infuses her experiences with a perspective of hope that every moment is a chance to become a stronger, wiser, more peaceful woman. Running threads these touching stories together, and through each of them we are shown the universal undercurrents of inspiration, growth, grace, family, empowerment, and endurance.

ISBN: 1609611063
Format: PDF, Docs
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Wyoming Road Trip by the Mile Marker Travel Vacation Guide to Yellowstone Grand Teton Devils Tower Oregon Trail Camping Hiking Tourism More

Author: Brook Besser
Publisher: NightBlaze Books
ISBN: 0984409300
Format: PDF, Docs
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Yellowstone National Park is the focal point of Wyoming tourism; however, there is so much more if you know where to look. From rolling prairie, to badlands, to deep forests, to high mountain lakes, and breathtaking peaks, Wyoming's diverse landscape is second to none. In addition, the Wyoming plains contain a rich history of pioneer trails that served as the gateway to the west throughout the 19th century. Most Wyoming travel guides are written to explain tourist attractions in detail once you are already there and require much time and effort to plot a course across the state. This remarkable guide, on the other hand, has the entire state laid out by the highway mile markers so you will always know what is ahead and exactly how to get there. The book is laid out in a clear and concise report style format with brief descriptions, condensed information and a star rating system that allows you to easily make informed decisions about what to visit. Detailed directions, GPS coordinates and elevations are provided for 1900 entries, including: nearly 600 natural, scenic and historic attractions; nearly 100 easily accessible hiking trails; over 300 public campgrounds and dispersed camping areas; over 30 rest areas; and over 60 RV dump stations. It makes an excellent companion book to any other Wyoming travel book and pays for itself many times over in time and fuel savings. NOTES: Due to the extensive amount of information contained in the book, it is not a pocket guide but instead measure 8.3 x 11.7 x 0.5 inches. There are no photos, but dozens of color photos can be seen on the book website. Complete coverage of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Devils Tower National Monument, Fossil Butte National Monument, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Fort Laramie National Historic Site, Medicine Lodge State Archaeological Site, Snowy Range, Bighorn Mountains, Wind River Mountains, Sinks Canyon State Park, Guernsey State Park, Glendo State Park, Keyhole State Park, Green River Lakes, Casper Mountain Park, Jackson Hole and much more.

Mile Markers

Author: Denise E. McKinney
Publisher: Zondervan/Youth Specialties
ISBN: 0310599857
Format: PDF, ePub
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"The journey of adolescence can be a long, winding road, filled with detours, wrong turns, great scenery, and amazing destinations. But for many teens, the journey can be overwhelming, intimidating, confusing, and can leave them feeling like they’re on the road alone. For youth workers and parents who want to help students along this journey, Mile Markers provides practical, easy-to-execute ideas that help create places to stop and reflect along the way. The included CD-ROM has 30+ practical activities perfect for sharing with parents and volunteers. Students will discover things about themselves and God that may be hard to recognize if they don’t slow down and savor some of the moments of their teenage years. After more than a decade in youth ministry, Denise McKinney discovered the key to her role and purpose in the lives of her students: creating mile markers—or guideposts—to help teens see where they’ve come from and where they’re going. “Mile Markers is the practice of leading students towards personal, tangible, and memorable moments that help shape the person they are becoming.” As a parent or youth worker, you have the privilege of walking alongside teens as they are on the road to discovering who they are and where they’re headed. You can encourage and affirm them as they begin to understand the answers to their questions of identity, purpose, and community, and you’ll guide them on their way to maturity."

