Author: Femi Oyebode
Publisher: RCPsych Publications
ISBN: 9781904671602
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This volume includes newly commissioned chapters as well as reworked articles originally published in the journal Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, all exploring the fruitful relationships between the written word and central aspects of psychiatric practice. The authors explore the description and representation of mental states, the lived experiences of distress, the character of psychiatry as a system and the institutional practices of psychiatry. Although written by psychiatrists primarily for psychiatrists, this collection offers accessible insight into mental illness through the pages of novels, poetry and autobiographies to be found in any bookshop.

Madness in Post 1945 British and American Fiction

Author: C. Baker
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230290442
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A comprehensive and thematic exploration of representations of madness in postwar British and American Fiction, this book is relevant to those with interests in literary studies and is a vital read for psychiatric clinicians and professionals who are interested in how literature can inform and enhance clinical practices.

Mental Health Psychiatry and the Arts

Author: Victoria Tischler
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 113803116X
Format: PDF
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'Medicine and psychiatry, both based on science, require the art of caring, using the principles of art in learning and teaching. Sitting with a patient, making sense of their distress, being empathetic in understanding both the symptoms and the person and alleviating suffering needs a human touch. For that, doctors need the soul of an artist and must be aware of the value that arts have for society and the individual.' - from the Foreword by Dinesh Bhugra This comprehensive book explores how visual art, cinema, music, poetry, literature and drama can inform the teaching and practice of psychiatrists and mental health professionals. Edited and written by a team of expert practitioners, teachers and researchers, including both clinicians and users of mental health services, this comprehensive book will provide valuable insights for undergraduate and postgraduate educators with teaching reponsibilities in psychiatry and mental health. Students of the medical humanities, art, music and drama therapists, and educators in occupational therapy and psychology will also find this a valuable and insightful handbook. 'The authors of this wonderful handbook provide a convincing argument that the arts are good for what ails us. They have each used a preferred artistic medium to deepen personal reflection and to enhance their own creativity as physicians , teachers and therapists. Their models are clear, their suggestions practical, but none of the approaches you'll find here is reductive or simplistic. Try some of the reflective exercises and teaching strategies. You will be sure to rediscover something you have always cherished about the art of healing.' - from the Foreword by Allan D Peterkin

Dementia and Literature

Author: Tess Maginess
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351798642
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Dementia is an urgent global concern, often termed a widespread ‘problem’, ‘tragedy’ or ‘burden’ and a subject best addressed by health and social policy and practice. However, creative writers can offer powerful and imaginative insights into the experience of dementia across cultures and over time. This cross-disciplinary volume explores how engaging with dementia through its myriad literary representations can help to deepen and humanise attitudes to people living with the condition. Offering and interrogating a wide array of perspectives about how dementia might be ‘imagined’, this book allows us to see how different ways of being can inflect one another. By drawing on the ‘lived’ experience of the individual unique person and their loved ones, literature can contribute to a deeper and more compassionate and more liberating attitude to a phenomenon that is both natural and unnatural. Novels, plays and stories reveal a rich panoply of responses ranging from the tragic to the comic, allowing us to understand that people with dementia often offer us models of humour, courage and resilience, and carers can also embody a range of responses from rigidity to compassion. Dementia and Literature problematises the subject of dementia, encouraging us all to question our own hegemonies critically and creatively. Drawing on literary studies, cultural studies, education, clinical psychology, psychiatry, nursing and gerontology, this book is a fascinating contribution to the emerging area of the medical and health humanities. The book will be of interest to those living with dementia and their caregivers as well as to the academic community and policy makers.


Author: Ian Apperly
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 1136846719
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Theory of mind, or "mindreading" as it is termed in this book, is the ability to think about beliefs, desires, knowledge and intentions. It has been studied extensively by developmental and comparative psychologists and more recently by neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists. This book is the first to draw together these diverse findings in an account of the cognitive basis of "theory of mind", and establishes the systematic study of these abilities in adults as a new field of enquiry. Apperly focuses on perceptions, knowledge and beliefs as paradigm cases of mindreading, and uses this as a basis from which more general lessons can be drawn. The book argues that an account of the cognitive basis of mindreading is necessary for making sense of findings from neuroscience and developmental and comparative psychology, as well as for understanding how mindreading fits more broadly into the cognitive system. It questions standard philosophical accounts of mindreading, and suggests a move away from the notion that it consists simply of having a "theory of mind". This unique study into the cognitive basis of mindreading will be ideal reading for academics and advanced students from the diverse disciplines that have studied theory of mind in particular, and social cognition more generally.

Es wird mir fehlen das Leben

Author: Ruth Picardie
ISBN: 9783499227776
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Die Journalistin Ruth Picardie ist zweiunddreissig, glücklich verheiratet und gerade Mutter von Zwillingen geworden, als sie das Schreckliche erfährt: Brustkrebs. Doch die eigenwillige und kluge junge Frau resigniert nicht, sondern beschreibt ihr letztes Lebensjahr und ihre Krankheit bewusst provozierend und humorvoll, ohne Selbstmitleid und ohne Rührseligkeit.

Der kleine Esel und die Babysitterin

ISBN: 9783854528685
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mama Esel will mit dem Ziegenbock ins Kino gehen und deshalb soll die Henne auf den kleinen Esel aufpassen. Das findet der Kleine zunächst nicht so gut. Ab 3.