Most Blessed of the Patriarchs Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of the Imagination

Author: Annette Gordon-Reed
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 1631490788
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A groundbreaking work of history that explicates Thomas Jefferson’s vision of himself, the American Revolution, Christianity, slavery, and race. Thomas Jefferson is often portrayed as a hopelessly enigmatic figure—a riddle—a man so riven with contradictions that he is almost impossible to know. Lauded as the most articulate voice of American freedom and equality, even as he held people—including his own family—in bondage, Jefferson is variably described as a hypocrite, an atheist, or a simple-minded proponent of limited government who expected all Americans to be farmers forever. Now, Annette Gordon-Reed teams up with America's leading Jefferson scholar, Peter S. Onuf, to present an absorbing and revealing character study that dispels the many clichés that have accrued over the years about our third president. Challenging the widely prevalent belief that Jefferson remains so opaque as to be unknowable, the authors—through their careful analysis, painstaking research, and vivid prose—create a portrait of Jefferson, as he might have painted himself, one "comprised of equal parts sun and shadow" (Jane Kamensky). Tracing Jefferson's philosophical development from youth to old age, the authors explore what they call the "empire" of Jefferson's imagination—an expansive state of mind born of his origins in a slave society, his intellectual influences, and the vaulting ambition that propelled him into public life as a modern avatar of the Enlightenment who, at the same time, likened himself to a figure of old—"the most blessed of the patriarchs." Indeed, Jefferson saw himself as a "patriarch," not just to his country and mountain-like home at Monticello but also to his family, the white half that he loved so publicly, as well as to the black side that he claimed to love, a contradiction of extraordinary historical magnitude. Divided into three sections, "Most Blessed of the Patriarchs" reveals a striking personal dimension to his life. Part I, "Patriarch," explores Jeffersons's origins in Virgina; Part II, " 'Traveller,' " covers his five-year sojourn to Paris; and Part III, "Enthusiast," delves insightfully into the Virginian's views on Christianity, slavery, and race. We see not just his ideas and vision of America but come to know him in an almost familial way, such as through the importance of music in his life. "Most Blessed of the Patriarchs" fundamentally challenges much of what we’ve come to accept about Jefferson, neither hypocrite nor saint, atheist nor fundamentalist. Gordon-Reed and Onuf, through a close reading of Jefferson’s own words, reintroduce us all to our most influential founding father: a man more gifted than most, but complicated in just the ways we all are.

We were eight years in power

Author: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Publisher: Hanser Berlin
ISBN: 3446259805
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mit Barack Obama sollte die amerikanische Gesellschaft ihren jahrhundertealten Rassismus überwinden. Am Ende seiner Amtszeit zerschlugen sich die Reste dieser Hoffnung mit der Machtübernahme Donald Trumps, den Ta-Nehisi Coates als "Amerikas ersten weißen Präsidenten" bezeichnet: ein Mann, dessen politische Existenz in der Abgrenzung zu Obama besteht. Coates zeichnet ein bestechend kluges und leidenschaftliches Porträt der Obama-Ära und ihres Vermächtnisses – ein essenzielles Werk zum Verständnis der Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft der USA, von einem Autor, dessen eigene Geschichte jener acht Jahre von einem Arbeitsamt in Harlem bis ins Oval Office führte, wo er den Präsidenten interviewte.