Discovering Australia s Historical Milemarkers and Boundary Stones

Author: Robert and Sandra Crofts
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1483636917
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The best way to understand and enjoy the richness of Australia’s historic heritage is to go out and experience it. This firsthand experience provides families with a sense of continuity to Australia’s colonial past and to experience nostalgic feelings of belonginess by following the footsteps left by earlier generations (Johnson 1980). This book was written to inform interested community members of the silent Australian history, inherent in the milestones, that still exists around us. The book catalogues many of the sandstone and concrete milestones that line the five major roads leading out of Sydney. Some milestones in rural NSW, Victoria and Tasmania are added to inform others of these precious historical monuments who are unable to view the stones in the Sydney metropolitan area. Later chapters identify the location of the remaining boundary stones in Sydney and Parramatta as well as old road alignment markers in the City of Ryde. The final chapter describes milestones that have a commemorative function. This information may be seen as only relevant to a specialist market but with the increased popularity of Australian colonial history, this book will have appeal to many Australians. The book has been written in an academic format, however the language is aimed towards families who can use each chapter to locate the remaining milestones in sequence on family outings. Other attractions near the milestone are identified which families may choose to enjoy at the same time as visiting the selected milestone. Pieces of our history are being lost but by considering these monuments, in the midst of our hectic lives, we can imagine the type of life the colonial settlers experienced. As well, visiting the milestones raises community awareness of the priceless value of these historic monuments so that important remnants of our colonial past can be preserved for our future generations. As new roads were being constructed in the colony, milestones were originally at one mile intervals. In rural areas, milestones were not usually placed for the entire distance between towns. They were usually placed a few miles on the approach and then again for a few miles after the stagecoaches left the town. Due to the loss of many original milestones, the distance between each remaining milestone can be more than one mile. An attempt has been made to make an as accurate as possible catalogue where these milestones were originally positioned with a description and photograph of those that still remain either in their original or new locations. The survey taken for this book has attempted to be thorough but we acknowledge that our survey is not complete. There are still milestones and milemarkers to be discovered. Although the milestones indicate two directions, for ease of cataloguing, the milemarkers in this book are identified by the location that they lead to away from Sydney and incorporates sandstone, concrete and timber milestones along the major roads leading out of Sydney. Photographs in this book are taken on one face only. Mileages on those remaining in their original locations have been checked for accuracy to the final destination and are still correct. The GPS for some milestones has been recorded for those who are familiar with this technology. Unless otherwise indicated, all the milestones can be found on the left hand side of the road leading towards the destination inscribed on the milestone. Safe community access to the milestones is not always possible as many existing milestones remain in their original locations on major arterial roads with limited or no safe car parking nearby. Milestones that do not have safe community access are identified. Although the milestones have been retained for community enjoyment and many have safe footpath access, extreme vigilance and caution should be exercised as there is a high risk of injury to children or pets near major arterial roads with

Maui Mile by Mile

Author: John Derrick
Publisher: Hawaiian Style Organization LLC
ISBN: 0977388050
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This guidebook reveals the famous Road to Hana, the thrilling drive Beyond Hana and Upcountry Maui, and the breathtaking Haleakala Highway drive to the summit of Mount Haleakala. It is fully illustrated with more than 150 photographs. Featuring more than 70 stops, it is the most condensed, yet thorough, guide of its kind. The detailed descriptions and place rankings allow the reader to easily identify the places they want to see. Original.

Mile Marker 825

Author: Jason Mirikitani
Publisher: Lucid Books
ISBN: 1935909037
Format: PDF
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On January 15, 2002, the author's car flipped five times, his wife died, and his skull cracked open. Join Mirikitani on his miraculous real-life journey that is both heart-wrenching and heartwarming as he relearns faith in a God that was present when He seemed most absent, and hope in a God when He seemed most unreliable.

Mile Markers

Author: Tony Wolfe
Publisher: Crosslink Publishing
ISBN: 9781633570856
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Mile Markers lays down a biblical foundation for stages of spiritual growth that inspires readers toward a fresh desire to grow toward Christlikeness. Readers will walk away from this book knowing where they are spiritually, and what they need to work on while leaning into the journey ahead.

The Riverkeeper s Guide to the Chattahoochee

Author: Fred Brown
Publisher: University of Georgia Press
ISBN: 9781580720007
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Chattahoochee is a prototypical American river-from its headwaters in the Blue Ridge Mountains to where it flows into Apalachicola Bay, one of the most productive estuaries in North America. This entertaining, fact-filled guide covers the Chattahoochee's entire 500 mile course and 8,000 square mile watershed. The guide divides the river into ten sections, each of which includes a brief natural history and information on: camping, hiking, fishing, boating, and other recreational pursuits bodies of water that feed into the river cities and towns with river frontage manmade structures such as bridges, dams, and historic ruins environmental threats and preservation efforts Entertaining sidebars throughout highlight the people, history, culture, wildlife, and geography of the entire river valley. Understand the "Hooch," say those dedicated to its conservation, and you will know more about all of our country's waterways. This guide is the place to begin.

Why Stop

Author: Betty Dooley Awbrey
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publishing
ISBN: 1589797906
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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This guide to more than 2,500 Texas roadside markers features historical events; famous and infamous Texans; origins of towns, churches, and organizations; battles, skirmishes, and gunfights; and settlers, pioneers, Indians, and outlaws. With the most up-to-date records available, this sixth edition includes more than 100 new historical roadside markers with the actual inscriptions. Handy and simple to use, it lists alphabetically the hundreds of cities and towns nearest the markers and pinpoints each marker with specific highway and mileage information. With this book, travelers relive the tragedies and triumphs of Lone Star history.