Author: Hans Sebald
Publisher: Burnham Incorporated Pub
Format: PDF, ePub
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A sociopsychological study of the tactics, effects, and cultural, legal, and familial ramifications of domineering, overprotective, and manipulative mothering

Bikini Ready Moms

Author: Lynn O’Brien Hallstein
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438459017
Format: PDF
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Argues that expectations for mothering include a new core principle of “body work.” The requirements of “good” motherhood used to primarily involve the care of children, but now contemporary mothers are also pressured to become bikini-ready immediately postpartum. Lynn O’Brien Hallstein analyzes celebrity mom profiles to determine the various ways that they encourage all mothers to engage in body work as the energizing solution to solve any work-life balance struggles they might experience. Bikini-Ready Moms also considers the ways that maternal body work erases any evidence of mothers’ contributions both at home and in professional contexts. Hallstein theorizes possible ways to fuel a necessary mothers’ revolution, while also pointing to initial strategies of resistance. “Bikini-Ready Moms contributes a great deal to understanding both the obsession with celebrity mom profiles and the pressure that mothers are under to conform to and perform intensive mothering as it shifts into another gear to control women.” — Fiona Joy Green, author of Practicing Feminist Mothering

Hollywood Goes to War

Author: Clayton R. Koppes
Publisher: Tauris Parke Paperbacks
ISBN: 9781860646058
Format: PDF, ePub
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The drama, imagery and fantasy of 1940s films was enlisted to inspire the US war effort during World War II. This book looks at the propaganda, politics and persuasion that conspired to produce memorable movies such as Casablanca, and the thankfully forgotten Hillbilly Blitzkreig.

Mediating Moms

Author: Elizabeth Podnieks
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773586881
Format: PDF, ePub
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In recent decades, popular culture - from television and film to newspapers, magazines, and best-selling fiction - has focused an enormous amount of attention on mothers. Through feminist, psychoanalytic, sociological, literary, and cultural studies perspectives, the twenty chapters in this book examine an array of current and relevant contemporary topics related to maternal identities such as working, stay-at-home, ambivalent, absent, good, bad, single, teen, elder, celebrity, and lesbian mothers; and issues such as the mommy wars, self-care, pregnancy, abortion, contraception, infanticide, adoption, sex and sexuality, breastfeeding, post-partum depression, fertility, genetics, and reproductive technologies. Contributors from Canada, the United States, Britain, and Australia engage critically and theoretically with stereotypes perpetuated by popular culture media, and chart some of the provocative and liberating ways that we can use and interpret this media to encourage and promote alternative and transformative maternal readings, identities, and practices. Mediating Moms looks at mothers as imaged by and in the media; how mothers mediate or negotiate these images according to their historical, corporeal, and lived personhoods; and how scholars mediate the popular and academic discourses of motherhood as a way of registering, strengthening, and alleviating the tensions between representation and reality.

Visions of Belonging

Author: Judith E. Smith
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 023150926X
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Visions of Belonging explores how beloved and still-remembered family stories—A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, I Remember Mama, Gentleman's Agreement, Death of a Salesman, Marty, and A Raisin in the Sun—entered the popular imagination and shaped collective dreams in the postwar years and into the 1950s. These stories helped define widely shared conceptions of who counted as representative Americans and who could be recognized as belonging. The book listens in as white and black authors and directors, readers and viewers reveal divergent, emotionally textured, and politically charged social visions. Their diverse perspectives provide a point of entry into an extraordinary time when the possibilities for social transformation seemed boundless. But changes were also fiercely contested, especially as the war's culture of unity receded in the resurgence of cold war anticommunism, and demands for racial equality were met with intensifying white resistance. Judith E. Smith traces the cultural trajectory of these family stories, as they circulated widely in bestselling paperbacks, hit movies, and popular drama on stage, radio, and television. Visions of Belonging provides unusually close access to a vibrant conversation among white and black Americans about the boundaries between public life and family matters and the meanings of race and ethnicity. Would the new appearance of white working class ethnic characters expand Americans'understanding of democracy? Would these stories challenge the color line? How could these stories simultaneously show that black families belonged to the larger "family" of the nation while also representing the forms of danger and discriminations that excluded them from full citizenship? In the 1940s, war-driven challenges to racial and ethnic borderlines encouraged hesitant trespass against older notions of "normal." But by the end of the 1950s, the cold war cultural atmosphere discouraged probing of racial and social inequality and ultimately turned family stories into a comforting retreat from politics. The book crosses disciplinary boundaries, suggesting a novel method for cultural history by probing the social history of literary, dramatic, and cinematic texts. Smith's innovative use of archival research sets authorial intent next to audience reception to show how both contribute to shaping the contested meanings of American belonging.

Amerika Tag und Nacht

Author: Simone de Beauvoir
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3644512019
Format: PDF, Docs
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Eine glänzende, intime Reportage über das geistige Amerika. Eine Reise durch den gewaltigen Kontinent, kreuz und quer, im Pullman, im Greyhound, im Flugzeug, im Auto, hat die berühmte französische Autorin Simone de Beauvoir gerade mit der Schicht des amerikanischen Volks in Gespräch und Verbindung gebracht, von der wir wenig hören, nämlich der amerikanischen Intelligenz. Vor anderen Amerikabüchern zeichnet sich das Buch daher aus, weil hier einmal nicht der Primat der Politik, Wirtschaft oder Technik gefeiert, nicht die Schlagwortwelt der Trapper, der letzten Indianer, der Hollywoodstars und Ölmagnaten aufgetischt wird, sondern weil eine überzeugte europäische Individualistin freimütig mit Journalisten, Gelehrten, Künstlern und Studenten Probleme der Neuen und Alten Welt diskutiert.