Author: Adam Zamoyski
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 3406631711
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Napoleons Feldzug in Rußland war das vielleicht größte militärische Desaster aller Zeiten und eine menschliche Tragödie von beispiellosen Ausmaßen das erste historische Beispiel eines totalen Krieges. Adam Zamoyski hat mit 1812 das meisterhafte Epos über die Hybris eines Eroberers, den Wahnsinn des Krieges und einen der dramatischsten Wendepunkte der Weltgeschichte geschrieben. Das Ergebnis ist ein unvergeßliches Buch, das Geschichte so hautnah erzählt, wie es nur wenigen Autoren gelingt. "Ich konnte nicht schlafen, nachdem ich 1812 gelesen hatte. Eine der überwältigendsten Geschichten, die je erzählt wurden." Christopher Woodward "So brillant geschrieben, dass es unmöglich ist, das Buch aus der Hand zu legen& Ein Meistererzähler am Werk." Michael Burleigh "Mitreißend& Zamoyskis Darstellung des Feldzugs von 1812 ist ein Musterbeispiel an Eleganz und Klarheit." T. J. Binyon "Ein absolut bewundernswertes Buch." Antony Beevor

Thomas Jefferson Legal History and the Art of Recollection

Author: Matthew Crow
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1108155987
Format: PDF, Kindle
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In this innovative book, historian Matthew Crow unpacks the legal and political thought of Thomas Jefferson as a tool for thinking about constitutional transformation, settler colonialism, and race and civic identity in the era of the American Revolution. Thomas Jefferson's practices of reading, writing, and collecting legal history grew out of broader histories of early modern empire and political thought. As a result of the peculiar ways in which he theorized and experienced the imperial crisis and revolutionary constitutionalism, Jefferson came to understand a republican constitution as requiring a textual, material culture of law shared by citizens with the cultivated capacity to participate in such a culture. At the center of the story in Thomas Jefferson, Legal History, and the Art of Recollection, Crow concludes, we find legal history as a mode of organizing and governing collective memory, and as a way of instituting a particular form of legal subjectivity.

Friends Divided

Author: Gordon S. Wood
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0735224722
Format: PDF, Mobi
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A New York Times Book Review Notable Book of 2017 From the great historian of the American Revolution, New York Times-bestselling and Pulitzer-winning Gordon Wood, comes a majestic dual biography of two of America's most enduringly fascinating figures, whose partnership helped birth a nation, and whose subsequent falling out did much to fix its course. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams could scarcely have come from more different worlds, or been more different in temperament. Jefferson, the optimist with enough faith in the innate goodness of his fellow man to be democracy's champion, was an aristocratic Southern slaveowner, while Adams, the overachiever from New England's rising middling classes, painfully aware he was no aristocrat, was a skeptic about popular rule and a defender of a more elitist view of government. They worked closely in the crucible of revolution, crafting the Declaration of Independence and leading, with Franklin, the diplomatic effort that brought France into the fight. But ultimately, their profound differences would lead to a fundamental crisis, in their friendship and in the nation writ large, as they became the figureheads of two entirely new forces, the first American political parties. It was a bitter breach, lasting through the presidential administrations of both men, and beyond. But late in life, something remarkable happened: these two men were nudged into reconciliation. What started as a grudging trickle of correspondence became a great flood, and a friendship was rekindled, over the course of hundreds of letters. In their final years they were the last surviving founding fathers and cherished their role in this mighty young republic as it approached the half century mark in 1826. At last, on the afternoon of July 4th, 50 years to the day after the signing of the Declaration, Adams let out a sigh and said, "At least Jefferson still lives." He died soon thereafter. In fact, a few hours earlier on that same day, far to the south in his home in Monticello, Jefferson died as well. Arguably no relationship in this country's history carries as much freight as that of John Adams of Massachusetts and Thomas Jefferson of Virginia. Gordon Wood has more than done justice to these entwined lives and their meaning; he has written a magnificent new addition to America's collective story.

