Mineral Land Rights

Author: Levonne Louie
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0993803717
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Mineral land is one of the most basic components of the oil and gas industry, but it’s often misunderstood. If you’re a landowner, do you know which rights you have and what to do if an oil and gas company approaches you to lease or drill on your land? If you’re an oil and gas industry professional, are you lacking critical knowledge about mineral land that could enhance the work you do every day? Mineral Land Rights: What You Need to Know is a concise, jargon-free, and definitive book that simplifies a complex subject. It's an essential guide for landowners and the oil and gas industry.


Author: Levonne Louie
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 0993803733
Format: PDF, ePub
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In Upstream: Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, industry expert Levonne Louie simplifies and demystifies this area of the oil and gas sector for readers in Canada and beyond. In her straightforward, easy-to-follow guide, Louie presents an overview of the fundamental and essential components of what is known as the upstream part of the industry and how exploration for oil and natural gas is done and how the products are produced. An experienced consultant, author and speaker, Levonne Louie addresses complex questions with ease and a penchant for the plain and simple - from how geologists decide where to focus the exploration, to the acquisition of mineral and surface rights, to how production of oil and gas occurs and the impact of global factors on the industry. Building on the success of her first book - Mineral Land Rights: What You Need to Know - Oil and Gas Exploration and Production is an indispensable guide for everyday readers and industry members alike.

Negotiating Oil and Gas Leases

Author: Mike May P. E.
ISBN: 9780615437484
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Negotiating Oil and Leases: A Book For Land OwnersChapter 1: Introduction and Definitions,Definitions in Oil and Gas Law,Oil and Gas Lease,Mineral Interest,Mineral Interest Implied Easement, Mineral Interest Incidents, Surface Interest, Sovereignty,Severability, Leasehold Interest, Royalty Interest, Overriding Royalty Interest (ORRI), Enforceability of a Contract, Key Definitions of Terms in Oil and Gas Leases,Royalty, Primary Term, Lease Bonus,Delay Rental.Chapter 2: Goals and Strategies When Negotiating an Oil and Gas Lease,Two Kinds of Oil Companies, Do-Nothing-For-the-Next-Several-Years Oil Companies,Drill-or-Shoot-Seismic-In-12-Months-Or-Less Oil Companies,Do-Nothing-For-the-Next-Several-Years Oil Companies,Not Picky,Land Speculators,The Herd Mentality,Drill-or-Shoot-Seismic-In-12-Months-Or-Less Oil Companies,How do I know what kind of Oil Company I'm dealing with?How do I negotiate with any given company?Strategy for Do-Nothing-For-the-Next-Several-Years Companies,Strategy for Drill-or-Shoot-Seismic-In-12-Months-Or-Less Oil Companies,An Offer to Go Forward in Baby Steps,Make Finding Partners and or Capital Easy,12 Months is Plenty of Time,Seismic,Royalty. Chapter 3: Oil and Gas Leases Clause-by-ClauseMineral Interest,Mineral Interest Implied Easement,Mineral Interest Incidents,Surface Interest,Sovereignty,Severability,Leasehold Interest,Royalty Interest,Overriding Royalty Interest,Oil and Gas Leases,Enforceability of a Contract,Key Clauses in Oil and Gas Leases,Granting Clause,Mother Hubbard Clause,In Gross Provision,Term Clause (Habendum Clause),Dry Hole & Cessation of Production Clauses,Rental Clause,Royalty Clause,Shut-in Royalty Clause,Pooling Clause,Proportionate Reduction Clause,Surrender Clause,Surface Rights Clause,Unitization Clause,Example Oil and Gas Lease.Chapter 4: Questions to Ask Before You Sign an Oil and Gas Lease,What land tract or tracts are included in this lease? What is the gross acreage that will be assumed to be covered by this lease? What substances are covered by the lease? How long is the Primary Term of the lease? How can the lease be extended beyond the primary term? Are delay rentals due during the primary term?What happens if the oil company drills a dry hole? Is this a Paid-Up Lease or is there a rental clause? What is the Royalty? Is there a Shut-In Royalty Clause? Is there a Pooling Clause? Is there a Surface Rights Clause?Is there a Unitization Clause? Is there a Pugh Clause? Glossary of Oilfield Terms,Oil and Gas Web Sites,About the Author.

Landman Lease and Title Manual

Author: John R. Childers
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781478292609
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Landman Lease and Title Manual is designed to impart upon the new and lightly experienced landman the essential skills and knowledge necessary to work in the oil and gas industry. The manual is not designed as a substitute for the traditional mentor-type learning characteristic of the oil and gas industry, nor is the manual a treatise on the law of oil and gas or land titles. The Landman Field Manual, rather, is structured to aid in development of essential title research skills and in understanding Texas oil, gas and land title law as it relates to the work performed by field landmen.

Royalties Within Reach

Author: Nils Olson
Publisher: Olsen Consulting, Incorporated
ISBN: 9781503157484
Format: PDF, Docs
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A handbook for mineral owners to understand all aspects of owning minerals rights, including: leasing, calculating royalties, tracking activity, etc. The book empowers mineral owners to manage their mineral rights and maximize their value.

Who Owns the Moon

Author: Virgiliu Pop
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402091354
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This work investigates the permissibility and viability of property rights on the - lestial bodies, particularly the extraterrestrial aspects of land and mineral resources ownership. In lay terms, it aims to ?nd an answer to the question “Who owns the Moon?” The ?rst chapter critically analyses and dismantles with legal arguments the issue of sale of extraterrestrial real estate, after having perused some of the trivial claims of celestial bodies ownership. The only consequence these claims have on the plane of space law is to highlight the need for a better regulation of extraterrestrial landed property rights. Next, thebook addresses theapparent silenceofthelawinthe?eldofextraterr- trial landed property, scrutinizing whether the factual situation on the extraterrestrial realms calls for legal regulations. The sources of law are examined in their dual dimension – that is, the facts that have caused and shaped the law of extraterrestrial real estate, and the norms which express this law. It is found that the norms and rules regarding property rights in the celestial realms are rather limited, failing to de?ne basic concepts such as celestial body.

The Indian Reorganization Act

Author: Vine Deloria
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
ISBN: 9780806133980
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In 1934, Commissioner of Indian Affairs John Collier began a series of "congresses" with American Indians to discuss his proposed federal bill for granting self-government to tribal reservations. In "The Indian Reorganization Act," Vine Deloria, Jr., compiled the actual historical records of those congresses and made available important documents of the premier years of reform in federal Indian policy as well as the bill itself.