Apostles of Revolution

Author: John Ferling
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1632862115
Format: PDF
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From acclaimed historian John Ferling, the story of Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and James Monroe's involvement in the American and French Revolutions and their quest for sweeping change in both America and Europe. Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and James Monroe hazarded all in quest of revolutions. As founding fathers, they risked their lives and their liberty for American independence, and as reformers, each rejoiced at the opportunity to be part of the French Revolution, praying that it in turn would inspire others to sweep away Europe's monarchies and titled nobilities. For these three men, real revolution would lead to substantive political and social alterations and an escape from royal and aristocratic rule. But as the eighteenth century unfolded, these three separated onto different routes to revolution-two became soldiers, two became writers, and two became statesmen-and their united cause but divided means reshaped their country and the Western world. Apostles of Revolution spans a crucial time in Western Civilization. The era ranged from the American insurgency against Great Britain to the Declaration of Independence, from desperate engagements on American battlefields to the bloody Terror in France. It culminates with the tumultuous election of 1800, the outcome of which – according to Jefferson – saved the American Revolution. Written as a sweeping narrative of a turbulent and pivotal era, Apostles of the Revolution captures the spirit of our founding fathers and the history of America and Europe's great turning point.

Der Euro

Author: Hans-Werner Sinn
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 3446444696
Format: PDF
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Von Anfang an sollte der Euro mehr sein als eine Währung: Er verkörpert den Wunsch nach Einheit und Frieden in Europa. Doch gut ein Jahrzehnt nach seiner Einführung geht ein tiefer Riss durch Europa. Im Süden bleibt die Arbeitslosigkeit unerträglich, die Wirtschaft liegt am Boden. Der Norden sieht sich in die Rolle des Zahlmeisters gedrängt und wird von der EZB in Geiselhaft genommen. So wächst auf beiden Seiten die Unzufriedenheit. Wir haben einen politischen Weg eingeschlagen, der unsere Marktwirtschaft, die Demokratie und den Frieden in Europa gefährdet. Hans-Werner Sinn liefert in diesem Buch eine Analyse der jüngsten Entwicklungen und zeigt, was zu tun ist, um die Krise zu beenden.

Verfahren eingestellt

Author: Claudio Magris
Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
ISBN: 3446256040
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Für sein “Kriegsmuseum zum Zwecke des Friedens” sammelt ein Mann in Triest Kriegsgeräte aller Art. Sie erzählen die Geschichten derer, die damit getötet haben oder getötet wurden. Als Jahre später das Museum bei einem Brand zerstört wird, versucht Luisa, Tochter einer Jüdin und eines afroamerikanischen Leutnants, es zu rekonstruieren. Dabei wird nicht nur die Geschichte ihrer Vorfahren zwischen Diaspora und Sklaverei wieder lebendig, sondern auch die von San Sabba, dem einzigen Konzentrationslager Italiens. Doch die Kraft des Vergessens erscheint ungeheuer: die Verbrechen wurden vertuscht, die Verfahren eingestellt. Gestützt auf eine wahre Geschichte hat Claudio Magris ein gewaltiges Epos geschrieben.

Der Pr sident

Author: Sam Bourne
ISBN: 3732550990
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Stell dir vor, der mächtigste Mann der Welt wäre ein gefährlicher Egomane ... Als die Bürger der USA einen unberechenbaren Demagogen zum Präsidenten wählen, hält die Welt den Atem an. Kaum jemand weiß: Bereits kurz nach Amtsantritt ordnet der Präsident fast einen Nuklearstreich an, nachdem ein Wortgefecht mit dem Machthaber von Nordkorea aus dem Ruder läuft. Eins ist den Mitwissern klar: Jemand muss etwas unternehmen, oder die Welt steht kurz vor einem dritten Weltkrieg. Ein Attentat scheint der einzige Ausweg ... Ein hochrasanter Verschwörungsthriller mit aktuellem Bezug zur politischen Lage in Amerika

Statehood and Union

Author: Peter S. Onuf
ISBN: 9780268105471
Format: PDF, ePub
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This new edition of Statehood and Union: A History of the Northwest Ordinance, originally published in 1987, is an authoritative account of the origins and early history of American policy for territorial government, land distribution, and the admission of new states in the Old Northwest. In a new preface, Peter S. Onuf reviews important new work on the progress of colonization and territorial expansion in the rising American empire.